Philippines the chocolate hills


In the Philippines Bohol Island is a wonderful place called Chocolate Hills. This plateau, where, as if from the ground, up 1,268 limestone hills of regular shape with steep slopes in height from 30 to 100.

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It may seem that the chocolate hills — an artificial entity created by man, but it is not. Scientists vainly trying to unravel the mystery of the origin of chocolate hills. There are several versions: the first says that this natural landscape was created by the rise of coral deposits because of their exposure to rain water and soil erosion, and the second is that the eruption of an ancient volcano, and the third says that the grassy hills were bottom of the ocean with ancient limestone deposits that as a result of lower sea levels were on land. Honed as their form of two famous masters — the wind and the water.

However, the local residents of the island of Bohol their vision of what is happening. Walks are two legends about the origin of chocolate hills. The first is that the hills are the result of the battle of two giants, who were throwing stones many days in each other. Tired of fighting, giants resolve their differences peacefully and friends left the island, and the stones were left to lie. Another more romantic legend tells of unrequited love giant named Arogo a beautiful girl scarlet. Strong and fearless Arogo loved the simple death of the Scarlet Woman, after her death, he wept, and his tears turned into hills.

You may ask why chocolate hills? The fact that the slopes of the hills are covered with coarse grass, which dries up as the sun in the period from February to May, which is color of milk chocolate.



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