Parasites of consciousness a new conspiracy theory

‘… Wily master, capturing people from the start, so overlaid and put the soul power of darkness, like / clothing / dress man … He works secretly in the inner man, and the mind, and is struggling with his thoughts. And people do not know what they do, being chased some alien force, but think that all this is natural … «(St. Macarius of Egypt).

At some point in life, a person thinks: why there is so much pain and suffering, why people hate and kill each other. It seems that a person is born only for pain and suffering. Sages see the causes of human misery of life in his wickedness and selfishness. But from where come from sin and selfishness, who and what they are generated, what is the mechanism of their effects on a person? There are many attempts to explain the mechanisms. There are several so-called «Conspiracy theories», where all the problems people blame some hidden force, mostly «dark», hostile, angry, little by little control human life, society and civilization.

Proposed a conspiracy theory is not, in fact, much of this new. There are quite a few assumptions and vague guesses that our lives are subject to the settings invisible «dark forces», quietly seized all spheres of our life and turn all humanity into its trough.

To advance to dismiss people with «common sense» and leave readers with innovative thinking, to put up the essence of the theory.

Conspiracy theory.

From time immemorial, human consciousness introduced FOREIGN invisible entity that controls our feelings and emotions, our thoughts and actions. The purpose of this control — parasite on our energy resources. In fact, human life, and the whole of civilization is subject to these entities. More to say, the history of humanity determines the influence of parasites consciousness. The process consists of provoking parasitic life situations and problems, stress and emotions that cause both positive and negative feelings and emotions, which helps release much energy radiation, in fact, consumed by parasites. Description of these entities, the mechanism of influence of parasites on the human mind and how to combat them, we try to do.

Carlos Castaneda about parasites consciousness.

First learned about parasites of consciousness from the books of Carlos Castaneda (CC). It is surprising that the founder Nagualism in his multi-volume work is paying a few pages of this unusual subject. Allow myself to quote in detail described QC known chapter 10, his last book «The Active Side of Infinity» meeting with parasites of consciousness, the so-called «Flyers» (also known as «flyers», they «vologory:

«I saw the same kind of strange, dark shadow that fell on the trees. This was either a shadow, moving back and forth, or a lot of fast shadows, to move to the left to right, right to left, then straight up. They reminded me of the extraordinary thick black fish in the air as if flying a giant swordfish. The sight captured me. In the end, it scared me. It was dark so that the foliage is no longer visible, but the fleeting black shadows I could still see.

— What is this, don Juan? — I asked. — I see fleeting black shadows that filled all around.

— And this universe in all its glory, — he said — are incommensurable, nonlinear, inexpressible reality syntax. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were the first ones to see those fleeting shadows, so they followed them everywhere. They saw them as you see them, and they saw it as a flow of energy in the universe. And they found something unusual …

— What they found Don Juan? — I asked.

— They discovered that we have a companion for life — he said a measured speech. — We have a predator that came out of the depths of space, and to take over our lives. People — its prisoners. This predator — our lord and master. He made us docile and helpless. If we are rebelling, it suppresses our rebellion. If we try to act independently, he commands us not to do this …

— You only thanks to their own efforts achieved what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the question of questions — he said. — I’m in a roundabout way you let down to the fact that something is holding us prisoner. Of course, we are prisoners! For sorcerers of ancient Mexico, it was an energetic fact.

— Why is this predator took over as you talk about it, Don Juan? — I asked. — There must be a logical explanation.

— There is an explanation, — said Don Juan — and the most simple. They took over because we are food for them, and they ruthlessly suppress us, sustaining itself. Well, sort of, as we breed chickens in the coop, they breed people chelovechnikah. Thus, they always have food …

— I want to appeal to your analytical mind, — said Don Juan. — Think for a moment, and say, how can you explain the contradiction between an engineer and the stupidity of his beliefs and contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that our system of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, the mores of our society gave us carnivores. It is they who have created our hopes, expectations and dreams of success and failure. To whom we owe the greed and cowardice. That predators made us complacent, rigid and self-centered …

To keep us in meekness and humility, they resorted to a stupendous maneuver — of course, amazing in terms of the soldier-strategist. From the point of view against whom it is directed, this maneuver is awful. They gave us their mind! Did you hear? Predators gave us their mind, which became our mind. Mind predator sophisticated, contradictory, closed and filled the fear that at any moment can be disclosed.

