Slavicaryan vedas law extension type

All living things on earth are strictly divided into separate self-contained group, each of which represents a different genus or species. Every animal mates only with his Rod and views. Cuckoo cuckoo goes to the sparrow to the sparrow, swallow to swallow the mouse to the mouse, the rat to rat, etc.

Slavicaryan vedas law extension type

1. Genera and species of living beings.

It can only change any extraordinary circumstances, especially the situation of imprisonment or other circumstances that prevent mating within the same genus or species. In this case, the nature resists and denies the ability of these animals to further reproduction or limit births the next generation of these mixed individuals. Nature dilutes their genetic base and deprive them of the resistance to disease.

The crossing beings are at different stages of development, inevitably turns offspring, the development of which falls somewhere between the stages of development of each of the parents. This means that the offspring will be slightly higher than the backward of the parents, but at the same time lower than more developed ones. From this it follows that such offspring will suffer defeat in the struggle with the more advanced members of the genus and species.

A pairing is in complete contradiction with the aspirations of nature to the continuous improvement of living. The basic premise is to improve the pairing superior beings with their own kind. Stronger power over the weak, and mating with the weaker, he sacrifices his own power. Only weak people may find this a terrible thing. Then, they are weak and narrow-minded people. If in our lives dominated by the law of the weak, it would lead to extinction.

If it were not so, our Earth would cease development. Then would have come back. The weak always have the advantage over the strong quantitatively. And if the ability to grow both had the same, then for some time to weak bred in such numbers, that would be a completely overshadowed strong. Nature makes a correction in favor of the stronger. This amendment implements a nature that puts a little more difficult living conditions. In this way, the nature of this weak limit is in numerical terms. Nature makes the selection of this number and allows to reproduce only the most strong and healthy specimens.

To create a full-fledged offspring need soul with good karma, but it is necessary to provide full genes. People and animals are made of the same material, and the people subject to the same laws of heredity, and that of animals. Those familiar with the heredity knows that you can bring a plant, an animal or even a person with any natural data. For example, wheat can be displayed in different colors, shapes and quality. You can increase its germination, yield and grain size. With each generation of selection is strengthened by her is the property you want.

The same thing happens to animals with a suitable choice of producers. You can output any breed of cattle or horses. To seek this from generation to generation, can be colored breed of animals in a particular color, increase or decrease the horn, lengthen or shorten the legs, snout to roundnose or sharp-nosed. Everyone knows that the most lousy greyhound easily outperforms in running dogs of other breeds with outstanding cross-country ability.

Development of certain properties in the nations involved priests of different religions. All biological genera and species, including humans, are genetically distinct from each other. All kinds of genetically closed from each other, ie, in vivo interspecific hybrids possible. The disappearance of the genetic nucleus leads to hereditary degeneration. Such activities are undertaken by priests of the group of people who seek to subjugate other people and come to dominate the world, turning the other people in the intelligent and docile beasts of burden. This leads eventually to the birth of children with various disabilities (morons, freaks, the deaf, the blind, the lame, red, with mental retardation, etc.).

English natural scientist Charles Darwin, who published in 1859 his main work «The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation selected races in the struggle for existence» and «The Origin of Species» to describe interspecies offspring from mixing the two types introduced the concept of «bastard», but H . Vavilov replaced it with the word «hybrid».

French naturalist and an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Buffon (1707-1788) put forward as a measure to determine the kind and the fact of the appearance of progeny capable of procreation. It is known that the crossing of different species, even closely related — for example, a horse and a donkey — they can not give a hybrid offspring. It will bring together ANALOGUE chromosome father and mother, who, figuratively speaking, can not find a common language with each other, and even if the chromosomes are paired and exchange sites, it is still not one of them any healthy sex cells needed to continue full-fledged offspring. Those born after interbreeding of different races people retain the ability to continue the line, but it is often unhealthy offspring in the sexual and emotional terms.

2. Race and the structure of the blood.

The desire for racial purity is not only severely restrict individual races from each other, but also known for homogeneity within each of them. The fox is always a fox, a goose — the goose, the tiger — a tiger, etc. The difference here can be found only in more or less mind comprehension. You can never find a fox, which showed a humanity to the gander, as we never meet a cat that is prone to a friendship with a mouse. The mouse will never cease to be afraid of cats. Such phenomena are characteristic of homogeneity and people.

Vedic knowledge is determined that people with different skin colors have a specific structure energonovuyu Blood, blood type, etc. Pythagoras Square Energonovaya system — is the energy-genetic structure of blood. It depends on the impact energy of the Cosmos and the integrity of the core gene.

People with black skin are 6-channel structure energonovuyu blood, separated by 3 male and 3 female genetic units. So they can handle 6 streams of information. Gene pool is transferred to the father.

People with red leather has a 9-channel structure energonovuyu Blood with 5 male and 4 female genetic codes. Able to handle the flow of information 9. Gene pool is transferred to the father.

Gray men have a 10-channel structure energonovuyu Blood (5 male and 5 female genetic units). Can handle up to 10 simultaneous channels of information. Gene pool is transferred to the mother.

People with yellow skin are 12-channel structure energonovuyu Blood (6 male and 6 female genetic units). Can handle up to 12 channels of information. Gene pool is transferred to the father.

White people have a 16-energonovuyu structure Blood (8 male and 8 female genetic units). Treated with up to 16 channels of information. Gene pool is transferred to the father.

When mixed black and yellow peoples appeared Hindus who have a 9-channel structure energonovuyu Blood (3 female and 6 male genetic units). Gene pool is transferred to the father.

