Vimal and star wars

Vimana — Ancient flying machines, mentioned in many sources antiquity. Enough of these devices are described in the ancient Indian epic «Mahabharata», «Ramayana», in also in the «Rig Veda» (II millennium BC. Oe.). According to these books, Wim divided into several types, and could fly not only in the atmosphere, but also outside of it — into space and to other star systems.

Classification Wyman:


Vaitmar — ship uterus contains 144 Wightman (Wightman = Vimana)

Wightman, in turn, are divided into five subspecies — Rukma Wiman, Sundara Vimana, Tripura Wiman, Shakun Wiman and Agnihotra.

Vaitmar intended for intergalactic flight, and Wightman (vimana) — within the same galaxy. Rukma Wiman is described as a three-deck aircraft. Another source shows vimana to participate in large-scale wars of the time. Further, Wyman and Rukma Sundara Vimana are tapered, Tripura Vimana — larger ship. Sundara Wiman has a streamlined shape unlike Rukma. Agnihotra, unlike Wyman, flew on jet propulsion.

Star Wars 5000 years ago

Mahabharata and Ramayana — fragments of knowledge lost civilization?

Flying machines, though existed in ancient times, are mentioned in the myths of many peoples. But the best known were described in the Indian epic «Mahabharata» and «Ramayana» flying machines vimana. They seemed to be flying, not only within the Earth’s atmosphere, but also rushed into space and even to other planets. As far from reality these descriptions, and could there really be such devices? These are the questions the researcher tried to answer Indian antiquities Robert Goodman in an article published in the Journal of the International Association of Archaeology, Astronautics and problems of extraterrestrial civilizations «Legendary Times» in January-February 1999. We offer our readers a summary of the article.

In recent years, a number of researchers Antiquities India seriously looked for, collecting and deciphering manuscripts telling of Wiman. One of these researchers, writer and expert in Sanskrit Subramaniam Iyer transcribed records on palm leaves, made 800 years ago and found in areas of Karnataka in South India. In the period from 1975 to 1978 Jeremiah discovered ancient texts describing the technology of Wiman. Hoping to use this information in modern aviation and space technology, Jeremiah turned to the director Prabhu Indian government department to join forces to reproduce some of the technical features of Wiman. Director of the Department informed the discoverer that the sheer take action on issues raised and even had some success.

As it turned out, Prabhutozhe studied texts on palm leaves, and took from them describing the composition of certain alloys of which allegedly were made fuselages Wiman. Moreover, he was able to play in 1991 and spent the alloys tested. The results were stunning, as revealed unique properties of the alloys, which make them suitable for use in modern aviation, aerospace and military.

In September 1992, the newspaper «Indian Express» published an article showing that the terrain found in Karnataka texts are nothing more than a guide to creating superalloys having unknown current technology properties. Prabhu mentioned above as if reproduced descriptions five alloys and is working on others. Article in «Indian Express» also reports that at the recent congress in India Prabhu reported on their findings.

According to the speaker, the test alloys were carried out not only in India but also in other countries, particularly in the U.S., in California, where the University of San Jose tested alloys «Tamogarbha Loja» (lead alloy, which absorbs 85 percent of the energy radiated ruby laser), «Pancha Loha» (an alloy of copper, lead and zinc, with good ductility and exceptional corrosion resistance), «AraaraTamra» (fragile and very easy-corrosion alloy) and «Chapala Grahaka» (high quality ceramic material which, with slight modifications gives a very soft and acid glass).

To this day, 14 more compositions transcribed material, including «Bhandhira Loja» (Acoustic alloy) and «Vidyut Darpana ‘(glass, neutralizing light). According to Prabhu, the decrypted text point to specific areas of mineral deposits and explain the methods of extraction and purification. A formal request addressed to Prabhu to confirm the truth of the information, he said that now under his leadership attempts to get the glass that absorbs sunlight, and the alloy used in the manufacture of airframe Wiman, which absorbs heat from the friction of the air vehicles at high speeds.

