The return of youth real cases of rejuvenation

January 8, 2012 11:18

The return of youth real cases of rejuvenation


Issues related to aging of the physical body of people always worried. In order to regain your strength, people are always looking for different means of trying to reach, if not eternal life, or at least prolong it. However, there are cases of real rejuvenation of the physical body, which medicine can not explain in any way.

Consider the real cases of rejuvenation documented. A striking case occurred in Japan in the nineties of the last century.

75-year-old Japanese woman Say Senagon suddenly became dramatically younger! This was in November 1997, told readers of the weekly «Breaking News» Ludmila Serova. Here is the text unchanged.

Mrs. Say Senagon from the Japanese city Fukuoka, reaching 75 years, I felt inexplicable changes in your body. First, she disappeared with gray hair and acquired its former luster and black. Then began to bleed and ache gums, so she could not wear dentures. Say went to the dentist, and the old woman stunned by the news that she had as a baby’s teething.

One night Say Senagon awakened by a strong sexual desire. She was too shy to wake old Kenko as her decrepit husband would not have been able to satisfy her. And then followed and did a fantastic metamorphosis. Became smooth and fade wrinkles, and two years later Say Senagon longer recognize friends in the street, as it years younger that way for twenty. A year later, she resumed her menstrual cycle.

Japanese woman divorced her pretty bored for fifty years of marriage, Kenko and married a 40-year-old bank clerk Tikatomo, who believes that Sai looks no older than thirty. A month after the wedding, Sei had a son.

The news of the miraculous rejuvenation shattered in all of Japan. No one could believe that the woman managed to regain the beauty and freshness, without the need for surgery. The wives of politicians, bankers and famous actress plagued Say request to sell it for any money the secret of her youth. Her every step was hired detectives to follow. Controlled everything. Say that eats, how much sleep, what sport does, what makeup I use …

Finally phenomenon Senagon interested scientists and invited her to be examined in the Institute of Gerontology. Analysis and genetic testing showed that what happens in Sai — a natural process of the human body. Gerontologists have discovered a gene that contributes to the formation of cells that can destroy the aged and dead cells. They had an hunch that oncogene, which under certain circumstances cause rapid and uncontrolled cell division and leads to malignant diseases, is none other than the gene «youth» only «gone mad» and not destroying diseased cells and healthy. So aging — a completely unnatural to the human body, inside of which was originally laid the whole system and the program of protection from imminent death. Researchers today are aiming to bring «dormant» provisions from the rest and get them actively operating.

In Moscow, there was at least an interesting case. In one of the science labs were treated spine on a new, experimental apparatus for the treatment of the magnetic field.

During one of the procedures lab mix up on the phone and asked for the unit, which is unusual, outrageous settings. When collected herself, then quickly regained it back. Everything would be fine, and the patient did not notice anything, but after the session the patient, an elderly woman suddenly started younger. And she was about fifty. She drew attention to the fact that every day feels fresher and better and better looking. At first, she naturally delighted. This is certainly understandable, perhaps, any woman would be happy. And so she was getting younger with each passing month, until it became confused with his daughter. That’s where she was frightened. That’s it! When she scared. As things got back to normal. It quickly became old.

Lab, then long «tortured» in an attempt to recover, the man is such a wonderful mode of the apparatus. But, alas, can not restore anything she did not really remember. Here is the influence of an external magnetic field on the human body.

The next example of this phenomenon, this time from Italy. Faron Rose looks at the twenty-eight years. Date of birth of the woman May 29, 1896. At the moment it is far over a hundred years. No it does not give is not that a hundred, even thirty-five years. Looks at twenty-eight and does not age, but on the contrary, every day looks better.

Rose Faron never use cosmetics or make any plastic surgery. The photo is a beautiful young woman, her six grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Check the status of the internal organs, liver, and blood pressure showed that both tests have Faron no worse than her granddaughters. But what is more surprising — they are better than they were ten years ago! It seems time for Rosa came out back! Gerontologists are watching an amazing woman. But nothing can not tell, just puzzled shrug. If a patient from Moscow were, what is the explanation, EM treatment on the new machine, then there’s not known what provoked this behavior of the organism. Unfortunately, I could not find on the Internet a photo of the woman.

