Experimental 6p62 caliber machine gun 12 7 mm

Experimental 6p62 caliber machine gun 12 7 mm

Nowadays amaze someone with sniper rifles, machine guns, rifles and stationary large-caliber very seriously affects the continued filling opytneyshemi instances, models and samples. But large-caliber machine guns — not so common occurrence, and there are always new developments cause different, right inverse. On his own idea machine gun — and so it is quite a heavy gun, ammunition carried by lead, in the main, to verbovaniyu more 1st hand account of a machine gun, and produced output is one of the criteria for its use, because it decreases geometrically accurate results.

Especially necessary to note the emergence of Russian developments in mnogokalibernogo manual use guns because they are almost 100 per cent remain only opytneyshemi specimens and samples, and only a few go to the creation of small lots.

The emergence of the most experienced Russian 6P62 caliber machine gun 12.7 mm for manual use passed quietly and inconspicuously, on the web there are several references (TTX) about his appearance, and a few photos …. everything. No formal submissions and references, not a word about the developers or designers. Because it should be considered as an instrument something like homemade or personal creative imagination.

Appointment 6P62 — fighting lightly armored vehicles, liquidation group living purposes, the fight against low-flying targets aircraft or helicopter type UAV. Maybe frisky mount mnogokalibernogo gun manual type using spetskrepezhey for stationary and mobile objects as additional weapons.

Experimental 6p62 caliber machine gun 12 7 mm

The main properties:

— caliber machine gun — 12.7 mm;

— weight equipped / not equipped — 15/18.5 kilogram;

— rate of up to 500 Venue / min;

— length butt / no — 1.2/.95 meters;

— bullet velocity — 645 m / s;

— cartridge with BS 100 meters hit 10 cm armor;

— magazine capacity — 14 ammunition;

— weight store with ammunition — 3.5 kilograms;

— effective range of fire armor / alive force / air facility — 500/1000/500

— Scope of the mechanical type — 100-1000 meters.

So, judging by the features, the machine gun is a machine gun 6P62 Kord. But Kord has an enormous mass and length of the barrel. Also used cartridge gun 6P62 machine gun ammunition looks shorter cord, and is probably the smallest caliber ammunition (against Cordoba 12.7h108), although not a fact.

Experimental 6p62 caliber machine gun 12 7 mm

Based on this, then obviously preferable 6P62 machine gun «Kord», he was easily able to use the Airborne division in combat missions — it is easier same Korda, will be able to destroy the enemy lightly armored vehicles. Ammunition carried in the store is equipped with three mass fired four RPGs, which makes it very unsafe weapon that can kill everything except perhaps tanks, and, of course, more than these four charges RPGs.

But the question arises why the gun with a barrel length of the smallest obviously has the same kinetic energy that the gun «Kord». Small gun shop not say enough for the conduct of hostilities, it would be better to use the tape, but it did not provide, shoot from the same type of hand guns mnogokalibernogo better with a bipod, but then it is better to use «Kord», on the other, with hands, even in target with a shed will get problematic. It turns out that this weapon more «demonstrative» intimidation, and most of his best role — an instrument or weapon of guerrilla fighters — some shooting, parrot, escaped.

Created by Roman Dzhereleyko

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