In new york you can not tear the condom

Today, I have a condom breaks. In New York, you can not tear the condom. This is not the expansion of Moscow to intravenous drug users, when the entire country was four spidoznika. You do not get off with a gentle mother and gonorrhea.

Oh, in New York, you can catch it, than are dreamed of your venereal diseases, that will eat you both ogryznuvshis sly grin RNA chain. Skin worms, viruses Latin rot, donated by a passing alien, mutant herpes, devouring from the inside and the outside, weakening immunity to the negligible glare flashlight in front of the advancing darkness infection. The system has entered critical instability and will be shut down.

And if that happens — pour yourself a shampoo, it contains ammonium lauryl sulfate, at least some protection. Pray, baby, this shampoo will save you from having to have failed than the Incas.

Tomorrow I’ll go to a sex shop and buy something Spiked plastic. Thicker gloves for washing dishes and reliable bulletproof vest. Serious protection for the serious world, baby. In New York, you can not tear the condom. After all, this is New York.

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