Ural scientists grew potatoes, like beets

October 27, 2012 23:42

Scientists at the Agricultural Research Institute of the Ural new breed of potato that has a rather strange look, but contain high amounts of nutrients.

As told by Elena Shanina development, a new variety of potato, which is called "Chudesnik" is very high in antioxidants, three times more vitamin C and almost no starch, resulting in blue or beet pulp. "All of this makes the potatoes dietary product" — sums up Elena Shanina.

A couple of years such potatoes will hit — now the seeds "Chudesnika" sent in Tyumen on the largest Ural Agricultural company "Krimm," which set a new brand for accelerated growth.

It should be noted that this sort of breeding employed only two people: the very head of the department of the Ural Institute of Agriculture Elena Shanina and researcher Elizabeth Klyukina.

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