German ace begleitpanzer 57mm (1977)

This machine was constructed in 1977 year. As a base used by military machine Corps «Marder». Main purpose — intelligence and fire support for the troops in case of confrontation with the Russian armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. So as not to lure in this «work» expensive and massive «Leopards» (the number that they will be used to perform a more fundamental problems), German designers virtually all the troops disembarked, leaving only a group of 3 Scouts and native turret with 20 — millimeter automatic cannon changed a good low-profile turret armed 57-mm machine gun company «Bofors». In the machine was used cartridge 57x438R, which shoots armor-piercing shells at a rate of up to 1020 m / s.

German ace begleitpanzer 57mm (1977)

Quick-fire gun high power would allow to shoot any Russian light armored vehicles with different ranges, and for confrontation with the tanks, the designers were capacity for anti-tank guided missiles HOT or TOW/TOW-2, while its reloading performed automatically, without leaving the crew out.

Meals gun was resolved very curious in the feeder tray had four shots, all of which served to accommodate 3 pyatipatronnyh clips of ammunition of various types. With all this choice of the trays at the touch of a button. So Makar, the designers have realized the possibility of instant configuration of the type of shells in the gun (assuming complete consumption of the previous holder).

Obviously, a similar ingenious system of supply of manpower and claimed if the scouts are not doing their direct obligations, they would have had to juggle cages because the ammunition was very impressive: 148 57-millimeter rounds, and 6 missiles in transport-launch container.

German ace begleitpanzer 57mm (1977)

It was built just one layout, then the work done in connection with an obscure niche tactical newest machine. Her arms as a reconnaissance vehicle was superfluous, he could not swim, and on the problem of linear machine support one would not cope.

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