The exhibition Russian manufacturers and supply the armed forces GAZ Group presented truck Ural

The exhibition "Russian manufacturers and supply the armed forces'" GAZ Group "presented truck" Ural "

Auto plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" is a promising all-wheel drive cars — tractors and three-axle flatbed car — The All-Russian Exhibition "Russian manufacturers and supply the Armed Forces — 2010". Large exhibition forum held in Moscow from 17 to 19 November.

The basis of the exhibition is fundamentally automobile brand new development — all-wheel drive car "Ural-63704" with over-capacity without bonnet cab (6×6). The All-Russian forum, he presented a performance of "tractor". Tractor designed to tow trailers with air temperature from -45 ° C to + 40 ° C on all types of roads and terrain, gross vehicle weight is 33.4 tonnes gross combination weight — 63 tons Main unit vehicle "Ural-63704" — diesel six-cylinder slider JAMZ-650 environmental class "Euro-4" power of 412 hp Line assembly of the car began in July 2010.

The exhibition "Russian manufacturers and supply the armed forces'" GAZ Group "presented truck" Ural "

Saddle tractor staffed units and units of global standards and has the properties inflated operational resource: shestnadtsatistupenchatoy mechanical gearbox ZF 16S2220TD synchromesh, manual two-stage transfer case with ZF VG200 cylindrical lockable center differential, axles Raba Maxs with staggered main gear (with locking differentials and mezhdukolesnyh lockable center differential on average of the bridge), rough cleaning of fuel filters PreLine, modular light engineering Hella over-shock resistance. Tipping machine cabinet — hydraulic, with the possibility of duplication of the drive. Cars are equipped with three-contour pneumatic braking system with Abs. The design features of the machine anticipate the ability to install a system of automatic tire inflation. Cars equipped with double cab cabover perform excessive comfort with the bed. The cab interior and improved characteristics of the workplace (visibility and sound insulation). The fuel tank truck — 500 l ..

At the exhibition forum represented another promising road tractor — Off-road "Ural-44202-59" in the performance of the bonnet (6×6). It is designed for use in the trucks full weight up to 38 tons, together with trailers for the transport of light armored vehicles. Car manned engine JAMZ-236NE2 output of 230 hp and a five-speed manual gearbox JAMZ-2361. Tractor-trailer equip the newest comfortable three-seater cab bonnet performance that meets all current regulatory and ergonomic requirements.

The exhibition "Russian manufacturers and supply the armed forces'" GAZ Group "presented truck" Ural "

Part of the exhibition business is also all-wheel drive vehicle on-board "Ural-4320-3951-58" (wheel formula 6×6, load capacity 10 tons) from the cabin without bonnet. The car created in the process of upgrading the chassis serial "Ural-4320": by the substitution of the classic car bonnet on cabover able to increment the mounting body length, which allows to transport containers evrogabaritami. Truck is equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-236NE produces 230 hp turbocharged, five-speed manual gearbox is also JAMZ-2361. Car with Flatbed designed to transport people and cargo, towing trailers on all types of roads and terrain.

The main feature of cars "Ural" is the highest throughput: the ability to move on the road is provided by the massive engine, the special design of major bridges and centralized control of air in the tires. Trucks "Ural" have the highest maintainability, bezgarazhnoe designed for storage, also can work well at temperatures from -50 to +50 ° C. Based on the chassis of the "Ural" installed more than 200 units of special equipment: watch buses, cranes, tankers , tankers, fire auto repair shops, equipment for oil and gas and timber industry, mining industry and utilities. The family car "Ural" has the highest degree of standardization of units and devices, which can reduce the costs of construction, operation and maintenance services.

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