In light of the researcher Prabhu takes real shape description in the «Mahabharata» battle between Arjun (the hero of the epic) and demons:

«Arjun went to heaven, in order to get weapons from the divine heavenly people and learn to use it. There the Lord of heaven, Indra told Arjun to destroy the army of demons employ 30 million of these creatures, who took refuge in a fortress in the ocean. Indra gave Arjun aircraft, piloted by assistant Lord of heaven Malati. The device could not only fly in the air, but also to overcome the underwater space. In the subsequent battle the demons made a flood, but Arjun with divine weapons dried up all the water «(!) Then in the» Mahabharata «tells that Arjun went back to heaven in his car and found the amphibious floating city in space, rotating around its axis. This city is called Hiranyapura (Golden City) and was built by Brahma. At this point he was enslaved demons. Arjun was ordered to destroy the city, but it desperately defended demons armed with unprecedented military means. «It was a terrible battle, — the text of the» Mahabharata «- during which the city was thrown into the depths of space, and then subjected to strong shaking. Arjun city shot his divine weapons and blew it to pieces that have fallen to Earth. Surviving demons emerged from the rubble and rushed into the fight again. But Arjun destroyed them, for which he was named the greatest hero of Indra. «

This story, and everyone would agree with this, like the movie «Star Wars,» except for the fact that these events took place thousands of years ago!

It is appropriate to mention here is not the fact of the flight validation of the «modern vimana» tested in Bombay in 1895 by Dr. Talpade, Professor at the School of Arts. He seemed to be built with the help of his wife, an engineer by profession, and another architect vimaana «Maroun Saks» («Friend of the winds»). In this case, the doctor consulted with the sage Anekalem Subharayya Shastri in Bangalore regarding the propulsion system operating in the solar power and forced pumping mercury. Sage Shastri mentioned the details of this historic meeting in his autobiography, «Dr. Talpade asked me to help him in his work. I gave the doctor the introduction to the treatise Maharishi Bharadvayya «Vimaanika Shaastra.»

(«Science of Aeronautics»). The next day they came to me, except Talpade, his assistant Shri Balubhai and several other interested parties. Dr. Talpade wrote, and I quote who came to the texts written in Sanskrit. These meetings continued for several weeks. As a result of continued efforts Talpade, housing vimana built and installed in the fuselage of the propulsion system. «

According to the few available documents Vimana «Marut Saka» («Friend of the winds») in front of an astonished crowd of several hundred people got up from the coast of Bombay Beach Khompati straight up! The unit reached a height of 450 meters and down to the same place! Among the witnesses were the future of the Maharaja of Baroda, and Prince Sayyalzhira Gaikwad and other important persons. They are so admired what he saw that promised economic aid to the creator vimana. Unfortunately, this noble gesture, which could push India into the lead acquisition airspace, has not reached the goal: the sudden death of his wife Talpade plunged him depressed and alienated from the implementation of the planned project. Covered. darkness and the fate vimanv «Marut Saka». According to Dr. Kumar Kanji, author of «Vimal ancient India», the heirs Talpade probably sell the unit and all of its drawings and calculations of the British firm «Rally, Broz.» Traces of this company, alas, too lost.

Astronauts in ancient India?

Vimal and star wars

… When morning came, Rama, taking the celestial ship, ready to start. That ship was large and beautifully decorated, two-story, with many rooms and windows. The ship issued a melodic sound before soar in the clouds … so is described in the ancient Indian epic «Ramayana» start-god hero of the heavenly ship.

There is an evil demon Ravana abducted Sita, Rama’s wife, put her in his vehicle and headed home. However far away he could not: Rama on his «fire» machine caught the thief, knocked out the ship of Ravana and Sita returned. A used frame mysterious weapon — «arrows of Indra» …

Descriptions of the various flying objects — «Wyman» — were not only in the «Ramayana,» but also in «Rigveda» (II millennium BC) and other works that have come down to us from antiquity. In «Rigveda» terrible god Indra rushed in space in an airship, waging war against the demons, destroying their cities, terrible weapon.