In Decheng, 97, a resident of the Chinese province of Hunan, located in central China, the last two year has been confined to his bed. Surprisingly, that in place of his fallen teeth started to grow two new ones, and long gray hair suddenly began to get dark, they write «News».

Now for the interesting experiment Kanchgen Jiang, a Chinese living in Russia now. First, talk about his most famous experience. He took five hundred eggs and suffered aura with duck eggs for chicken. Used to do this, he invented a machine that generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. So: ninety percent of the chicks are born with flat beaks, webbed feet, and even with an offset arrangement of the eyes. It is believed that all of these features are built into our genes. But after Jiang Kanchgen not interfere directly in the gene itself. That says a lot. Now his other experiments, is very significant.

Experiments were carried out on older mice. Similarly, in old mice, was transferred to the aura of young plants and animal fetuses. As a result, 68 percent of the mice ‘improved response, motility, appetite. In 31 — to restore sexual function and fertility. Finally, 53 percent of the mice increased life expectancy for a year and a half, compared to the control group.

Then he began to experiment on himself. The result was positive, what is the objective and subjective evidence — said Dr. Jiang. — The second person, who volunteered to try this method of rejuvenation, was my 80 year old father. As a result, disappeared 20-30-year-old chronic diseases: allergic pruritus, tinnitus, benign tumor. In place in six months rose bald hair and gray turned black. A year increased tooth in place has fallen 20 years ago.

The next step was to work with a group of volunteers who have expressed a desire to undergo a special treatment on his technique. On the state of their health can be judged by the fact that 14 people accounted for 37 diseases.

In six cases, there has been a complete cure of ailments, including a benign tumor. In 21 — a significant improvement in patients in 8 — just improving. Only two patients did not change.

But that’s not all. 9 people have gone gray, and 11 apparently rejuvenated by 5-10 years. In 7 improved sexual function. There were many other experiments.

Most importantly, without interfering with the genetic system of the body, and changing only the aura, it is possible to influence the fundamental behavior of the organism. This greatly undermines the theory of genetic zaprogrammirovnnosti aging.

I’ve seen ads in the network: dial group for those wishing to conduct procedures on the unit Jiang Kanchgen. The cost was that that about 65 thousand rubles. The price is still pre-crisis, which now do not know. There is still begs the question, not bad for a person to high-frequency radiation, which it is exposed in the cell rejuvenation? Sure, bad, on the other hand, the modern man is constantly bombarded with computers, microwaves, cell phones, and dozens of other devices.

Once touched upon the impact on the human biofield, I want to say about the dangers of eating genetically modified foods. In them lies the danger of a different kind than in low-quality food. Gennomodifikanty possess the usual and sometimes even improved taste and quite meet the usual standards for food. But they carry the distorted information field, which affects the human body. And deceit is that no one knows how, or after some time, the impact will reflect on the person. And when will a disease, you just can not find the real origins DISEASE. Who would think that a person consumes in a few years, genetically modified soybeans and potatoes, or in the body of the changes started. These are not very happy thoughts on this subject.

A very interesting book written by Mikhail Pillars said: «As I grow new teeth.» The book does not seem to come out on paper, and only had an electronic network. The fact there is a special and sad reason. The fact that Michael had died and the book remained unfinished. It seems that he has worked on oil rigs in Mexico, where the accident occurred.

The book is also based on personal experience. While serving in the army on the Russian island, he lost all his teeth. In a few years, was able to raise itself new. Although it seems that this is impossible. Rather considered impossible. If you consider that it is impossible, then you probably will. In the same book is about a boy who lost his leg. So, for a year he grew a new leg. For a year he formed a new leg, foot, toes. When asked — how he did it, he said that he always played with lizards, salamanders. A lizard is known to tear if the tail, then grows a new one. When told that it was only a lizard, perhaps he frankly admitted that did not know. I thought that the person can also grow a new body to replace the lost. If I knew, it would not have happened, and he would not even try. What nonsense — to grow a new leg, namely ignorance and saved him. So, do not always know the power! Especially in such an unusual area as rejuvenation. Mind often is our limitation.