From the mixing of white and gray layers of people have turned to different people, but most of the Jewish members of the higher clergy, who are descendants of the Egyptian priests. These representatives have a 13-channel structure energonovuyu Blood (5 female and 8 male genetic units). Gene pool is transferred to the mother.

Plays a major role Pythagoras Square man, which includes the conscience, the Spirit, Soul and Body. According to Vedic chronicles, human genetic apparatus responsible for ancestral memory, and physiology, and Blood energonovaya structure responsible for the spirit and soul.

Mixing different blood dramatically reduces the body’s defenses, inheriting the blood. The immune system stops working properly and effectively protects the body from infection and disease, leading to the eventual destruction of Roda.

We all need to calm clear that gray, black, yellow and red people for us neither good nor bad — they are just different. What is peculiar to them, is detrimental to us. What we need, can not use them.

3. Telegonia.

Our ancestors have always lived under the laws RITA. The word «Rita» is the rune, and it stands a body of law Rod and clean blood. Birth of the Great Race itself called this firmament Laws. By law Rita lived in ancient times, all generations of the Great Race. People who break the law Rita, relegated to the Scheduled Castes (rogue) and driven out of the community. As a result, they were forced to wander, to unite in the camp (this — driven, target — Ghana, Roma).

The basis of the Laws of RITA are laws of heredity, the existence of which in the modern world have learned only in the middle of XIX century. Now to refer to the laws used the Greek name — Telegonia. A medicine called a «phenomenon of the first male.» Telegonia is imaginative, and the only parameter transmission of heredity from generation to generation.

Phenomenon Telegonia again found in XIX century England buddy Charles Darwin Lord Marton, who, under the influence of the ideas of his friend, too, decided to do biology. He crossed the English thoroughbred mare with a stallion-zebra. Offspring did not work, but after some time, when he has crossed the English stallion, mare brought zherebenochka with clear signs of the bands on the rump, like a zebra. Marton Lord called this phenomenon Telegonia.

Only practice, breeders were not surprised, because long ago knew that if at least once a thoroughbred bitch povyazhetsya with pedigreed dog, mongrel, and if as a result of it she will not even puppies, the future of her purebred puppies he does not wait for ever . This bitch is tainted. Today, it is known to every breeder.

This phenomenon is also constantly faced by those who keeps and breeds thoroughbred pigeons. If Caesar «trampled» purebred pigeon, it immediately killed. Because in the future, even at the elite «marriage», it will have some «chigrazhi» ie nechistoporodnye chicks.

Stunned contemporaries began to ask physiologists question: «Does not apply if the effect Telegonia to people?»

France conducted experiments with three women on artificial insemination. With the consent of their husbands to wives was fertilization, and, most interesting, the children were more similar to their legal fathers, and not on their actual donors, which was taken from the sperm.

After years of numerous and varied experiments, researchers discovered, yes, Telegonia effect applies to people, even in a more pronounced way than in the animal world! Until the 1960s, these studies were conducted freely. They showed that inherited not only external signs of first sexual partnership, but his disease: sexually transmitted, mental, blood diseases, etc. Once this has been scientifically established, all the research and publications Telegonia were classified and were in use Telegony called pseudo-science as well as genetics.

In the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and in any religious doctrine of the world, be it the Torah, Bible, Koran, etc., there is mention of the phenomenon Telegonia, except that the word «Telegonia» in the sacred text is used. For example, Jewish law states: «A Jew should only marry a Jew.»

But the claim that the Slavic-Aryan Vedas: «Do not let your daughters to Strangers, as they seduce your daughters and defile their pure souls, and the blood of the Great Race ruin, because the first man in the daughter leaves the symbol of the Spirit and the Blood. Blood outlandish images of the children of men Shining Spirit expelled, and mixing the blood leads to destruction, and this genus, degenerating, dies without having healthy offspring, because there is that inner strength that will kill any ailment, disease «(» Santee Perun Veda » ).

According to this sacred text, the first man in the life of the Virgin Spirit leaves its image and blood — is a psychological and physical portrait of the children she bears. It is up to the man’s usefulness depends on the health and future of children.

All of the following men give women a seed, but giving birth to her children of the first man, who gave her a symbol of the Spirit and the Blood. The first man who broke the virginity of the girl, the only father of all the children she gives birth to in her life, no matter how many men she will have for the rest of his life.

Proof of the «phenomenon of the first male» TV show is «My Family.» We showed how the Slav woman as a student living with her lover, a black man, and then she married and gave birth to a Slav negritenochka. They turned on the TV, and it is presented as a miracle. By law a RITA — a crime against Native her husband, to his family and to himself this negritenochkom.

«The phenomenon of the first male» on a physiological level, is quite logical explanation: she has matured in her body at once a complete set of eggs for the entire reproductive period of life. Therefore, from the first man and his semen on the subtle planes from fingerprints on all of these eggs at once.

Healthy inheritance our ancestors preserved by virginal purity bride — from prostitute women do not get a good seed. Morally corrupt fallen girl thought unworthy of marriage. When the young man took a wife «tainted» Man, this reunion was called «marriage,» and not the family unit.

From the earliest years in Russia said: «Take care of Honor from the youth.» Slavic lands on the concept of «virgin» was the notion of the Image of purity and innocence. When the parents of the groom looking for a bride for his son and came to the girl’s parents, the first question was «purely a girl are you? ‘. The groom’s parents wondered if the girl was not married, is she or is not the image of another man, who was sick in their family serious illness? All this they learned to their Rhode prolong viable posterity.