Ancient aircraft described as «surrounded by a cloud of meteors powerful» as «flame on a summer night,» as «a comet in the sky.»

How should these descriptions? The easiest way — to write off reports of aircraft through fantasy and imagination. But was not alerted even skeptics such detail: Indian gods and heroes fought in the skies than dragons or birds, and the manned «aircraft» from on board a terrible weapon? The descriptions contain the very real technological foundation.

So, it is not a fantastic book appears to experts’ Vimanik prakarana «(in Sanskrit -» Treatise on flights «). Its authorship attributed to the great sage Bharadwaja. It is also considered the author of several hymns «Rigveda». Indologists not rule out that he was one of the Aryan missionaries, advancing with large groups of Aryans who came to India, presumably in the III millennium BC from an area north of the Black and Caspian Seas.

For the first time this book in a dead language Sanskrit, which, according to some experts, is only the fortieth (!) Part of the work, «Wiman Vidya» («Science of Aeronautics») was published in 1943. The text was written in the 20 years of this century Venkatachakoy Sharma in retelling sage Subrayi Shastri. Sam Subrayya Shastri argued that the text of the book in a few thousand years were transmitted orally from generation to generation.

A careful analysis of a number of descriptions in this work is made of modern scholars seriously wonder — is it the ancient Indians were known secrets of aeronautics? Some excerpts from the book points to high technological knowledge in people living in hoary antiquity.

Three of them — two solid and one liquid — obtained in the laboratory in accordance with the formula set forth in the book, were demonstrated recently by scientists Nariño Shethom held in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), a national symposium on «Science and technology in ancient India.»

He argues that the presentation of the book in detail reflects the ancient thinkers of aeronautics, aircraft and some of its systems, the science of the sun and solar energy use in aircraft.

An entire chapter of «Vimanik prakarana» Narin said Sheth, describes the unique device «Guhagarbhadarsh yantra ‘, which was mounted on an aircraft. As stated in the book, it can be had with a flying «vimana» to locate objects hidden under the ground. According to some experts, it is a dislocated underground anti-aircraft guns of the enemy.

The device «Guhagarbhadarsh yantra» consists of 12 components, including a kind of semiconductor «Chambak mani» (alloy with magnetic properties), which is the source of «Shakti» — «strength.» In this case, according to Narina Shetha, it is a «source of radiation energy» that can identify objects hidden under the ground, sending microwave signals and taking them.

Narine Shethu took three years to determine the 14 materials, of which, according to a formula composed alloy «Chambak mani.» Then, with the help of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, the scientist managed to make it. The alloy is described as a «solid black material with magnetic properties, insoluble in acid.» In it, in particular, the presence of silicon, sodium, iron and copper.

«Guhagarbhadarsh Yantra» — just one of 32 instruments or instruments, as described, can be installed on the aircraft and used for monitoring purposes hidden enemy.

The book contains descriptions of the various instruments, performing, by today’s standards, the functions of radar, cameras, projectors and use, in particular solar energy, as well as descriptions of destructive weapons. Says diet pilots, their clothes. Aircraft, according to the «Vimanik prakarana» were made from metal. The three types of them: «Somaka», «saundalika», «maurthvika», as well as alloys that can withstand very high temperatures.

Then it is about seven mirrors and lenses that can be installed on board the «Wyman» for visual observations. Thus, one of them, called «Mirror Pindzhuly», was intended to protect the eyes from the blinding pilots’ diabolical ray «of the enemy.