— I know that even if you never went hungry, — he continued — are you worried about daily bread. This is nothing like the fear of the predator who fears that his trick at any moment can be opened and the food can disappear. Through the mind, which in the end is their mind, they contribute to a person’s life that is convenient to the predators. And so they are to some extent to ensure its security and alleviate their fears.

Sorcerers see human children as bizarre glowing balls of energy, entirely covered with shiny shell, something like a plastic cover, tight-fitting their energy cocoon. He said that predators feed on this particular glowing coat of awareness, and that when a person reaches adulthood, was left only a narrow rim of ground-to-toe. This rim allows people to continue to live, but no more.

This narrow fringe of awareness is the epicenter of self-reflection (in fact, selfishness), of which man is completely incurable. Playing on our self-reflection, which is the only kind of consciousness available to us, the predators provoke outbreaks of awareness, then devour them already, ruthlessly and greedy. They throw us a meaningless problem, stimulating these flashes of awareness, and thus leave us alive, to be able to feed our energy bursts imaginary troubles.

— But why sorcerers of ancient Mexico and all sorcerers today, although they see predators, can not fight with them?

— Neither you nor I can do anything with them — don Juan said a small voice. — All we can do is to discipline yourself so that they have not touched. But how do you offer your fellow men to go through all the difficulties involved? Yes, they laugh at you, and the more aggressive you vsyplyut on the first number. And not because they do not believe you. In the depths of every man lies the legacy, an underlying knowledge of the existence of predators.

The sorcerers of ancient Mexico saw the predator. They called him the «flyer», because he is in the air. This is not just a fun show. This is a big shadow in the air rushing impenetrably dark shadow. She then falls flat on the ground. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico mess as to where it came from in the world. They believed that a person must be a holistic entity with deep insight, miracles realizing that today is just as beautiful legend. But all this seems to be gone, and we now have a sober person.

What is against us — not a simple predator. He is very clever and sophisticated. He methodically makes us worthless. The man who is meant to be a magical creature, is no longer so. Now he’s just a piece of meat. Ordinary, rigid and stupid, he does not dream about anything, except the meat.

This predator is invisible to us entirely. As children, we did see it, but it seems so daunting that we prefer not to think about it. Children, of course, can focus their attention on it, but the surrounding convince them not to do it … «

In my opinion, QC gave detailed information about the unseen enemy of mankind. But most people refer to as CC Crazy dreamer, his mind poisoned by taking hallucinogens. Give examples of statements of others, discovered a strange phenomenon, as parasites of consciousness.

The authors of today’s popular teachings DEIR and «eBook URL», respectively, and Vereshchagin Vadim Zeland lot of space to the description of the parasites of consciousness. Although both authors see no alien parasites of other worlds, and the generation of the society. That way egregors entities generated similar involtatsiyami (information and energy flows) large groups (clubs, national and religious movements and so on.). In Zeland mechanism of the parasite, aptly named them «pendulum», in an unusually similar to the description of the spacecraft and other authors issleduyushih parasites consciousness. Zeland totally against fighting «pendulum», arguing that this is exactly what they wanted. The author of «reality Transurfing» teaches how to use the «pendulum» of the forces, ie «To become their favorite» to succeed in life. Zeland aptly cites examples such favorites in the show business and other activities. But personally, I cringe such an offer to be a major attraction and a puppet alien hostile entity to the other people.

«Parasites of consciousness» by Colin Wilson.

Science fiction writer Colin Wilson was afraid to speak openly about his discovery, and provided information about the «flyers» in the science fiction novel, which is called «Parasites of consciousness.» Although it is known that Colin Wilson is also an occultist, he has written many books on the esoteric, including The book «Occult.» This novel is considered one of the best examples of science fiction. In the novel, the author also points out about parasites as invisible entities, entrenched in the mind. People are shown as obedient puppets of these creatures. But Colin Wilson suggests that parasites captured human consciousness relatively recently, only 200-300 years ago.