Now parents often do not find a common language with children. When children do not obey their parents, the parents ask the question, «Well, who do you have this? ‘. The question should not ask a child, and my mother. She needs to ask the question: who? Who was the first man in her life? A woman must take the net to continue his race, not someone else’s.

Unlike women whose childbearing period ending climax to an average of 50 years, men produce sperm all my life, and even 75-year-old man may be the father of high-grade child. Therefore the customs of their ancestors were more tolerant of infidelity for men than women.

In terms of energy, gulnuvshy man left no inconvenience to his wife is not, unless, of course, will not bring a venereal disease. A woman that goes to the side that brings Alien image that overrides the existing one. Therefore always been the notion of «women’s treason» when women change the way of the Spirit and the Blood, who gave her husband and got the disease from another man for the unborn child. Female infidelity as such, no. He first deprives himself, he took their own lives. But there are aspects of the first sexual experience at all.

For both women and men, the first experience of sexual life is of great, if not, the decisive factor is also the other side that it is fixed and has an impact on the rest of your life. Recent studies show that if the first sexual experience is deviation from normal sexual activity (ie, has the elements of sexual perversion or homosexual orientation), but in future human behavior in this area is dictated by this first experience. And not only in this area but in the whole of everyday life, this experience continues to lead the person to dictate to him, so to speak, its own conditions. That is why our ancestors always guarded and protected the young boys and girls from such negative experiences.

3. RITA laws.

Purpose of the law RITA — to give people the knowledge of the Great Race Births for preserving and increasing their family on Earth to follow the laws of nature, and not contradict them, not break them, and thus, with the knowledge to protect their race from the degradation of moral, spiritual, mental and solid. In the Slavic-Aryan Vedas say: «The greatest evil — is ignorance, and ignorance.» Following Rita Laws means all God’s creation of man and nature, natural and harmonious for its existence.

Our ancestors knew that first night married man sends his wife:

1. Images of the Spirit and the Blood.

2. The energy of one of Summer (year) of his life (for bearing offspring).

3. Gift of Motherhood (gift of caring for a child.)

4. The proportion of female (ancestral genetic memory of a girl).

5. Love and yourself.

Filling his wife way of the Spirit and the Blood, the husband gives her the energy of one of Summer (year) of his life. Gift of Motherhood confers wife, because their main goal in life — to have children. Man sees his wife as the mother of his children. If the image of the mother in the husband to his wife, he saw, the children they can not be.

Husband opens in a Women’s share of the spouse — tribal genetic memory, prompting it Wisdom her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother. She unconsciously begins to understand what is best, and rightly so. The woman should take her husband, as the only man Celestial Gods allotted to her. She has to take care of her husband as her own child.

RITA laws also say that the man during sex gives women the energy of one year of his life: the energy of three months is to consolidate the symbol of the Spirit and the Blood, and the energy of nine months — on childbearing in the womb. If pregnancy has not occurred, the energy stored nine months until a more favorable time, when conception occurs.

If a man lives with his wife, with whom he is the first man in her life, it is only the first time the energy reserves of one year, how much contact with his wife before the birth of the first child he had ever been. After the birth of first child in the next contact he gives his wife the energy of nine months to give birth to her second child, etc. It is believed that after the birth of each child younger woman for three years.

And if a man is sexually promiscuous, then through sexual contact, it gives every woman the energy of one year of his life, spending it unnecessarily, leading to premature aging, hair loss, etc. Academician Pavlov noted that the death of a person up to 150 years to be considered violent. The norm of our biological body is 300-400 years.

When a man lives with his beloved and only wife, the energy loss of life occurs. Ego wife not only gets its power from the life of her husband, but it opens the connection with the cosmos, from which it receives vital energy, restoring what is handed to his wife. Every man should know is his wife, except for periods of hard times (wars, epidemics). If Rodham Great Race are threatened with extinction, a wife can not refuse her husband to another woman seed on its request for the extension of Rod her husband, who died in the defense of the Fatherland.

Leading a hectic life, a woman gets heart disease, blood, mental illness, and to accumulate various images of their partners, it is ruining the original image of the unborn child, because when layering different images, the original image of the first man blurred. This leads to the birth of children who do not like their parents and often unhealthy. Children should carry obvious features of their parents.

Telegonia phenomenon exists and punishes those who ignore the laws of inheritance in favor of his animal passion. So the girls walking with fatal ease on the first and, as a rule, an extramarital affair with a man, should know that their first man must lay the gene pool of their future children — wherever, whenever and by whomsoever they may subsequently gave birth to their children. And more often than not, that this is not the first man of the best, and therefore not the best physical and mental, and the data will be in the future children of frivolous women. All girls should know, thinking about early sex life.

Today, when there is large-scale and systematic alcoholism among our people, especially girls, and to know the consequences of sex with a drunken men. It turns out that even a shot of courage adopted for alcohol can be fatal for the future of children dared to be so close to the girls. The consequences may be the same: if she had her first intimate night with a slightly drunken classmate or a frequenter of alcohol establishments. While alcohol can damage more chance to spare her future children. But the first frivolous sexual intercourse with a partner drunk then certainly respond to it in old inferior grandchildren — epileptics, idiots, lunatics.

And what happened when the ancient nomads attacked the settlement of the Ancestors and raped girls? As they say, «damaged material»? No! Our priests know how it can be fixed. Fathers Births wounded girls gave them priests. They spent purify symbol of the Spirit and the Blood. The priests washed their information. This ceremony is very energy-intensive, it takes away from the energy of the Priest three years. If you spend three Priests, is removed from each energy for a year. Correct — that means energy to pump, delete images of Spirit and the Blood. After that, the girls remained in the hermitage, with temples. Priests have had sons, and they had no time to seek out somewhere brides. Their priests cleared and know that they are clean. Therefore, they are married to one of his sons, and they continued their genus. Or married to someone of them orphaned children living in these monasteries and they continued their family.