Further describes the sources of energy that drive aircraft. They are also seven. Called the four types of aircraft — «Rukma Wyman», «Sundara Vimana ‘,’ Tripura Vimana» and «Shakun Wyman.» Thus, «Rukma Wyman ‘and’ Sundara Vimana» have a conical shape. «Rukma Wieman» is described as a three-tier aircraft with propeller in the base. In the second «floor» — the cab for passengers. «Sundara Vimana» is a lot like «Rukma Wyman,» but unlike the latter, more streamlined. ‘Tripura Vimana’ — the ship bigger. Moreover, this versatile machine and can be used for air, and for underwater travel.

A kind of prototype shuttle could be called «Shakun Wyman.» According to the description in the book, it is the most difficult technically and structurally, the most maneuverable.

Analysis of «Vimanik prakarana» described in the book «destructive weapons» led British explorer David Davenport to guess the reason for the sudden destruction of the city of Mohenjo-Daro, belonging to the ancient pre-Aryan civilization in the Indus river basin in Pakistan. According to Davenport, the city destroyed weapons of enormous destructive power.

In «Ramayana» is mentioned about the destruction of a number of cities around the same area. David Davenport leads in favor of his assumptions and such evidence. On the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro is clearly visible to extremely high temperatures and strong shock wave. Maybe this is the result of a nuclear explosion? Found at the epicenter of the alleged explosion pottery shards melted. Chemical analysis does not preclude the fact that they were exposed to a temperature of about 1500 degrees Celsius.

It is no accident, say Indian and Western scholars, concepts and ideas in «Vimanik prakarana» does not correspond to the time, which include the creation of this piece, quite different from the then dominant views about the world of man.

Even more surprisingly, mentioned in the book, technology is fundamentally different from the modern space technology. Aircraft are driven by some kind of internal energy, and not to fuel use. Movement in space exclusively swift.

Not looked through there a connection with UFO, seen in this century many earthlings? Referred to in the ancient work process solutions and aircraft can be explained not only disappeared from the face of the earth advanced civilization. Is’ Vimanik prakarana «consequence of contact with aliens who visited Earth civilization from time immemorial? Maybe sage and missionary Bhadravadzh was an apt pupil, which representatives of other civilizations have shared their knowledge?

Echo forgotten knowledge

On the lips of a skeptical reader probably already ripened condescending smile: «So what? «Mahabharata», «Ramayana» … But in the tales of all the peoples of the world figure flying horses, flying carpets! He dreamed of a person to soar in the sky like a bird that’s cleared his imagination! «

I think that it is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, to say «can not» and dismiss — the easiest. At the same time, aviation and space in ancient India for prejudice and blinkered view — only nonsense. And if you overcome the natural initial distrust and try to understand the good deal? Interesting picture opens!

Indeed, the tale of the «winged horses» and other «air transportation» is almost all nations of the world, but Indian sources contain, as the reader may notice, specifications, information on the working of the engines and materials needed for the construction of «air vehicle» — Wiman. It is noteworthy that with the beginning of the modern era of ballooning in almost all the languages of the peoples of the world there was a neologism — airplane, «airship». But in Hindi, a leading genealogy from the dead now Sanskrit, the new word is not required, since ancient times there was the concept of «Vimana», easily applicable to modern aircraft. Word could not arise out of nowhere, out of nothing, as they say, out of nowhere. After all, even in the fantasies of their people repelled by practice.

History of Ancient India conceals many mysteries, there clearly are traces or echoes of «misconduct» of the era of knowledge, that is, knowledge that, according to our present ideas of antiquity, alien to the level and needs of the people of that time. Here is just one example.

By ashram — abode of sages and hermits — encamp huge enemy army. «Shooting started whistling arrows, angry soldiers led by the king rushed to the attack. Vasistha raised his staff, stuck it in the ground in the middle of the road leading to the gate and, without looking back to his hut. The onslaught of the army reflects the staff. No soldier could not get around it. All arrows aimed at the ashram to the back, without causing any harm. » In the end, the king decided to resort to super weapon — Brahma Astra, which has enormous destructive power. Even the gods, knowing the intention of the king, they were troubled, and gathered in the sky, anxiously looking at the ground. However, the superweapon could not overcome a barrier in the form of a simple walking stick …

This episode of «Mahabharata» suggestive. What is the story? Incarnation of the age-old dream of the people for a better life, of a perfect system of government, of the wise and humane rulers triumph of virtue. As for the Indian legends and tales, in which a millennial fantastic hidden layers of information about the knowledge possessed by the people in ancient times — «unlawful» knowledge. Maybe the «stick» hermit Vasishta generate some protective shield, which could not overcome either soldiers or superweapon?

