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In the House of Journalists in Moscow was unusual «round table» on «What can we expect from 2012?» Unusual was the fact that their predictions were divided not economists and financiers, and astrologers, esoteric, lawyers, shamans and doctoral degrees.

In the media and on the Internet more and more hysterical discussed the so-called «problem of 2012.» Forecasts variety and, moreover, is not the most optimistic. Reputable forecasters, astrologers, philosophers and esoteric express their opinion about what to expect in 2012. The round table on ORACLE Center will include: Andrew Dondukov, Eleanor Ginzburg, Pavel Globa, Boris Pyasik Olga Faust, Rustam Chernov. Round Table is Sergey Shvedov, director of the Institute of Applied Esoterics, Organizing Committee Co-Chair «Live Earth». «

It was obvious that he had collected familiar. After Sergey Shvedov after some introductory remarks gave the floor to Alexander Tolmachev (CEO «of the Agency for the land-property complex», a member of the Union of Lawyers of Moscow — «SP»), he immediately said, in my own way:

— I called Michael Levin (see, all those present knew who it was) said that his lecture and he will not come, but asked me to the Round Table, that nothing good in 2012, he did not see. And he calculated that the financial crisis will occur in June and July 2012. Who has time to earn money, the young man, and who is not, then do not expect! I called Globe, he is currently in Germany, about the crisis confirmed, but said he will be back in two weeks and will make such a statement itself.

Before moving to the point.

— When people talk about the problem in 2012, the link to the Indian texts, calendars, predictions. All of the hemisphere, but our Patriarchate, our church leaders actively form the basis for a new spirit of those edges — Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia — those places that are actively being built temples, or this new building, or are those churches that Our emigration has created in the 20th century. If our people 100 years ago were able to influence these energies, all these predictions, how can we say that all will fail December 21, 2012? In each of these countries are living descendants of our Russian immigrants, 30-40 thousand people, and they have a spirit that can correct the karma. Maybe today will not be so literal read and understand these calendars and predictions? I think I need to hold round table not in the category of horror stories, and in keeping with the fact that we have the strength to fix something that the planet rotates.

There was applause. What Mr. Shvedov muttered irritably: «Do not. We are not in the theater. » More on this evening no one clapped.

The next speaker was Eleanor Ginzburg (astrologer, astrological works in Avestan tradition, which was studied in Astrological Institute PPGloba, is engaged in Tibetan medicine and astrology — «SP»). Her speech was lavishly decorated with astrological terms, accept that, having before my eyes maps of the sky, it was difficult:

— Since January, the sign of Taurus is a Jupiter in conjunction with the Black Moon. Why Jupiter? Because on numerology 2012 is Pyaterochka and five is Jupiter, though, Jupiter — the planet is large, reputable, but the whole year will be poisoned connection with Black Moon, which shows the material loss, crisis, failure of accumulation. In the first half of 2012, it is not necessary to rely on an easy business, it is better to live one day and quietly survive conjunction of Jupiter. And in the fall will enter Taurus descending lunar node, these nodes actually 8 and after a difficult start of the summer wave of the financial downturn around the world, and in May 2013, these trends are reinforced, I watched the previous occurrence of Taurus in the descending node, it was the end 1994 and beginning of 1995, there was «Black Tuesday» with the collapse of the ruble, and the Mexican financial crisis.

So far, all conceptualized heard, imagining conjunction of Jupiter with Black Moon and remembering the Mexican crisis, the leading next-called expert, Andrew Dondukova shaman (master of spiritual practices, the transfer has 3 lines of spiritual teachings, many years practicing tantra, yoga and traditional shamanism: prediction on the stones, Tibetan astrology, energy massage, herbal medicine, conducts ceremonies. received initiation from the supreme shaman of Tuva Mongush KL and from the head of the society «Tengeri» Buryat shamans Tsyrendorzhieva BJ — «SP»).

Shaman is also not without black, but the moon is not mentioned.

— In 2012, the clearly visible symbol of the Black Dragon, is a very positive sign, because his own element — earth, because black is a symbol of water and there is a favorable combination, can not be said about the current combination of the Metal Rabbit. Summary Meva (a term apparently meaning, message-«SP») represents a general trend, the associated with the element of metal, rigid, conservative, and with the decline. This year is an important day October 20, 2011, is a watershed, to this point we were in 30 years. Cyclical nature of this system is based on the cycles of Saturn and Jupiter, this day will be a time of objectification of karma. One who has accumulated 30 years of bad karma, he will cashing negative karma, and he who has accumulated 30 years of positive karma, he will cashing positive karma. 2012 in terms of global cyclology is a very important year because it is a transition from a 26-thousand-year cycle to another. But those who follow the traditional spiritual values of any religion, that, in spite of the deterioration and crisis, preserve himself and he will only improve.

No sooner had the thought of «cashing karma» to the image of a special ATM as the word got astrologer Olga Faust (professional astrologer «JV»):

— Yes, I foresee the crisis, will decline the real estate, especially from January to April, when Mars will be in retrograde position and will start from June financial crisis. I want to say about the children who are now born. There are personal planets, by which we are born, and there is generational, that is, we still belong to his generation. Now the world is a very interesting generation, and that break-up, which will in 2012, it prepares us for the ideas that will bring into the world children are being born now. As you know, there were generations who were born in the radio, in television, the Internet, and so, these kids will bring something new. And the impending crisis is not bad, it will remove the peel and prepare us for a new perception.

Finally, it was time to have their say scientist Boris Astafieva. (Dr. med. Sciences, Grand Ph.D., Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Noosphere Academy of Science and Education, the International Academy of Telecommunications, International Informatization Academy, the New York Academy of Sciences, «JV»).

— The first time I say this I do not know, call me a date or not to call? If I call, will not be very good, if not name, would be worse. Okay, call … It’s March 17, 2012, when the planet Nibiru, which is now moving closer to the Earth, the Earth would have a very big impact. Destroy the Earth it is impossible, because Nebiru is antigravity planet and pushes away from it all, and besides, this is a divine planet cleaner. It will be a morning of Moscow, 7 am. At this time, you can not fly airplanes, manage road, very dangerous … and at the same time, exposure to free our planet Earth from the negative, will take cleansing … Planet film over …

«SP»: — What will happen technically?

— Nebiru-energootritsatelnaya planet and it seems to be attract to itself all the negative energy of the Earth. The Law of Attraction …

«SP»: — You said that Nebiru — antigravity, how it will draw something for yourself?

— We know the laws of attraction for the Earth, and the laws of attraction for Nebiru we do not know, and it will pull over those negative energy, in particular, and of the man. But there are other options, maybe some light …

Present at the meeting financial analyst «Alfa Group» (in any case, he introduced himself) asked:

— What we are 11 and 15 November 2011?

Eleanor said astrologer Ginzburg

— I looked, November 1, then a wreath, and a configuration of freedom, you can catch the opportunity to realize a dream. 1 November morning in Moscow from 5 to 9 am, on November 13-14, and magical configurations may occur in the life of miracles, something unusual. The second half of November-good configuration, these days the material activity is stabilizing, a good time for workaholics, and on November 25 — the solar eclipse, but it’s nothing to worry about, because in Sagittarius.

And went on … Although a clear answer what will happen in 2012, or a financial analyst «Alfa Group» or the corresponding «free press» has not got. However, there are signs that the analyst will be all right … At least, the subject of his analysis is not going anywhere …

Constantine Tsivilev


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