Aliens on parasites of consciousness

When, in fact, and how a tragic introduction of parasites in people’s minds? I see the answer in the biblical story of the Fall of Man. It is the «original sin» is nothing but a moment of subordination of man «flyers.» There are a huge number of interpretations (mainly theological) of the well-known story. But I will give version unpopular in science adepts of channeling people who were able to make contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, to disclose to the contactees many secrets. Here are some of the so-called «kassiopenyane» about the expulsion from paradise

Cassiopaeans said that, initially, man was created with a more active DNA than the one with which he now resides. An event that left a mark in all cultures around the world as the «original sin», or loss of paradisiacal state, and this was primarily due to a snake, a snake or a dragon. But, in fact, it reptilopodobnoe scaly creature. Under these creatures called Cassiopaeans meant «Gray», the civilization belonging to the SS (Service-TN «bad guys»), or those whom we call the «dark forces», as opposed to the SD (STO), ie the so-called «Light forces.» With a more complex structure of DNA and a subtle energy organization existed as a people in four-dimensional space (the so-called 4th density level), but were enticed by «gray» (actually lizards) «Joy of Sex» and other carnal pleasures dimensional beings , with the result that there was a «sin». They offered people a way to breeding animals, talking, try as it is healthy, and people stumble. Deceit lay in the fact that the «gray» could go back to the 4th dimension. But the men falling into the matter, could not return to their original state, and in their energy mix, as well as the structure of DNA irreversibly changed. «Grey» are invisible to humans and were able to penetrate the human structure, which allowed people to subordinate consciousness and begin to infest their energy emissions. Something similar happens with the work of well-known viruses. Thus, we can say that humanity permanently sick particular form of the disease, vyzvanogo specific virus. They enslaved us, they implanted us, they took our DNA and modified it so that we do not remember who we are and what we are really capable of. Barbara Martsiniak book, «Bearing Dawn», covers much of the information.

That’s what they say about the «lizard» C’s:

«In any case, the lizard (or Reptoids) created the Grey. They (Gray) — also being the fourth density. They do not have souls — they are robots. Grey were created so that the lizards could send them to the third density as our projections, so to speak. They can project some of their own power in the Grey, so that when they are in the 3rd density, they were not only control the robot but, in fact, are «inside them», so to speak, looking through their eyes. It may even be that some component of the energy of one of the Grey Lizard. The whole purpose of conquering people Lizard — use us as food. Basically, they draw their energy. They need our energy. This is — what they eat in the 4th density, because they — mainly energy beings 4th density. There is a positive and negative energy. CC being the 4th density beings feed on negative energy density of the third, and sometimes even the 1st and 2nd density. We like them because we have emotions. Emotions generate energy. That’s why you often think that Gray seems «so interested in our emotions! Our love, our hate, our this and that. «They control us and create situations that produce negative energy. The greater the amount of negative energy they can create, the more food they get. That’s what their purpose is. «Anything you do not like these things saying? One more crazy, repeating QC. Here is the testimony of several more «crazy.»

References to the ancient sources, which indicated the presence of «reptilopodobnyh beings» representatives of a different civilization, resembling a crocodile at the infamous scientist Däniken in his books about extraterrestrial civilizations.

On the «tailed gods» is mentioned Gerotodom

«» In the Lake Moeris, near the city of crocodiles, Egyptians made maze. I myself have seen it, and there are no words to describe these miracles. Everything that has ever built a Greek, I see the less the work and cost than an Egyptian labyrinth of the underground part … we did not want to show, because there are buried the kings and sacred crocodiles of Egypt … In the center of this man-made lake is an island with two pyramids of fifty phantoms in height. They say, the underground part of a much larger than that on the surface. These pyramids Egyptian gods live. Through underground passages they swim in the lake, and at night people see shining in the moonlight, their scaly tails. «Thus, we can assume that in the artificial lake Moeris, near the city of crocodiles lived amphibious aliens that came to Earth with distant stars.

Gnostics on parasites of consciousness

Researcher Gnostic teachings, based on interpretation of Nag Hammadi. John Lesh finds many parallels with the teachings of Castaneda, and in particular with the theme of «flyers». Lash argues that the doctrine of the Gnostics also contains a description of alien predators, which they call Archonsami (or in Greek Arkonteyami). Nag Hammadi texts describe them as dark, shadowy, dark creatures. Lash compares with the esoteric teachings of the Toltec schools of ancient Europe, using the apocryphal texts of the first Christians, and finds similarities with respect to the following flyers. 1.KK «predators have given us their awareness, which became our knowledge.» T (Gnostics): Mind of human beings — this is part of the cosmic intelligence that has predatory nature. Due to penetration Archonsov minds of people has been distorted or even completely replaced alien consciousness. Gnostics warned that Archonsy entered the human mind, but can affect us on the physical plane. 2.KK: Human consciousness perceives the world through the prism of social environment imposed by the patterns of education and language. D: «awareness of the swarm.» More on the importance of the correct syntax of the Gnostics, see the article Lash ritual and revelation may be why kastanedovskaya ATS (stopping the internal dialogue) is one way of dealing with the «flyers», which allows you to stop indulging and «whispering parasites» . Many yoga meditation exercises to «calm the cheats,» methods «outsider» and other practices are nothing more than an attempt to ATS.

