Plastic surgery on the penis

Plastic surgery on the penis

The need for plastic surgery on the penis occurs mainly in congenital its development, resulting in genital trauma and for treating vascular impotence.

In general, there are the following reasons for plastic surgery shows on the penis:

  • Erectile dysfunction caused by disruption of blood vessels of the penis;
  • cavernous fibrosis — the partial replacement of penile tissue connective tissue (cartilage);
  • hypoplasia of the penis;
  • erectile dysfunction in Peyronie’s disease;
  • Artificial sex member;
  • endocrine impotence in diabetes;
  • unsuccessful results of previous operations on the penis;
  • effects of operations on the rectum, prostate, urinary bladder.

Operation of five minutes

The simplest plastic surgery is a plastic penis frenulum. If you have a short frenulum of prepuce and this causes discomfort, you should not live with it and hope that everything will cost. Simply go tosurgeon andrologu and for half an hour to solve this problem.

The narrowing of the foreskin — phimosis — in a state of neglect can lead to very tragic consequences. However, as old as the world operation circumcision or circumcision, is a simple and effective way of solving this problem.


In fact, the vast majority of men is quite satisfied with the size of their own genitals, even if they are small at rest or hide under a pubic fat fold. At the same time, about 80% of men, in principle, would not mind a couple of them to increase, and a small group of people dissatisfaction with their own kind and size of the penis can even cause severe erectile dysfunction (impotence).

To increasing the length of the penis use surgical and so-called conservative methods. If surgical techniques for operations are, in principle, clear, that is explained about the conservative principle. This mechanical elongation of the penis using a device JES-extender.This unit must be worn without taking in a few months, gradually increasing the distance between the «bars».

To thickening of the penis Various techniques are used, consisting, as a rule, be implanted under the skin of the penis additional tissues. This may be either different synthetic materials (silicon, Biogel, etc.), or human body’s own tissues.


In recent years, developed a mass of plastic surgery procedures to correct distortion or deformation of the penis (including those due to congenital defects in the urethra (urethritis).

Prosthetics is also actively used in congenital or scrotal injuries. For example, in the absence of eggs, it can be substituted by a special prosthesis in elasticity is not different from the natural organ.

Falloprotezirovanie (Greek phallos — sexual Member + prosthesis — connection, attachment) — a surgical penile prosthesis. Dentures are used when other treatments do not help and can not ensure the patient’s recovery of erectile function. Surgical prosthesis made for injuries or damage to the penile nerve pathways to ensure an erection for gross violations of blood supply to the penis after radical surgical treatment of tumors of the pelvic organs, etc.

If the patient’s problem is that he is unable to perform sexual intercourse, after prosthesis that lost the ability to return to it. Moreover, before the man opened a truly unlimited sexual opportunities, because the prosthesis allows you to make multiple sexual acts of any duration.

Dentures come in all types:

  • Hard prostheses- The most simple and least comfortable dentures, as this penis is constantly on their toes and, as it were, in a state of erection. It is somewhat difficult to everyday human life, and because currently these devices are not practically used.
  • Plastic prostheses in contrast to the hard, have a plastic memory that lets you save any provision attached to the penis. Thus, the penis is more natural appearance while retaining its function. Plastic memory of this type of prosthesis provides a metal rod in the center of the prosthesis.
  • Inflatable Dentures are of variable stiffness and are currently the most advanced, because the variable stiffness to simulate the physiological condition of the penis at rest and during erection.

In a separate group consists of sex reassignment surgery. They require serious study, and, as a rule, such an operation is preceded by long-term work with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. At the same time, in some cases, such operations give a great success, the result is a complete human adaptation. Thus, it may even completely give up alcohol, drugs, and the way of life that often accompanies the violation of sexual self-determination.

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