There is a higher system of Priests. They not only clean the images of the Spirit and the blood of another man, they have engaged in «brainwashing», ie, clean image of the situation. Raped girl should not subconsciously remember the first man. She delayed complaints of pain, as the first sexual intercourse is painful for perception. Did everything to her and was not thinking about it.

But many can not apply to the priests, as they were? Go and hang himself? No. In humans there is always a great power, which is called Love. With a capital. It was and is that the nomads attacked. Priests killed and raped girls. Girl is friends with the boy. He has the power of his love destroy alien image of the Spirit and the Blood. They grew up a family, and she gave birth to children of the strangers, a nomad, she bore him his children, to renew his Rod. The strength of his love and they love her mate destroy alien image of the Spirit and the Blood. Double the Power of Love inside and outside destroys, erases, as it burns the image. Therefore, they say that the greatest power — is Love.

RITA laws prohibiting interracial marriage Slavic peoples with Negroid, Mongoloid, and other Semitic peoples. Mixing of blood between the peoples of the above leads to a degradation, the emergence of various epidemics (smallpox, cholera, typhus), sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, yeast, mycoplasma, etc.), various hereditary diseases (diabetes, tuberculosis, rheumatism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and another 500, etc.), blood diseases (AIDS), the degeneration of the entire branch of the Sort of mixed blood.

A ban for the modern man on the background advocated internationalism and advertising of international marriage agencies initially puzzling. However, it finds a logical explanation based on the origins of races.

Indeed, different races have been the evolutionary path of development in different star systems at different energizing their planets, different atmosphere, soil, water composition and the presence of various substances, viruses, bacteria, etc. Organisms representatives of these races have adapted to these conditions and develop protective immunity against all adverse to their lives. If you change the conditions associated with the arrival on the planet, their bodies for a long time, work all protective enzymes and contain all sorts of viruses, different in different races, which when mixed blood can lead (and lead) to all the consequences that are listed above.

As in ancient times, the fates decreed on the planet had to settle people of different races, these races were settled before the deserted planet apart. A resettle them away from each other to only one goal — a noble and vital of all: that these races were consumed by mutual initiation of various diseases and epidemics. And they lived in isolation from each other for very long. And they could not migrate for a very good reason — even death could come from the appearance of the foreigner. This factor could work if not hundreds, tens of thousands of years.

Apparently, the initial protection races from mixing blood and dying from any epidemics in the future transformed into racial hatred. This, probably, is the primary basis of racial hatred, which is still alive somewhere today. And in this deep rooted causes of the phenomenon of racism, largely unexplained to this day. Other objective reasons for racial hatred does not exist. Do not hate it, but a simple defense of the immune system, a simple observance of the law by excluding RITA mixing races.

RITA violated laws always all people, but it was not a widespread phenomenon among the Clans of the Great Race. Such people are relegated to a caste of untouchables. Massive violation of the law as Rita began in the last millennium, and especially in the XX century. At present, despite the rapid development of medicine, public health continues to deteriorate, as the rate of miscegenation and the pace of development of the negative consequences of this confusion is much higher than the rate of development of medicine.

Now geneticists know that almost every inhabitant of the Earth carries a 5 to 20 mutant (altered or abnormal) genes. Mutant genes identified in the framework of certain ethnic and racial groups. Spontaneous genetic diseases may be caused by new genetic mutations that cause them are, first of all, interracial mixing. Once arisen mutant gene is not disappearing and transmitted to future generations. Today’s science knows more than 5,000 genetic conditions that are relevant to a variety of diseases, inherited, and each year offers more than 100 inherited diseases. And more than 40% of young people suffering from infertility?

Now no one questions why the 80-ies of XX century in a number of CIS countries was censuses, and if they were, they were not announced their full results. The people would have been horrified if I found out the true situation on the artificial destruction of the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian people and the entire white race. If in the early 20’s of the XX century, the white population of the world was 20%, today it is 6.8% of all Humanity. Of six billion is very, very little!

Miscegenation negative impact not only on health but also on the whole of society. Society deals with the social strains such as the highest science sociology, which was classified by the last half century. But now it can bring out the following general formula Klimova-Rod Beetle for degradation (due to the limited size of the report is a formula without extensive proof): violations of the Laws of RITA> weakening sexual constitution> perversions> mental illness> birth defects (malformations)> degeneration kind. Functioning of degraded people in the government (and the very desire for power is one of the manifestations of human degradation and Rhoda) led to all the known history of disasters in the community.

However, the existence of different races in the world and has a positive characteristic: they collected wisdom has always attracted those who were engaged in the collection and study of various systems of knowledge. «Midgard called dance of the soul again, for he collected wisdom of many stars that are stored obzhivshie that world» («Fountain of Life»).

5. Family units.

New family units were created only between the various arms of the Great Race. Family union between cousins is prohibited and unnatural, since it leads to the degeneration of Roda. God Perun our ancestors left his commandments, one of which reads: «Do not take a wife’s brother — his sister, and his son — his mother, for the gods angry, and blood Rod ruined.» In fact, our ancestors were banned matrimony between relatives up to the seventh generation. Now a man can marry a second cousin, and the Jews — even a cousin (like Einstein). In some countries, however, permitted, even gay marriage!