Kundabufer Gurdjieff

Those who are well acquainted with the works of Castaneda find many of the same ideas with the teachings of George Gurdjieff.

Mysterious Caucasian not bypassed and parasites consciousness. One of the main ideas of his theory is the concept of «kundabufera.» «KUNDA» in Sanskrit means «secret.» But what is a «buffer»? The human brain can be divided into three parts: «the intuitive mind,» «instinctive mind» and «a logical mind.» For some people, depending on the type of person, there is the predominance of one type of mind. Harmonious functioning of minds — the key to well-being and prosperity, as a specific person, and certain social groups.

The relationship of understanding, intuitive and instinctive «mind», dramatically complicated by the presence of the fourth «mind», which is called «agent provocateur», «adversary» or simply — «buffer mind.» In recent decades, psychologists have found that the support of the «mind» is a small formation in the brain between the midbrain and the frontal part, being as it were a kind of «buffer» between them. This «buffer» available only to the people. Curiously, this layer is especially developed in the criminal elements and various villains: sadists, rapists, pedophiles. In my opinion, in Sweden, are already producing an operation to remove the buffer of the brain, of course, with the consent of the patient, in order to destroy the criminal inclinations. Is not this «foreign installation» removed from QA his teacher Don Juan, Castaneda then re-learning to walk?

This part of the brain was somehow «implanted» man thousands of years ago and has some special behavior management program designed to limit the development of man and half-animal level, but obstacles to further development in the area of intelligence.

Any instances of «irrational» behavior, it would seem quite reasonable man: persistence in vice, unnatural craving for satisfaction of needs, wanton cruelty, etc. — Based on the «buffer of mind.» Question by whom and for what purpose was implanted «buffer mind» remains unanswered.


Some debunkers parasites consciousness compared Kastanedovskih «flyers» with the so-called «flying fish» (skyfish), which was first discovered and captured on video director Jose Escamillo (Jose Escamilla). In 1994, somewhere in New Mexico, he took off on videonechto strange. He looked at all the shots and made sure that it is not a marriage of film and not an optical illusion — it was something alive, move at great speed.

Soon there was a much different proofs that Escamillo has created a website dedicated to these mysterious creatures. This unknown «something» live next to us by their own laws, is moving along their tracks and actually inhabit the world. Track down the mysterious flyers only with a camera.

Many people wishing to study the unknown forms of life, which often call themselves cryptozoologists can not say for sure whether you can call skayfishey animals, or are intangible objects. These strange creatures like the deep sea inhabitants: they have long worm-like body and wide ledges on each side, by which they move as if on wings. Something like under water «fly», for example, ramps, making undulating.

Investigated many are inclined to believe that it is a fake, and even deliberate deception. Their opponents believe that «skayfishi» — a previously unknown to science insects, animals or even a manifestation of the aliens on Earth.

In 1996, suddenly found that they, and in fact can be called «fish»: they inhabit and waters. Found this while watching videotapes filmed a TV in the Mexican underground water cave, known as the Cave of Swallows. Incidentally, an interesting fact. Spanish cave called Sotano Las Golondrinas, which can be translated as «the dungeon of flying fish.»

Now, compare with skyfish kastanedovskimi flyers:

1.U have long worm-like body and wide ledges on each side, by which they move as if on wings. Something like under water «fly», for example, ramps, making undulating.

In RC: They reminded me of the extraordinary thick black fish in the air as if flying a giant swordfish.

2.Skayfisherov attract glare of light, the Flyers — flash glow cocoon. There is something to think about!

3.Izvestny skayfishey size — from a foot to three feet.

In RC: I saw a huge shadow, feet, probably fifteen across, tossed in the air and fell with a thud to the ground.

If you count the amount of flyers from feet to meters, you will see that Carlos met with large individuals skayfishera — about three meters. Perhaps, it is these individuals are more and live in the mountains in the distance, as too full of glow or easier to see.

Evidence and photographs are more than enough (they can be found on numerous websites on the subject.) It remains only to finally make sure that skayfishy really

are the very flyers, parasites consciousness.

