New online games war theme

New online games war theme

Now in Russia an unlimited number of people are worshipers games on the military theme. Some set the game on your own computer and prefer to fight the real enemy agent network, others choose a new online game. And they both try to achieve substantial results in choosing a particular game.

One of the most popular online games in the Russian sector of the Web is the game «Tanki Online.» This game designed for men of all ages. With all of this in Tanks play people who belong to a variety of public classes, and all get real pleasure from the game.

The game is a multi-genre option, which allows you to use it as a tank simulator, everyday shooter and role-playing. People who once captivated ordinary «tank» of Dandy-top boxes, usvoyut that new girl game — What you need.

One of the advantages of this game is that for a start game action does not need to upload and install it on your own computer or device.

The game does not have the possibility of «artificial intelligence» that will melt in the form of trained computer opponent. Each of your competitor — it is a real user games, which, just like you, sits at her computer and play with you.

In the game you can use the so-called gifts — an additional tank armor, first aid kits for the healing of the wounded soldiers, are also always needed ammunition that have a tendency during busy fighting quickly run out.

More interesting play on the military theme is a game «War of Empires». Here one can plunge into the waves Distant stories, and elect that the Empire, for which you will fight to the end. You can be a fighter Rome, Egypt or Persia, elect Majestic Empire of China. For you to decide: whether you become a Roman legionary which receives funds for their combat actions, or else elect disinterested Chinese archers as a fighting force on the battlefield.

In the game of «War of Empires» 4 main features of each fighter: agility, power, brains and leadership. Here in principle, that the combination of these properties did not fail, because you can elect massively armed and protected fighter which will not be able simply to maneuver on the battlefield. When choosing a principle of attention given to his agility, because it can help avoid dangerous attacks by the enemy.

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