Our power was powerful, it began to loosen the inside. Started through Princes. At first they were elected (to the formation of Kievan Rus’), and then became the Principality inherited. They began with the Princes Princes relatives. Were often breaking the law Rita — took to wife relatives to preserve and increase their wealth. The same is beginning to spread to other wealthy families, especially the nobility.

There are examples of extinction of noble families in just two centuries. Thus, of the 487 families, ranked as the Berne bourgeoisie, now have only 168. In this case, the disappearance have been exposed mainly those names whose members are married aristocratic heiress, who had more than enough time for entertainment, including the sexual. And also on a close cousin to pool resources of their family.

Creating a new family unit in the genera of the Great Race is very important, since any family unit — is a necessary condition for the continuation of life and the existence of the ancient clans of the Great Race, and all descendent of heaven.

Age for entry of young people into the Holy Family Union for many centuries and even thousands of years remains unchanged. The bride, getting into the family unit must be at least Circle years, ie 16 years. For a young person, family life is possible only after they reach 21 years.

In ancient times in the great expanse of our mighty power, called Russenia, there are several types of a family-Union: Selensky, Vesevoy, Triple, World, clan, tribal, Priestly, the Great and others

Triple family union called on the establishment of long-term contract between the three families of the ancient clans. Under this agreement, each of the three ancient clans take brides for their sons from the same race, and gave their daughters to marry the son of another kind. The sons of a first-order brides from receiving the second kind. Sons of the second kind, received a bride of the third kind, and the children of the third kind, in turn, obtained by the bride of the first kind.

Global family union called the treaty establishing the family and friendship between the two ancient warring clans. According to the agreement, between the ancient world Genera provides creation of a family union between the children the eldest of every sort.

Clan-family units called treaty on the complete twinning of two great and ancient clans, ie the creation of the Clan of the two ancient clans. Under this agreement, all the girls of the first kind marry young men from the second kind, and at the same time, all the girls of the second kind, marry young men of the first order. During the consecration of clan family union before Kummirami Gods are couples of all the young people of the two great and ancient clans.

Priestly family union called a family between the young priests and priestesses who were brought up in a hermitage or calotte of orphans.

Tribal family units called treaty on the complete twinning of several great ancient clans, ie the creation of the Mighty Rod and breeding of several ancient clans living in a large area.

Great family unit called the agreement on the simultaneous creation of several families in twinning the two ancient clans. According to the agreement, if the family were born five or more daughters, they were married for the young people of the second kind, which was five or more sons.

After some time the family unit ceased to exist. These days are two types of a family unit: Selensky and Vesevoy.

Selenskim family unit is called creating a young family on a mutual agreement between two families who live within the same settlement, the City, Vesey, unless the bride and groom do not have a blood tie to the seventh generation.

Vesevym family unit is called creating a young family between two ancient clans living in different Vesyah. Such a union is created when all the families living in the village or Castle related, because the law prohibits taking his wife Rita son of Rod and clan relatives.

Despite the large number of planned like family union, the genera of the Great Race has never been such that the girl forcibly married off. We went and looked for a bride on cities and villages (nowhere is taken, that is, on the other Vesey). Important role in the choice of the bride played folk festivals and games. And the most important thing in the family unit — Blessing Parents. Without him, the family unit is not created.

6. Foundations of family life.

Family Union began with matchmaking and weddings. A wedding begins, usually on the feast Lubomir and held in compliance with certain rules, customs and rituals. Coverage of all of this can be discussed in a separate report.

On the morning of the second day the young couple went to the kitchen and bake eight pancakes with different fillings for their parents. Making pancakes, young husband filed four pancake parents of his wife, and his wife — the husband’s parents. This rite young parents enjoyed respect each other and Fellowships are offered to them to pass the test of Rod, as required by the law of the ancient clans, set in ancient times the wise Priest Belovodye Lubomir, a faithful servant of God Svarog. Are precisely the test was as follows. Each of the parents of the young couple, eyes closed, tasting pancake rolls, had the correct answer, a pancake filled with what he got?

If parents correctly guessed the contents of the pancake, the young wife he bowed at the waist, and said, «Son, our in your honor will be called by, your name.» If, however, which of the parents is not sensed to taste the contents of the pancake, young people sincerely worshiped him, saying, «Son, in your honor our priests will call the name of the gods of our ancient ancestors.» Parents, you can not guess stuffing pancake had to give any animals for the household, because we believe that when there will be a couple of young children, they will shun (fear, avoid) their native grandfathers and grandmothers.

If all parents guessed the stuffing, then the children be named as follows: the first son — in honor of the patron god of the young wife of Rod, so the first son and called vernix, the second — in honor of our dear husband, father, and the third — in honor of his own father’s wife, and the fourth — in Father honor of naming her husband, the fifth — in honor of the naming of the Father of his wife.

When a girl is born, the child be named as follows: first daughter — in honor of the Goddess — Protecting young wife Rhoda, the second — in honor of the birth mother of his wife, and the third — in honor of her husband’s birth mother, the fourth — after naming his wife’s mother, the fifth — in honor Mother of bride husband.

The birth of Lubomir law every family should have a minimum of nine children, and full family is only one in which there is a hereditary terms, that is 16 children. All subsequent children names given child’s father. Never give a child a name in honor of the relatives, who died from the disease at a young age, because it was believed that the child with the same name will not live long.

If a child receives a name or grandparents, that is, older relatives, guessed the filling, then cooked grandfather grandson armor and two swords on the day of maturity, as well as a tool for his future career, he had to borrow from the Father. Grandmother granddaughter ready to give: bedding, jewelry, clothes, kitchen utensils, and granddaughter bequeathed all the dowry, which at the time received. The same naming prepared (planted) Parents of young married couples for grandchild named in their honor.