The movie «The Matrix»

«Matrix» everywhere, it surrounds us. Even now it is next to us. You can see it when you look out the window or turn on your television. You can feel it when you’re working, you go to church, when you pay your taxes. The whole little world, over his eyes to hide the truth that you are only a slave, Neo. Like all of you from birth, in chains, with the birth of the prison, which is not pochuesh not you touch. In prison for a reason … You look as I used to see myself. This is a mental projection of the virtual «self.» What is reality and how to identify it? The entire set of senses — visual, tactile, olfactory — it signals receptors, an electrical impulse is perceived by the brain … The world exists only as neyrointeraktivnoy model, or the Matrix. You all live in a dream world … Welcome to the desert — a reality … Matrix — a world of dreams, to subjugate us. Make us just a battery … While the Matrix exists, we are not free to be … You have to remember that most are not ready to accept the reality, and many are so poisoned and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight for it. «

You do not look like Morpheus monologue from the movie «The Matrix»? A feeling that he was taken out of the famous Don Juan explaining his disciple KK in about the flyers of the 10 chapters of the last book of spacecraft «Active Side of Infinity.» Those who watched the movie «The Matrix» by the Wachowski brothers scenario will definitely similar to the teachings of the spacecraft. It is hard to blame the authors of «The Matrix» of plagiarism. The fact that the book and the film came out almost simultaneously destroys any attempt to sweep clear parallels between the two, as Vakh could not read it while working on the script, and in the previous books do not contain anything that would directly inspire a movie script. What we have, or we think that we have, so are two closely related versions of a single truth — the truth is so unpleasant to realize that the average person sees only a science fiction story, crafted by Hollywood.

At QC Don Juan is his disciple «theme by» witches: the existence of dark forces of prey that has enslaved humanity, making it the source of his power.

When Don Juan Carlos announces it as «energetic fact,» Carlos reacts like Neo after similar revelations of Morpheus. «No, no — I heard his words, — This is absurd … What are you talking about, monstrous. It simply can not be true. «

What explains Don Juan is essentially identical to the concept of the Matrix in Vakh: Homogeneous, all in itself includes, but is completely false-reality program, gathered outside and imposed on humanity as a management tool in the process of taking away his life energy. And psihomife Vakh and occult revelations QC represented the same unbearable thought that human culture, reality, and even nature itself is nothing more than a cunning simulation created for the purpose of deception and coercion have to make concessions to the mind, that we would fight for life and death, rather than to be served.

Personally, I have the program itself «The Matrix» is associated with Don huanovskim tonal. The film program «Matrix» creates an illusion of all people of the world. At QC tonal — actually the same program handles all external signals in human readable characters. One is aware and understands the world of other people just because of the so-called ‘Inventory lists «- the internal explanatory dictionary, where he is the subject of any phenomenon and finds the appropriate word, through which is comprehension.

The only difference is that the movie «The Matrix» — just fantastic, «flyers»-enslavers — robotic machines. Castaneda claims that all our life is but a dream, to show us the flyers, but the true reality is that all of humanity is only suitable battery for these creatures. The film shows very strongly that moment when Neo wakes up from sleep and finds himself in a crypt. Powerful and tough shows a picture of millions of crypts, where people sleep, connected by numerous wires to pump energy, and from birth to death, watching dreams as real life. Is this not what the Indians said, referring to the Vedic scriptures of eternal «maya», bringing the minds of people of the illusory world, and the suffering of souls created her «ego,» and our life as a dream of Brahma.

According to Don Juan, the Flyers are not fed physical energy (as in the movie), but rather a «halo of consciousness,» which makes us human. They devour the glow completely, leaving us with only a fraction of us to stay alive. This residue of consciousness is installing them, or brain flyer that revolves around egomanii and employment itself, especially safety, comfort, food and other material needs (as a parallel to the brain flyer).

And Don Juan, and Morpheus claim that we have collectively (albeit unintentionally) swore predator, and therefore become a part of his dark self-destructive program. Realm of the Matrix, «flayerskogo» intelligence, so comprehensive and indisputable that, for most of us it is impossible to think of our situation, not to oppose it. Since we do not control their own thoughts, as soon as we gets «inside knowledge» about the presence of a predator / Matrix, it is immediately washed off the flow of opposing thoughts, asked mind Matrix. Therefore, the only way for the manifestation of such knowledge on the conscious level (in addition to books like Castaneda) is a fantasy and horror. So, people are given the chance to at least look at the true nature of his position. On the other hand, the ability to overthrow the tyranny of the predator-Matrix is open to all.

