23 03 12 Gibel fish in the arkhangelsk region


23.03.12.Na last week Krasnoborsky area in two positions of the Northern Dvina — Dry and Dyabrinskom — fishermen found dead fish.

The news of a possible Zamora immediately reached Kotlas. On the same day, employees fisheries with journalists «VK» visited the fishermen of polo.

— In the morning some people reported Zamora — confirmed Andrey Rumyantsev, a senior state inspector of the Arkhangelsk regional department of the state of control, supervision and protection of water resources. — Fishermen said that the dead fish caught in clean the hole — tumbled to the ice.

According to Rumyantsev, spring fish kills in lakes where the water is stagnant — business as usual, but the river is very rare.

— There may be two reasons. The first — a technological as waste into the river reach of an enterprise.

In this case it is possible, because the flow to the specified position of the Koryazhma, where the nearest business, much dried up last summer — says the inspector. — The second reason — anthropogenic. Who started spring thaw may water from wetlands with a high content of ammonia fell into the river. In addition, there may be a lack of oxygen.

According to Rumyantsev, man-made arrangement of freeze can know by ammonia smell, and man-made — to identify with the water analysis by the characteristic smell, oiliness, feasible, fingers, and iridescent film on the surface.

On Dyabrinsky hollow where usually go fishing in the afternoon a few dozen people, this day has come only resident Krasnoborsk Pozdeev Nicholas, fisherman with years of experience. As it turned out, of Zamora, he heard nothing.

— Zamora on the lakes there, but on the river has ever seen — said the fisherman. — Today I am no dead fish were not included.

However, a live catch Nikolay Pavlovich also could not boast. «Do not bite,» — he said, smiling.

The order of the ten holes drilled, inspectors with Alexander Denisov, ichthyologist Kotlassky department FGBU «Sevrybvod» not found any dead fish. No trace freeze was not found, and the obvious signs of anthropogenic disturbances aquatic environment is also not observed.

According ichthyologist, that comes in a hollow Dyabrinskom dead fish, he was told by local fishermen.

— I live in Krasnoborsk decades, and such that the river started Zamora, was not there, — said Alexander Denisov. — Before being tested for oxygen content of water and the whole chemistry. Now, some years they do not.

After Dyabrinskogo inspectors visited Dry hollow. There is, fortunately, also traces freeze was not.

— Probably, the oxygen in the water is really small and the small number of fish killed. On Mass Zamora can not speak — says chief state inspector of the Arkhangelsk regional department of state control, supervision and protection of aquatic resources Alexei Volkov. — Earlier in the rivers to make a special lane (hole) to saturate the water with oxygen. This year Rybvod plans to buy compressors for enriching water with oxygen.

Author: Maria Malyshkin

Source: Evening Kotlas

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