The birth of a child from the Orthodox Old Believers was done in compliance with certain rites and rituals of the Old Faith. Take care of the unborn child during delivery of the Great Race started well before it appears in the light of God. Pregnant women are fully protected and preserved against various dangers both overt and Navneet. To this day she belts belt caring and loving husband, the night hid his coat or cloak, so that «male power» and guarded her child in the womb, during sleep.

A married woman of any kind to have a child of the Great Race in a large font, made of oak or birch, in the water, because, going from intrauterine aquatic environment in the water of the outside world, the child feels more relaxed and comfortable.

Mothers to give birth to a child easier, font placed in well istoplennuyu bath to the Sacred Fire and Bannik could always come to her aid. In the bath, maternity untwist hair, bath set at the corners uncovered chests, but the most important thing in this ancient ritual, that a child born took his own father.

This ceremony is, in fact, the final act of the creation of the new man — from its conception in love and before birth. Ancient Rite, when God the Creator (Father) received a beautiful flower created a new life (child), which grew out of his seed in fertile soil (Mother). Is not this the nature of the trinity?

Birth, like death, is crossing the invisible line that separates the worlds of waking and Navi, so until the child is 1 year old, he could only see the parents and the priests of the old faith, and his family and grandparents. A child under one year of execution is protected by a loving Father and a loving mother, and the gods — the patrons of the two twin birth, and the Most High God-Rod Heaven.

From an early age, all children of the families of the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly vospityvalyutsya according to heavenly law Roda originator: a sincere love for his ancient family, tribe, in respect to its original Native Faith Heritage (history), and the unique culture folk tradition, in reverence for elders and in the care of the younger, as required by the ancient law of Rod and patriarchal way of life.

Harmonious development svastichnoy (ie, consisting of four parts) of person (body, soul, spirit, conscience) is always determined by the two great principles which are constant component of the ancient law of Rod, «honoring the gods and their ancestors, to live always in good conscience and in harmony with nature «, and the feeling of love just kindly supportive.

Getting a child to race a kind of figurative symbols and Faith begins in infancy with oberezhnyh signs and ornaments depicted in the crib or cradle, with wooden and clay toys, in which live images and Ancient Tradition. Familiarizing children to the Original Faith of the Ancestors, to master the skills of creative labor is between the ages of 3 and 7 years, for in this age of all the children of the families of the Great Race greatly develop the community thinking. Children learn about the world and learn the skills of creative labor by imitating the older generation, and to draw much from their peers from other genera. For children, this is a special, interesting form of transition into real life, where they are trying to be like their older brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents.

At first the children at an early age, play together, then six years old, the boys began to put his paramilitary game, and the girls — their own, but they have retained the general games that they play with infancy.

In Slavic and Aryan Rodach small children under 12 are not separated by gender, and called them all equally — Chado. Every boy and every girl has always raised to respect the opposite sex. Children dressed in a shirt, made not from a new cloth, and be sure of the clothes their parents. Shirt boy shirts sewn from the Father, and the shirt girl — Mother of a shirt, it is connected with the mighty oberegovoy parental force that guards the younger generation and helps carry lessons that give parents and the priests of the Old Faith.

Starting from 7-9 years, children will learn all the basics of the original Ingliizma and general literacy (four kinds of writing Race), numeracy and computing, writing, natural history, that is, knowledge, explaining the divine, natural and human sources of life on Midgard-earth.

Education of children of the Great Race, both spiritually and physically, from the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings, only men, the heads of the Slavic-Aryan Clans and family union, that is, parents and grandparents. The lot of all Slavic and Aryan mothers surround children affection, care, love and attention, but they should not indulge the whims of children, because they can ruin this pure soul and spirit bright child who will indulge. Regarding parenting law Rita says: «Do not use in the education of children and the negative of the images. Not prohibit, but to explain! «

On the third day after the birth of each child gets his first original name, as determined in accordance with the law of the ancient clans Lubomir. When the children of Slavic and Aryan Clans, celebrates 12 years (108 months) and they achieve growth 7 genius (124 cm), for the children of the Great Race begins a new stage in their lives.

All of the younger generation is an ancient rite of age and naming ceremony, because our ancestors believed name of an important part of the human person. After passing the ancient rite of the old faith, boys and girls are considered adults, adults who are prepared to carry on the traditions of their ancient birth.

If, before the passage of the Rite of majority, they are under the protection and full custody of their parents, who bore the entire responsibility, after the Rite of age, the younger generation is fully responsible for all his acts committed, words and deeds, as befits an adult. Youths 12 years of age received two swords — meant that for 9 years, they must become perfect Sword fighting techniques and become warriors, Gods defenders kinda its ancient faith and their own land, regardless of the chosen path and caste .

Youths under 21 boys who were called. «Lad» — is literally «cutting a couple of» typical of males of the age at which they trained mastery of the sword for a couple to each other and have not participated in military campaigns.

7. Attitude to clothes and hair.

Since ancient times, all the Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings wore white clothing, because this is not just the color of the Light of the Soul and spiritual purity of the Great Race, but also a direct affiliation with the Heavenly Divine birth.

Clothing has a big effect on the energy structure of man and his behavior. Women can not wear men’s clothes, because the distribution of energy in the body and becomes another woman lost power sewn woman and the fetus, if any, against the influence of the energy from view — energy «shots».

The most important natural source of vitality for all Orthodox Old Believers are Ynglings own hair. This is reflected even in the commandments of God Svarog: «Do not cut your brown Vlas, Vlas different, but with gray hairs, because the wisdom of God will not suffer the lose and healthy.» Since ancient times, it was believed that by cutting off her hair, a person can take away the strength and health.