This assumption is based on an episode taken separately, it may seem unreasonable, domyshlennym. But the fact of the matter is that the myths of Ancient India littered with information about the «illegal» knowledge. Many of the facts given in this article, but that such incidents — the whole Everest! Among them is the episodes, suggesting the considerable space knowledges of people far removed from us time.

Thus, the sage Vishwamitra created his own world, and decided to send in some Trishanku. He «took to the air, gradually gained altitude and disappeared from view.» But after a while he came back and hovered above the ground upside down. In response to a request by the unfortunate traveler to put him on his feet again Vishwamitra sent him to the «other world», saying: «Learn to accept things as they are … And anyway, what is up and what is low in the infinite void of space orientation, which lies behind our blue sky? «Maybe sage meant that where the blue sky ends, that is, in zero gravity, the concept up and down are relative? Again that each is considered in isolation episode not saying much, but the number and the aggregate leads to some reflection.

Four-faced god Brahma, the creator of the universe, the father of all living beings in a state of deep thought rests on a bed of lotus petals. It has its own measure of time. During waking hours, he creates a universe that is in its development four yugas — era. Each south lasts 3000 years to the time of heaven, and one heavenly year is 3600 earth. Thus, the four yugas are 43200000 Earth years. The life of Brahma lasts a hundred times more — 4.32 billion years old. This period coincides closely with the age of the Earth — about 4.5 billion years old. You can, of course, be attributed to the coincidence of chance, but can also be interpreted as an echo of the forgotten knowledge of the age of our planet.

Lots of food for thought gives «Rigveda», in particular, the anthem planted. There is reason to believe that the views of the authors regarding the origins of the universe was close to our understanding of the Big Bang. But «Rigveda» was founded in the second millennium BC or, according to some researchers, much earlier!

Deserve special discussion posts on aircraft in ancient India. Besides those already mentioned Wiman, there probably existed and other «aerial chariot» — «Agnihotra.» According to the root of the «Agni» (Fire) in the word, the flight agnihotra accompanied by flashes of fire or fire.

Ancient sources say that there were aircraft for journeys within the «Surya Mandala» and «Nakshatra Mandala». What are these limits? «Surya» in Sanskrit and modern Hindi means sun mandala — the scope, area, Nakshatra — star. Is not there a reference to flight in the solar system and interstellar distances? I think there will be a place to mention as reflected in the myths of the ancient Indians deep conviction that exists in many «other worlds and spaces» populated by perfect beings.

As soon as the point of view of the existence of a vast array of ancient «misconduct» of knowledge starts to seem argumentative, begs the question: where did this knowledge in an age that is considered infancy of mankind? Among some of the researchers has become fashionable to attribute all obscure due to the «aliens from outer space.» In fact, the aliens can blame everything: aliens — and that’s it, no further explanation is required. Did not deny the right to «space version» to exist, I would venture to express a different opinion. And this is a good time to talk about the enormous destructive power of super-weapon, the details of which are contained in the Indian epics.

For example, in the «Mahabharata» is referred to a «shell», the explosion of which «bright as 10,000 suns at its zenith.» Its use is truly terrible in its consequences and leads to the death of all living things. Professor Oppenheimer, struck a picture of nuclear tests, recalled this passage about «a thousand suns.» Of course, after meeting with the «Mahabharata,» an analogy between the episode described in it and the explosion of a nuclear bomb, but it is unlikely this is definitely right — we are children of our time, and to think in terms of the time. Perhaps another time and other military equipment prompt completely different analogy.

