Illuminati card. Steve Jackson Games.

We offer you a card game called "Illuminati", released in 1995. They were released the company «STEVE JACKSON GAMES».

What sets this game among hundreds like her? The fact that, as already mentioned, it was released in the 1995th, but many of the events depicted on the maps occurred many years later. By the way, the "Illuminati" took first place at the Origins Award for Best Card Game 1995. The main goal of the game — world domination and the establishment of a new world order. Oddly enough, but it is the same for "allegedly existing" world government. Let's all rassmorim from the start and in order. Here is an overview of events which happened before the 1995 year.

1.Pervaya card is called the "Census of history." History is written by the winner, right? So it was at all times and now nothing has changed. I think many known cases of concealment of important facts and blow detail. Compare the history textbook and the textbook is 30 years old. Take a textbook 80-year-old. Compare textbooks from different countries. Caption below "requires action media (media) or the Illuminati"

 Rewriting history

2. The second card is "sublimation." Sublimation — is stress relief, achieved redirection of energy. Note the ice cubes in a glass, a closer look, you will notice? Personally, I can clearly sees the word «SEX». And it also displays syrup on ice cream. The perfect solution to all the problems and stress relief — the fun and sex. That's what people should bring their concerns, anger, discontent with the government. Signature "secret."


3. Moving on. Map of "Elders of Zion." The Elders of Zion, or Priory — a secret society whose information was made public by a member and distributed with the light hand of the writer D.Brauna. After that, the society was in fact destroyed, because it is no longer a secret, right? Signature "fanaticism," "secret."


Well, now gradually move on to things that happened in our time, but the images on the cards long before they have had a place to be.

4. "A terrorist explosion." A striking resemblance to the events of September 11. Do not you find similarities with the world trade center twin towers?

Terrorist attack 


5.Karta "Pentagon". September 11, 2001 one of the planes was sent to the Pentagon. Signature "Openness, Violence, Government"



6. Card Number Six called "market speculation." Just in 2001, started off strong growth of the world economy (what a coincidence), which triggered the huge growth of speculation. The apogee was reached in 2007, when it started epotechny crisis in the U.S. and then the world, and financial.

Market speculation

7. "New World Order. Energy crisis "

The energy crisis

8. Map of "nationalization." In the evolution of a new world order, the first step — the nationalization of large corporations, followed by the destruction of their power. Signature "We need action."


9. Map "Absorption banks." Consequence of nationalization — strengthening a global currency. Subjected to absorb not only the banks but also other financial institutions around the world. Signature "Action is needed Illuminati."

Absorption banks

10. "The new federal budget." In 2008, the United States takes an incredible scale budget, with a deficit of about $ 800 billion, and in April 2009, decided to pour into the world economy of about 4.5 trillion. $ (!). Yes, it was decided to allocate a huge amount. But where is the money? Signature "Action is needed Illuminati."

The new federal budget

11. Map of "Savings and Loans." It's simple, if you have no money, are closing the various agencies. Schools, children's gardens, hospitals, businesses. Signature "Openness, Crime", "Bank"

Savings and loans

12. The next card, "Center for Disease Control." Remember the swine flu. What is it? A/H1N1 — the name of the disease affecting humans and animals, which is caused by strains of a simple virus. Throughout 2009, the media could not calm down, inflating the problem. Signature "peace, the Government", "Science"

The Center for zabaolevany


13. Map of "Quarantine". After blowing up the problem, was quarantined in a number of countries. Feature of the A/H1N1 virus, or "Mexican" is that it is nothing more than a collection of fragments of human, swine and bird flu. The likelihood of such a "mutant" outside the lab just negligible, as stated by one well-known virologist Adrian Gibbs. Of course, the statements were contradicted the official version. Signature "catastrophe."



14. Map "Oil Spill." April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the distance of 80 kilometers from the Louisiana, killing 11 of 126 oil workers. Platform sank April 22, 2010. The blast hole was heavily damaged and out of the oil began to flow.

The name "Gulf metastases", you may not mean anything? August 20 are known to cause the accident and was declared sealed. Signature "Catastrophe"


Oil spillage

We now turn to the most interesting part. What we are waiting on, according to the "Illuminati Card"?

15. Map of the "New World Order. Tax reform. " How to be more precise, the tax reform simply banal desk term for tax increases. In developed countries, has long been marked by the rapid growth of the taxes due to it's scarcity and crisis. Were also adopted some laws in Russia. So with this year's tax increase to the FIU from 26% to 32%. The greatest losses incurred by small businesses as much as before tax sotavlyaet 14% from the salary of the workers, and now they will be equal to the organizations working on the common system of taxation and the tax will be 32%. So, it will grow almost threefold. Begins a wholesale reduction of wages and dismissal (decrease) rate.

Tax reforms

16. Map of "radical reform." What would cause such a tax reform? Correctly. Fundamental changes. Signature "We need action media (media)"

Radical reforms.

17. Next is a card "Fear and Loathing." Clearly shows a pronounced class struggle.

Fear and hate.

18. Map of "Combined Disasters". Major natural disasters, not only around the world.

Combined disaster

19. Map of "Messiah." Everything is by the book. In the year of disasters will be the new messiah, who will go for the crowd. Single control billions on religious grounds.


20. Map of the "New World Order. Do not forget to destroy the state. " The concept of "state" will be destroyed. Power over the world single center.

The destruction of

21. Map of the "New World Order. The end of the world. " Pay attention to the inscription on the banner. It says, "Repent!"

22. Map of "Burner souls." Not undertake to comment and suggest the judge. Signature "Unique magical device"

Burner shower

23. The last card "Purpose. Absolute power in the same hands … "


There are many skeptics. And these words to them.

Even if you do not believe in the government behind the scenes, the Illuminati, the secret society.

Re-read again. Even if it's just a game, is it not much too serious and cynical, that would be called a game?

PS Just recently there have been developments of another card … Look. Map titled "Flushed Away wave." Does not look like the events in Japan?

Washes off a wave

You never know, it is quite possible that the "Fukushima-1" there was a view on this map.

Nuclear holocaust

Now granted you the most complete assembly of cards that we have been able to find.

Actually, that's what a box.


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