Pensioner from petrozavodsk kept ufo pilot in the fridge!

November 10, 2011 23:35

Pensioner from petrozavodsk kept ufo pilot in the fridge!

Literally just us in the studio came Petrozavodsk pensinerka Martha Yegorovna reported truly sensational news. It turns out she was a couple of years in the refrigerator keeps its hrushevki frozen corpse pilot UFOs, alien! As we told Grandma, about two years ago, a beautiful autumn evening, she found in the yard of his holiday home in the village Mashezero strange gumonoida from which came the unbearable heat, lay next to a pile of crumpled metal. Shortly before it was heard a terrible roar and rumble. The creature was an increase of about 40 — 50 centimeters, with a big head, big mouth, great eye vpadinami.Odeto it was in a suit.

Pensioner from petrozavodsk kept ufo pilot in the fridge!

It became obvious that a UFO crashed in the Karelian town Mashezero. Yegorovna Martha and her grandfather-Kuzma Abramovich dragged residents of other worlds in your Zhiguli and brought in Petrozavodsk, where he immediately put in the refrigerator, because it was very hot. What was placed, so he stayed there, like is there is not asking, not moaning and screaming, so, he is well, judging by pensioners. And the fact that the alien pilot no signs of life, so who will decide it, the adversary of the cosmos, he has signs of life and how to understand and differentiate. Characteristically, just a pile of metal-day remains of the UFO had disappeared somewhere, and at the crash site were people working in chemical protection and some citizens in suits.

At the moment, as we reported a pensioner’s body newcomer passed the Karelian Academy of Sciences to study because some people came out and took the alien within two days ago.

However, as we reported today in the Karelian Academy of Sciences, any alien in their study, and there can not be. It seems that the famous story is repeated with the alien Alexis, who took care of the insane grandmother Siberian village and the mummy which then disappeared. Fortunately, still managed to make a couple of shots of the creature. For the first time in Karelia we publish sensational images of strange creatures, which mysteriously fell to the pensioner from Petrozavodsk and as mysteriously disappeared. This may sound crazy, but the alien corpse was kept in a plastic bag for about 2 years.

UFOs and aliens in Petrozavodsk and Karelia

Generally, Petrozavodsk not suffer from a lack of attention to the aliens and UFOs.

Case number one «UFO Star Type-Medusa in 1977 over Petrozavodsk»

«Thanks to the ITAR Tass Milov this event learned the whole country. That’s what this paper wrote, «Socialist Industry» on February 23, 1977:

«The residents of Petrozavodsk witnessed extraordinary natural phenomenon. September 20, about four o’clock in the morning on a dark sky suddenly flared huge «star», impulsively sends beams of light on the ground. This «star» slowly moving toward Petrozavodsk and sprawled over him in the form of jellyfish, hung, showering the city has many subtle radial beams, which gave the impression of heavy rain.

After a short time ray glow ended. «Medusa» turned bright circle and resumed moving toward Lake Onega, which enveloped the horizon gray clouds. This shroud then formed a semicircular scour bright red to the middle and white on the sides. This phenomenon, according to witnesses, lasted 10-12 minutes. «

In this note we present a director’s commentary Petrozavodsk Yu.Gromova Hydrometeorological Observatory, who argued that such «analogies in nature Karelia meteorological workers not previously observed. What caused this phenomenon, what is its nature remains a mystery, since no sharp variations in the atmosphere not only for the last day, but on the approach to registered observation posts on the weather. «

About the event also wrote newspaper «Soviet Russia» and «News». However, in the last text was slightly reduced: Removed comment Yu.Gromova. In addition, due to the intervention of censorship notice was published only in the rooms, which receives peripheral reader, and in Moscow, «subversive» information had time to remove. So it was only due to the fact that the proofs were sent to other cities in advance to get the circulation time in the morning. When woke up, most of the print run had already printed.

The next day, under the headline «extraterrestrial over Petrozavodsk» published an article in the «truth of Lenin.» Basically this was a reprint from national publications, but in the end we give eyewitness: chauffeur car «emergency» and the doctor V.A.Belyaeva V.I.Menkovoy. Mysterious phenomenon they describe exactly how ITAR TASS. ‘

Case number 2 Vedlozersky phenomenon.