Matrix as such is something like cancer, from which we can, as conscious individuals, get to inherit his true destiny — is an illusion and beyond lies. Truth is, no matter how terrible it may be, exists in order to make us free.

«The Rose of the World» D.Andreeva

I can not mention on parasites of consciousness referred to in the famous work of Daniil Andreev «Rose of the World.» Needless his work he called as work on meta-history of mankind. Andreev claimed that all our life, our society, and all mankind is only a rough visible to us manifestations of deeper processes occurring outside of our awareness. The whole «Rose of the World», an attempt to look into these invisible processes that determine our destiny. Andreev unfolds before the reader dimensional picture of the fight the forces of light and darkness, which was the scene of a man. In addition to describing the many hellish worlds D.Andreev described the dark creatures of the invisible world. Many creatures are essentially none other parasites as consciousness. The writer described the various types of energy radiation, and painted the classification of parasites — what kind of a creature of human emissions which, respectively, is used. For example:

eyfos — energy radiation lust of man and animal;

Shavva — subtle radiation of the human psyche related to «patriotic» feelings;

Gavva — universal feeder for all parasites, the emission of human pain and suffering.

D. Andreev said that the radiation occurs at gavvaha hemorrhage and dying — is a universal feeding for parasites consciousness. No war, no bloodshed is not even a minor occurs without parasites, provoking people to conflict. Still sitting in Stalin’s torture chambers D. Andreev predicted notorious «sexual revolution» and predicted the future extinction of mankind is not a result of a series of disasters, as well as a consequence of the degradation of mankind from sexual promiscuity. Personally, I see a huge car porn — both well-established mechanism for the knockout eyfosa, nationalist hysteria — the means by vyshibaniem Shavva of people, feeding for uitsraorov (demons great-statehood). Lacrimal series and knock the subtle light transmission of self-pity, graphic violence, «action» — the energy of anger and rage, horror, thrillers — the energy of fear, beloved «inorganic». All put on a huge conveyor for squeezing out of the man power, our whole life — a huge factory of this energy, and we, the people — manufacturing material.

Absalom Podvodnyy.Vozvraschenny occult.

The book’s website is valuable in that it paints the situation in detail, created parasites vyshibaniem consciousness for energy. The author notes that there is a great variety of parasites, but it is conventionally identified seven most typical, classifying them according to the methods and types of energy vampirism. All of this is on the seven subtle level (he did so and called «thin Seven»), and not visible to the person. For example, a «black man aggression» acts as a provocateur of aggression, anger and fear of the outside world. «Dragon of the Personal self-affirmation» nurtures and cherishes «selfishness» of man, on Buddhist philosophy — the main source of their suffering. Castaneda would call the creator of the Dragon «self-importance», «self-image», the reason of the infinite «indulgence» (scroll in thought energy-devastating events in the past and possible future). It is these «inventions» dragon «deflate the bulk of energy in a person’s daily life. List of parasites can continue.

As creator of the DEIR Vereshchagin, Underwater indicates that the flow of human energy is produced through the so called «Chakra», a conglomerate of energy channels man. Each parasite trades on a certain beloved chakra. QC argued that the flow of energy comes from the parasites of the head, thorax and abdomen, but where are the main chakras and human rights. As well as «C’s» Underwater argues that parasites only, tools, robots, for involtatsii (information and energy flow) to its creators, hypostases Gagtungr (roughly speaking, the local Lucifer’s Andreev)

Antonio Meneghetti. «Total Recall».

Founder ontopsychology — popular Italian scientist Antonio Meneghetti was one of those who in the nineties made a name for a certain matrix, «sitting in each of us.» He described the perception of man as «the monitor performance deviations» that affects our values, morals, behavior and even death. Is not kastanedovsky «bubble of perception» and «tonal»?

Meneghetti claims that the last several thousand years we are under the yoke of another’s mind, that before the appearance on Earth of these foreign parasites, man was free from harmful matrices and monitors itself created priorities and own decisions. That came the representatives of other cultures and civilizations «impose» Earthlings code of core values, developed a human morality, moral criteria. To be free of parasites, according to the Italian scientist, to «remember everything.»