For centuries hair metaphorically compared to a field sown wheat: wheat ears as absorb all the juices and life-giving force of Mother Earth and the crude Yarily pure light of the Sun and store them, and receive a person’s hair and keep life-giving power of the heavenly gods, of human parents and the ancestors of the genus, from Mother Nature, from cosmic rays Yarily-Soolntsa and Heavenly Stars. Not for nothing did anciently called locks of hair, that is connected with the cosmos, which is fueling the person.

Girls from early childhood hair braided into a single three-beam scythe, because it symbolized the union of the vital forces of the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government. Spit is along the spine, and it was believed that all the universal forces of light through the hair go into the spine and cover the body, soul and spirit of the girls a special life force, preparing it for the future of the mission of the Holy Motherhood.

When she married, her maiden braid comes apart and replaced her braided two braids, because from that time she received a hair gathered in braids, the universal life force, not only for ourselves but for the future of the child.

Men also carefully treat their hair, they give the hair more important than women. Symbol of maturity, courage and independence to men, is a beard. Beard was not only a man’s domain, it is a symbolic acknowledgment of belonging to God’s family, that is, who wore the beard was a descendant of the Ancient Gods of Heaven. Therefore, the Slavs and Aryans preserved statement: «Our gods, the essence of our fathers, and we — their children, and be worthy of our Gods Glory, and created a lot of good works, but to the glory of our Clans, three times more than our Braden Vlas» .

Damage or violent men beard cutting it in ancient times was considered the most serious crime against their ancient clans of the Great Race and insult heavenly gods, sponsors of this genus. Insulting the heavenly gods do not forgive anyone because of this in the past there were many wars, and podpalennaya beard ambassador in the old days it was thought the announcement of the war.

In Europe, the first organized haircut Roman Emperor Nero, who ordered the consul to mow all the foreign legions drawn. When the consul, the commander of the Foreign Legion, asked the Emperor Nero, for which it is necessary, he replied: «I do not wish that they thought, for me enough that they performed only my orders and regulations.»

And in the Russian land cutting hair started to practice only with the advent of Christianity. No one now can not explain why and what they are trimmed followers of his teaching and his priests, clerics, even if the Bible tells the story of Samson, who has never had a haircut and was a strong and invincible until such time as he did not cut her hair (Judges . Chapter 17, verses 17-19). Completed the transition to a hair cut for men in the early XVIII century decree of Peter I «shave their beards and wear a German dress.»

Children under 12 are not even the tip of the hair trimmed so as not to cut off the mind to comprehend life, the laws of the Universe Rod and not to deprive them of their life force, bestowed by nature and Oberegovoy strength that God-given patrons and parents.

Trim the ends to a length of not more than one nail in young people over the age of 16 was performed in order to grow hair faster, and this action can be performed only during a new moon.

Children under the age of small hair combed parents, then they do it themselves. Entrust to comb their hair could only to people you know and whom they love. She could afford to comb your hair or just her chosen husband.

8. A shock right.

Copa — Old Slavic collection Shodotaev. The meaning of «Cop» can be identified from the words: a crowd, set the assembly, shock, dig down (to the truth), etc. The custom of cops for a long time kept the Russian soldiers — Cossacks. Today this tradition is manifested in part in the Cossack Circle.

Cops for Slav opinion was top spiritual and moral values. Russian people said, «Worldly fame is strong», «Peace sing, so the stone will crack», «With the world can not argue,» «In the world, and the court is not», «Peace is strong and invincible,» «What the world order, then God will judge» «What the world should be, so be it.»

In Kopa were four to nine nearby villages Shodotai that collected in a special place — «a place.» Hence the name of the chief of the village — a place, Misty. Over time, a place developed into the city, which reserves the right to a mop, and the inhabitants were called commoners. Most of the old city has grown from the Kop but the border that once built as a fortress.

Cops number ranged from 100 to 300. The cop was going to one of the villages in the community gathering place called KOPovische, KOPische, temples. Are addressing the issues and other things in the open. Usually took place in the Sacred Forest with natural or artificial mound hill. Nearby were a spring, river, lake or pond. Kopovesche was a favorite place to cope folk festivals — Carnival, Kolyada, swimming and others.

The cop was going to meetings, that is, at the Chamber (hence the word — a prophetic, broadcast, inform). Voting rights in the Copa used only householders who had permanent sedentarization. They were the elders of the family — Heads delivery. They are called Shodotai, judges sheaves, Community Men. The brothers, who had no individual farms, the children and women had the right to vote and were only on the specific request of cops for evidence.

The elders were present at the Copa. The elders were not skhodotayami, they had no right to vote at the Copa, but their advice can play a crucial role. Opinion Elders asked in cases where it was necessary to impose a sentence on the basis of ancient solutions cops. Elders also strictly enforce the customs of their ancestors.

Chamber to Cope was both studies, and experience to the study of law. Sacred position shock of the right to maintain in memory Shodotaev and passed from generation to generation.

Cope to coordinate all aspects of life in the village, including the beginning and end of the agricultural work, hay, repairing roads, cleaning of wells, hiring shepherds and watchmen, penalties for unauthorized felling of forests, disturbing public bans, raising money for public spending settlement, the layout of taxes, elections , issues of forest use, dam construction, the completion of public resources in the event of natural disasters, famine, and more.