«Karelian lake almost eighty years to keep the secret of the mysterious» object «that fell from the sky. And this mystery remains unanswered. «

Marina Popovich, test pilot and UFO researcher.

A year ago in the Karelian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, addressed the villagers and the village Vedlozero Palalahty, located thirty kilometers from Vedlozero.

They reported that constantly see UFOs. Common stories are reduced to describing it is «classic dish.» And observers add another «open the door» and «emerging from these strange creatures.» This letter — please kindly explain what, in the end, as happens with all you can get rid of this nightmare, because people are simply scared and feel that has already come «end of the world.»

Started this «occupation» in the fall 1928, when over the Karelian village Schuknavolok that a hundred and twenty kilometers from Petrozavodsk, flying a strange cylindrical object and crashed into Vedlozero on whose bank the village and located.

This unusual phenomenon was observed around fifty people Schuknavoloka and, nearby, the village Vedlozero. Later, as the story vedlozertsy they over many decades have witnessed one after another amazing event, somehow, in their view, related to the incident /

Event 1928, it became widely known through the story of one of the witnesses — a local Fedor Petrovich Egorov. In that 1928, the year he was nine years old. Boy’s memory has kept all the little details. Them he often shared, after more than half a century, and with ufologists and philologists, collecting folklore.

«About the incident became known to the NKVD — told Fedor Petrovich — and almost immediately in Pikes Navolok arrived task force. Security officers cordoned off the area the incident. Perhaps, it was suggested that it could be an enemy attack weapons, perhaps our test something.

Therefore, all kept a closely guarded secret: the times were — you know …

Equipment to properly inspect the bottom of the lake and even more so to raise the subject to the surface was not. It was known only that it is about seventy centimeters from the surface of the water — there boys swim and fishermen standing on it, removing the network. «

What exactly what such «details», I saw Ted is Egorov in November 1928 the first year?

Expedition of 1988. Schuknavolok village. Fedor Petrovich Egorov (left) and Chairman of the Committee for the Study of Petrozavodsk anomalies «sphinx» Alexey Popov.

Fedor Petrovich told that on the evening of the 15th November because there was a great forest the size of a country house, the right kind of smooth cylinder.

It flew past him three hundred meters — quite quietly and at very low speeds, contrary to all the laws of physics. Vedlozero, by then, had already been covered with ice. «Cylinder broke the ice and fell into the water behind the island, opposite Schuknavoloka. — Fedor Petrovich testified.

— To rise from the fall of a heavy object wave demolished the island. Thus, due to the island, the village Schuknavolok escaped the fate of being flooded. In general, there was a feeling that the point of impact for the islands — not by chance that the subject is not of natural origin and someone managed.

Depth of the lake in this place seven or eight feet, and the subject is not just sticking above the water.

In this regard, our local fishermen had to move their gear from the usual place to the side of the island — snap to the network. «

By process of elimination you can positively say that this object could be a meteorite. For meteorite characterized as flat trajectory and speed of this small fall. .. «But, perhaps, the object of this earthly origin and was a kind of gas-cutting education?» — Ask the scientists. However, this assumption is also contrary to what they see.

Vedlozero mystery still remains unsolved.

Since the summer of 1933, the village became Schuknavolok strange things happen.

It all started with the fact that in 1933 the village poured strange «jelly rain.» This mass covered the territory of the village of about fifty square meters. On the advice of a local healer Maria Lvovna Agarkova, local people began to collect it in a bottle and use as an external drug. It was said that even during the Great Patriotic War, this medicine helps heal wounds.

Starting this year, the local residents to meet on the shores of Lake strange creature meters tall, thin, big-headed. Torso and arms were disproportionately long legs, on the contrary, in short. Vestments, from the description, resembled skinny suit. Being usually sat quietly on the shore. First, local kids were throwing stones at him, and then used to. And seeing this strange creature continues to this day!

The case of the Urals — with the alien «Alexis»

Pensioner from petrozavodsk kept ufo pilot in the fridge!

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