Many religious and philosophical theories on hold after death reincarnation. Faith in the wanderings of the soul from one life to another is extremely important for a person to its vital installations, creates the illusion of immortality. Toltecs whose teaching is in his books Castaneda, suggests that there is no reincarnation, that man lives only once, and after his death goes into oblivion forever. But what about the numerous testimonies of «memories of past lives’ children or people who have been» regressive hypnosis «? Theory of consciousness allows parasites to take another look at the issue of reincarnation. That’s what the book Deadly Dreams of Power writes Vadim gardens: «Resettlement as such does not exist. But consciousness ellipse (as a mentor author Sid calls parasites consciousness — approx. UM), there are many times longer than the human mind can exist. When a person dies, Lips puts his mind on the ball of energy (subtle body — approx UM) of another person, usually a newborn. The consciousness of this person has access to the experience of consciousness that previously parasitized Lips, taking it for the experience of their past lives. «

Yet Sid points out that human consciousness is extremely rare, but it can be placed in the root cause of the power of a new ball of energy, but without the personal «I» and patterns (cognition and behavior). The smaller the mind of man is contaminated templates ellipse, the greater the chance of a person moving into a new energy body.

Agreement with the parasite victim consciousness

Here he writes in his article Enmerkar Agreement with predator

«… No person is not consciously give of their resources parasite, so the task of the latter — to take over quietly, and to inspire the individual, first, a false sense of security, and second — to impose deliberately inefficient behaviors that cause diffuse large arrays of energy.

Work on this parasite begins with the birth being taught him to be a victim, step by step, by concluding agreements with it against the interests of the creature, but disguised as useful. Because parasites captured the public consciousness long and seriously, such a strategy of massive and universal, and being accustomed to be a victim not only influenced by their parasites, but also seeing an example surrounding the same victims.

In this parasite uses two strategies in bondage on the one hand, it distorts the perception by podsovyvaniya misconceptions — destraktorov, and on the other — makes the mind voluntarily choose inefficient behavior.

Consciousness itself restricts itself self driving itself into dead ends, and parasites need only skillfully whip it, just as the mahout makes a huge animal to obey his will.

Consciousness agrees to be a victim. The basis of the agreements on the law of the victim, some perverted parasites: consciousness instilled the idea of his weakness. Whenever the mind refuses to fight, he takes a part of you parasites. The parasite is exaggerating its strength and inspires the consciousness that to him ‘useless to fight,’ and better to surrender. «… Invites us to consider parasite reality that it is not, and we agree. It is obvious that the more people support a particular description, the harder it is to overcome. «

The proposed Enmerkar pest consciousness kastanedovskoy view is daily stalking. That’s when stalking broken shackles imposed by parasite patterns of perception and following false values. Stalker itself determines how to choose a way of describing the world today, knowing it conditional and illusory.

Pest control consciousness.

How to deal with pests, and can I get rid of them?

In the post-kastanedovskih forums Cleargreen followers QC argue that getting rid of «flyers» in the application of special forces is possible. They argue that because of the large choice before the «flyers» from the vast human herd their victims, is not a bad chance slip through unnoticed. But is it? Let me remind you that the spacecraft, getting rid of «flyers» learned as a child to walk again. The same procedure had to go through and the other magicians. From this fact, one can imagine the extent to which a person is subject to parasites. Personally, I believe that from the «flyers» escape impossible. Teacher Vadim Garden, author of «Death of the power of dreams,» Sid says that consciousness is mixed parasite to human consciousness, as silt in the sand on the river bank. Getting rid of the parasites, the man, in fact, get rid of all humanity, that it is and that it is expensive. We can say that it is no longer a man, but to turn to a different entity. Science fiction Collins, author of the aforementioned novel «Parasites consciousness» shows the main characters, get rid of the influence of parasites, as people who have acquired unprecedented power and Siddhi, ie «Super-power.» In reality, these people will become outcasts of society, which, in fact, built by parasites. QC describes the Magi, who banished «flyers» as a lone warrior. Loneliness magician thrown overboard ordinary human life very much in the story shows QC Don Genaro on his second book, «Return to Ixtlan». All the people of the Don Genaro, in fact, turned into black magic. Although they are, in principle, were. About the same teacher says and QC Don Juan. But still found a way magicians QA contact with people and society through the so-called «Controlled folly.» Magee QC know which game is played by people called «life,» and when you have to play along with them in this game.