Cop found and pursued criminals judged and punished them, afford a reward for the capture. If the case was a criminal, the Copa led «questioning», establishes the «face» of the criminal (hence — «evidence»). Cope encouraged to pardon the offender, and the sincere remorse nationwide criminal. Be sure to take into account the forgiveness mortally wounded and his last will. Court cases dealt with conscience, trying to persuade the dispute to conciliation.

Cops solutions implemented by all in good faith and with great desire. Violation of a shock of rules, regulations Cops never seen, and if it happens sometimes, it was seen as an emergency. With each Slav, faced with a shock of rights violation or customs, had to put all their efforts to prevent violations. If he did not, then the participant was considered a crime was witnessed, and carried for them fully on a par with the offender. Lived, keep the commandments of God alone: «It is not permissible to forgive the person who intentionally commits evil for evil, without discipline, multiplied, and the blame for the augmentation of the evil lies with the man who left the evil punished and brought him to the right judgment of God.»

This manifestation of a shock of rights only with perfect transparency and otchiznolyubii people. At Cope provides complete independence Shodotaev opinions. Everyone had the opportunity to open his own soul. Cope went on all honest, the question was posed by an edge — «to cut a plain truth,» and if anyone tried to escape in silence, his relentlessly bring to light. The most docile men, at other times could not even give a hint word against anyone, for Cope, in moments of total excitement, he changed completely and getting the courage, managed to outdo certainly brave men. Cop makes a discovery of mutual confession, repentance and mutual exposure, the manifestation of the widest publicity. At the moment the private interests of each achieved the highest degree of tension, the public interest and justice, in turn, reached the highest degree of control.

Of broad self-amplified desyatskogo elected office — one of 10 yards and Sotk — from 100 yards. Constables, assisted desyatskih, watched over the purity of the villages, the cleanliness of the water in the rivers, for fire protection, for the order during trading markets, the sale of good-quality products, the conduct of trade.

Included Kopu village communities formed parish. Cope to choose: the rural municipality, the board and the court (usually three years). The local court of the book led to recording solutions converge, transactions and contracts, including labor, villagers concluded between themselves and outsiders. All paper work was district clerk, who was an important person in the Copa. When the sergeant began to abuse the trust of society, the villagers could elect him or taken a salary.

Besides heads of townships, chosen by the applicant for Public Affairs — chelobitnikov in capital city. These intercessors called «parasite.» Bad sense of the word, the word later, but first it meant the people who lived on the secular account when traveling on public affairs.

According to ancient Slavic traditions, to protect their land from the enemy Kopoy chosen princes. The princes were chosen from the strong Births hereditary warriors who were the honor and glory of our country. Kopoy stood tithe for the content of the Prince and his men, border to border towns and the construction of defensive lines. Villagers willingly carried the labor service for the construction of particularly important or urgently needed military facilities, and in time of war, all the warriors rose villagers to protect the Fatherland.

At the Council of Princes Vsezemskom chosen monarch — the head of the country, the Grand Prince of All Russia Stolny. To insist on the Monarch shock of law, implementation of laws Vsezemskogo Council, the protection of the people from foreign gate of.

This is — one of the variants of the state system of our ancestors. At different times, there were versions of this device, as well as their various intertwining. For example, here is another version of this — the community, which is more different names than the content.

Communion is a spiritual union of various types and bowing, worshiping their God-Rod (ancestors). Communal and tribal way of life of people included several levels of management. It was in modern terminology, a secular (civil), military and spiritual rule.

In the community were chief of head and twin birth — happy. Radanov meeting called RADA. It solved all administrative matters. Princes with their retinues to solve military problems. Spiritual life of the community ruled Priests, providing spiritual support of its members, directing them to preserve the ancient faith, laws and customs. However, the most important issues addressed by three levels of government work together.

Interesting to follow the pyramid in society. The most needy are, of course, the single elderly, orphans, widows with many children, cripples, etc. But they took care of the community and the houses. And there were not too many. Therefore, as the basis not consider. And the basis for the most part were people work (zemleroby, craftsmen, shepherds, hunters, fishermen) — wealthy and spiritually stable laity.

The next-largest in the society was a military squad — more spiritual, and less wealth. Even higher and lower numbers were community leaders and other leaders — income less, and spirituality more than ordinary hard-working people. Magi and other clergymen were even less secure, but were above the heads of the spiritual community. Even higher spiritually and even more financially undemanding priests were temples, which were kept apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the settlements. And it really was a bit of the most spiritually advanced people — priests, keepers of ancient wisdom, which often led a secluded life.

Thus, at each level was roughly the inverse ratio of wealth and spirituality: the higher up the hierarchy was a person, the more spiritual, he should have been. Even the government can not be called — more authority. Person with low spirituality and aspiring to wealth, not drawn up at the top of a society, as wealth, he could not find it. So, for example, traders have more wealth than the ordinary working people, and less spirituality. One other sort of balanced.

If we look at the current power structure, we can see the edge of the turned down the pyramid, in which the number of small and low on spirituality tops possess the greatest wealth. Here the struggle for wealth is combined with the struggle for power, and high spirituality, like, should accrue to the lower classes. But the poor lower classes can not have in-depth knowledge, and the more high spirituality. So it turns soulless society, the cause of which is of dark forces. And you need to put everything in its place, turn the pyramid on its wide base.

To date, ended the reign of the Dark Forces, and it is time we revive the old knowledge, high spirituality of the society and make a happy life. For this we have the Vedic knowledge given us by the gods and ancestors in the form of a «Slavic-Aryan Vedas» as truth in the first instance. In conclusion, it can only result in two quotations from the Vedas: «Renunciation of blood Commandments is a betrayal of his Native», «Who gives up possession of the Ancient Wisdom, He drives out of a force of life.»

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

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