Similar cases happened more than once. For example, in the documentary «placebo» tells an interesting story. Dr. Albert Meissen was working in a hospital anesthetist. Suddenly I saw a boy of fifteen, his arms and legs were covered with warts. Another doctor took him to the operation, like transplanted skin from the breast (where there were no warts) on hand. Why do the surgery? Asked Albert Meissen, because warts easily go under hypnosis. Well, that and do it, told him another doctor. The next day Meissen had hypnosis, and he had already dabbled in this field. Suggested to the patient that he will grow a new, soft and pink skin. All of it has happened, and he gradually got rid of the disease. But the story does not end there. When former doctor saw the results of the treatment, he just stared. It turned out that this is a congenital disease, is an incurable and patients die quickly, the excitement began, this case began to write papers, thousands of people have called the magazine «Time» published an article and a photo of a doctor. Naturally began to treat patients with the same disease to the doctor for healing. And no one to help Meissen was not able to, not a bit! And why not? Albert Meissen himself answers this question. Yes, because I had already learned, the disease is incurable. That’s it, the mind simply limited his opportunities.

Understand that all this may prevent only the mind, worldview. In filmed on NTV, tells of a man who under stress, not turned gray, as if you would expect, but instead returned to him the true color of the hair. What is surprising is the speed with which it happened. Briefly, tell, for those who have not seen this film. Came to a friend’s dacha. There they sat, drank and guest put to bed. At night, he woke up from what that cries in the street. In the room the smoke is a fire and in the confusion of the guests were simply forgotten. He somehow got out into the street and then the roof collapsed at home. In general, stress was not weak. Got home, again took the breast, and 100 grams in the shower. After the shower, looking in the mirror and realizes something is not right. Noticed dark hair, I thought that bad cleaned up after a fire, again the shower. But did not help, it is returned to the original hair color. Although the official medicine is that with hair that has grown, nothing can be done. Affect only the hair, yet formed in the hair bulb. And then it happened, just a few hours what is, and maybe even faster, no one did not pay attention.

The event, which took place with Vyacheslav Klimov, walked already, probably, all the TV channels and of course there were numerous publications on the subject. The accident in the car, a teenager of fifteen he received numerous burns. Burned was seventy percent of the body. Survived two near death experience. In a few years, suddenly began to gradually get younger. Now he is 46 but looks about 26. As if, at the time of clinical death, which was dropped counter age, and he again returned to this wonderful period of 25 to 35 years. Naturally his life after that, too, has changed. His wife is gone, because not getting younger, as opposed to him. Again had to marry a young girl. Now he participates in a union «Kosmopoisk» Vadim Chernobrov, doing, studying various anomalies.

This phenomenon, when people change after clinical death, described more than once. For example, the story of Jacob Tsiperovich has one strange feature. It all started corny, it went to a divorce from his wife, but she was a very jealous woman, and decided to just poison him. Perhaps that did not reach anyone. He slipped a poison in the wine, and then the ambulance, hospital, clinical death. James spent seven days unconscious. And when he came to himself. That could not understand anything. The world has become for him what the other. At six months, he lost his voice, and the body was formed on its own, completely new way, it turned into a real athlete, without any training. Felt a huge surge of energy. One time, in order to check their physical abilities, he spent nine hours, squeeze the floor ten thousand times. The figures are striking. Him for fifty years. Looks about 20 years old. Forgot to mention that when there was a clinical death, he was twenty-six years. And another interesting fact, Jacob quite given need sleep. Why all this he did not like. Began to turn to doctors, psychics. Probably would again become frail and old. Just like in a fairy tale about a chicken Ryaba. Grandfather and the old woman gave destiny golden egg, and they all wanted to split it. Maybe he really was hard to get used to each other in such others. In general, doctors, of course, they found nothing, after all the analysis, reported that he is completely healthy.

He opened creativity, he wrote poetry, treats people. Now lives in Germany.

And lots of cases. To list them all does not make sense. There are even cases of sudden rejuvenation of people under the influence of a UFO.


Once cases occur constantly rejuvenate people, one conclusion can be drawn that it’s real. Now, if the history of mankind, nothing happened. Although even then would hope.

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