Here is what the Don Juan of the way to fight the «flyers»:

«All that is left to people — is discipline. Only discipline can discourage it (ie, «flyer») … Sorcerers understand discipline under calmly ability to withstand adverse circumstances, not included in our calculations. Sorcerers say that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the Flyer. As a result, predators are confused. Inedible glowing coat of awareness, I think, is beyond them. After that, they do nothing, once left a nasty job. «

Personally, I mean by the discipline of Don Juan control of his mind. People, in fact, are in hibernation, and reminiscent of the «zombie», the action in accordance with its limited set of patterns of feelings, aspirations and experiences. Not the same thing a very Gurdjieff, claiming that all of us are asleep and «mechanical men.» More often, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. If you experience a flash of rage, jealousy, or envy, to trace its source and you’ll find an invisible puppeteer. Remember that the flow of «your» thoughts — not your thoughts, and the whispers of the parasite. In many religious and esoteric teachings of reason, reason acts as a «devil’s invention.» Previously, people guided intuition to gain knowledge and decision-making. But «the devil’s invention» pushed out of the consciousness of intuition. To get rid of grueling doubt Don Juan offers to «be responsible for the decision»: a decision and fight for its implementation, as if it is «the last battle on earth.» Paint all means to combat parasites — then write a separate big job. But already there is a lot of information to combat parasites. For example, books QC. In fact, the whole system of «stalking» CC is a rich arsenal to combat the influence of parasites. Live the life of a warrior — then gradually get rid of the parasite consciousness.


In this chapter I will be adding new links and evidence of the proposed theory. 1.

On the «transfusion fluids», or sex, and parasites of consciousness.

Parasite control the human mind with he created a pattern of perception and behavior. The most common patterns include: life in routine, breathing, blinking, internal dialogue, perception of the world with the words spoken to himself, etc. In the same book the Garden provides detailed recommendations to reduce behavioral patterns. But the strong man is the enslaver template sex. Teacher Garden Seed makes the following recommendations to reduce this pattern.

«To shake the pattern of sex, to have sex with only one person, and when you want, not on schedule.

Liquid, which distinguishes man during sex, is divided into three types: the first, second and third. First fluid is released when a man begins to be excited, the second liquid, called a seed, when it reaches the maximum excitation, the third — after its maximum excitation. Second fluid (ie seed) is the most powerful energy with which people can reach consciousness during sleep. Alien consciousness exists mainly due to absorption of the energy released by the first and second fluid. Therefore, abstinence from sex makes ellipse somewhat stronger. When a man loses the first and third fluid, it weakens the ellipse.

Girl during sex out two fluids: the first (excitation) and a second (during orgasm). Thus, if a man and woman at the same time in each other reach their maximum excitation, they partially restored power loss.

However, for a number of reasons, men still need to take care of his second fluid (semen) and its affiliated energy. To do this, the time of maximum excitement he needs as much as possible to strain your muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, spine, and the root of the perineum as urinating. The voltage should be kept for as long as the moment of maximum excitation passes. If the reproductive organs healthy, this will only benefit. Naturally, the second fluid (semen) will kick off at times. For example, for middle-aged men it can be a one time out of ten. «

Perhaps many of these recommendations seem strange. But the man who has practiced Taoist yoga will find much in common in the proposed procedure.

2. Here is what the author of the website parasites consciousness Electromagnetic fields and people. «… Aliens suck energy. This means that the planet was attacked by the Plague and announced a new type of «plague the planet.» Sources Plagued — electromagnetic creation of alien origin … which use biological electromagnetic radiation for a wide range of enslavement and extermination.

The difficulty is that these electromagnetic creation using technology and parasites in humans and animals, they are invisible. «» Stranger in the electromagnetic form can completely replace the human soul in the human body, or oppress them with his presence. These people are either completely or Alien plague. «

Thus, it is not universal parasite, and selective, and with the «chosen plague» is the enslavement of the rest of the population. He even offers Muldasheva test to determine the «plague.»

3. ENLIGHTENMENT 13-year-old boy Jora

Listen to the testimony of an enlightened guy Jora from Russia, who is the real enemy of the man on his way to enlightenment and happiness, who selects his strength and energy. The word «parasites of consciousness» it replaces the word «mind.» Although the mind — a tool, a tool pumping parasites of our energy. Note where the «mind» and how are they eating human luminosity according Jora. It seems that the boy Zhora discovered nothing new. This is indicated by the Vedas and other ancient knowledge. But they are seen as philosophical reflections and sound Swasey a new and fresh from the lips of a boy of thirteen.

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