Flooding in australia came close to sydney


Flooding in Australia, which arose due to heavy rains on Friday right up close to Sydney. On Friday late evening the water level is located approximately 65 kilometers to the west of the city reservoir Uarragamba exceeded permissible levels, resulting in dam gates opened automatically and the water of the rivers and the Hawkesbury Nepean rushed to the Pacific.

To date, almost 75% of the territory of New South Wales have either flooded or are at risk of flooding. By area, it is comparable with the territory of France, but the Australian state, of course, is much less populated.

In the near future will be closed several bridges and ferries. People who, for one reason or another do not have time to evacuate, will be isolated in the resulting rising waters islands land.

Over the last few days in New South Wales, where Sydney is located, their homes were forced to leave 3-3.5 thousand. In these hours of rescuers evacuate about one thousand people in the northwestern suburbs of a major Australian city.

The head of emergency services of New South Wales Murray Cyrus turned to State residents with a call to remain vigilant, because, he said, in the next few days the weather «can break records more than 120 years ago.»

Rescuers recommend to people in high-risk areas, to prepare identity documents, to collect bags of blankets, medical supplies and personal hygiene items are constantly listening to the radio as possible to help their neighbors, and in any case not to approach the water flow.

However, some hope for better weather forecasts inspire. According to their calculations, the rain in Sydney will gradually go to the «no» and stop by Monday. Forecast for next Tuesday is, «More sun than clouds», reports ITAR-TASS.

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