In superweapon in the Indian epic few names, and all its variants have a truly unimaginable destructive power — can «burn this whole world transitory.» I have kept a copy of a rare book published in the forties at Madras in small editions. At the time, friends from the Embassy of India in Moscow, knowing of my interest in Indian antiquity, ordered a copy for me in one of the Indian libraries. The book is called «War in Ancient India», owns the solid work of Professor V.R.Dikshitaru. What’s it about?

The name speaks for itself, but familiarity with it is amazing. Thus, an entire chapter is devoted to varieties of the weapons used. What the only weapons and military equipment is not here! Apparatus of secret surveillance of the enemy and the shelter of its detection, a great many varieties of «fire arms», «wheels of death» perfect vehicle. Weapons, which even the author calls the «mystical» because it is difficult to understand how his actions and the device, it was a «shell to dry the enemy» and called, among other things … «drying»! Here it is, a clear relationship of Sanskrit and Slavic languages!

About superweapon and «illegal» ancient knowledge — not just Indians — we could talk for a long time. I address the interested reader to the excellent book by Alexander Gorbovsky «Facts, conjectures and hypotheses.» Assembled in her factual material is the deepest interest. Now back to the subject of our conversation.

Thus, the ancient superweapon — where is it? This question, in my opinion, reveals the weakest point in the hypothesis about the aliens in fact, what was the cosmic gods — as is the case, most likely, the aliens were brought to the eyes of people in ancient times — down to Earth to give into the hands of Aboriginal superweapon terrible destructive force? Is it possible that the space mission would not have been different, creative goals? Of course, we are unlikely to understand the logic given for extraterrestrial intelligence, but even we modern humans, who indulge in war, mercilessly exterminating gave birth to us by nature, came to an understanding that is essential to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. And then aliens, earthlings bestowing superweapon — Fight for Health …

As I see it, the source of damaging the imagination of ancient knowledge — a purely terrestrial. Recall the lines of the remarkable poet Brusov:

«There were lemurs, Atlanta and other …

Were Egypt, Greece and Rome … «

It may, indeed there was an ancient civilization, the memory of which has come to us only in fragments of forgotten knowledge? There is a reasoned view of the fact that in ancient times, in the Indian Ocean and adjacent land areas there continent of Lemuria, lies partly in the territory of modern South Asia. In support of this assumption is some facts of modern science. So, in Antarctica, Africa and the Indian subcontinent — in the sediments of the same age — there are the remains listozavrov that once splashed in the warm shallow waters. Three remote and separate areas may have been part of a single continent, which later raspolzayas or sunk. Perhaps there really lemurskaya civilization, who died millions of years ago? Let reference to such antiquity are not confused: According to the great Russian scientist Academician VI Vernadsky’s mind appeared on earth 15-20 million years ago.

It is possible that heavy-duty military vehicles lemurs, which found an echo in the epic Indian, was the cause of great cataclysm that changed the face of the planet. Under this assumption, there is nothing improbable. After all, on the tops of mountains are shells, and some parts of the ocean floor … striking resemblance river valleys.

When disasters of this magnitude would be naive to look for some tangible evidence of the existence of highly developed technology of the past — information about old times come down to us only in people’s memories. Rather, the specific technicism such as track and metal parts of aircraft, building methods Wyman were not fully understood even by the authors of manuscripts donesshih strange to us, sometimes implausible picture of the past. Apparently, the ancient chroniclers covers developments distorted and modified by generations of storytellers. Grain of truth in the extant myths so tightly wrapped in the later accretions that sometimes it is difficult to consider the datum.

There is no doubt, however, that every imagination starts from experience and the ancient author could not think up «out of nothing», for example, the device description of the jet engine. In my opinion, should be allowed to exist in ancient times technology, the level of which today strikes our fancy. Recall the words of the great Confucius: «I give, not writing. I believe in the antiquity and love her … «

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