Introducing microclass yacht electra 18 we are exporters!

Introducing microclass yacht electra 18 we are exporters!


MICRO-class yachts are officially recognized class in the ISAF international sailing community and belong to the category of «Trailer» yachts. For their transportation vehicle category does not require a change in the Rights in driving. These yachts are designed for racing, family vacations and travel on water.

The yacht «Electra 18» has the following advantages:

1. It is fast and comfortable «CRUISER» — everything is here for travel and speed reached 10.5 knots.

2. The yacht is fitted with a «dagger» daggerboard can get up on the ground at low tide the water.

3. If you put a sail boat on the water, it does not take water into manholes will be on an even keel.

4. If the boat to fill with water, it will not sink, but will keep 2 to 3 people, with positive buoyancy 175l.

5. In the production of yachts used the best materials and components firms such as ASHLAND, ARMARE, HARKEN, OSKULATI.

6. Housing has increased strength due to the longitudinal-transverse force elements set, hard laminate containing no «sandwich» and «mat» made based VENILESTRA and «multi-axial fabrics and korimatov». Under the gel coat, 1-1.2mm thick, stacked «barerkout», which is a reliable substrate for decorative layer to prevent cracking of the gel coat osmosis and by shocks. Application layer «top coat» on all interior surfaces makes the boat «greener.» The cabin has good ventilation, and combined with the coating material «Flock» to prevent condensation.

7. The boat has an anchor locker in the bow and 2 lockers in the cockpit. The cabin is equipped with lockers, shelves and cabinets for dishes and utensils yacht. There is a «galley locker» with gas or alcohol stove. Inner cabins greatest amount of this class of yachts, as well as the size of the cockpit. For decor and interior yacht used mahogany and teak. Schwert has no backlash in the well and does not knock on the wave, making it difficult to sleep. In the boat, much is made specifically for women sailors, including the option to ‘Lady’.

8. The yacht is the only one in its class, has a «BOWSPRIT» and can carry «gennaker» area of 26m2, which easily enters the surf. At the World Championship 2010, the yacht was second in the women’s standings.

9. The yacht has been certified for compliance with Micro class, which was held by Philippe De Troy, and also passed the certification of European quality and safety of operation, which was held by the Dutch Institute DCI.

10. The yacht was exhibited at the Boat Show in Moscow Crocus Expo and Boat Show in the Netherlands HISHVA in IJmuiden and Amsterdam.

Characteristics of the «Electra 18»:

— Empty weight — 575 kg,

— Length — 5.5 m, width — 2,45 m,

— Draft — 0.25/1.1 m,

— Dinghy, Rigging 9/10

— The height of the masthead of the aerial cable — 8.85 m,

— Sail area — 18.5 m.2 (12 Gy. +6.5 Art.)

— Spinnaker area 19.6 m2,

— Gennaker area — 26 m2,

— Ballast (ballast centerboard +) — 80 120 kg,

— 4 person crew,

— Supply of positive buoyancy of 175 l

The yacht Electra 18 is classified as «C» is suitable for coastal sailing, the wind 6 (5 excitement) points (12 M / C, at a pressure of wind 11N/m2, foam shedding combs with wind waves over 1.2m). Apply any outboard motor 2.5 — 5 hp but not more than 23 kg. Traveling on this boat, you do not need to stay overnight at the campgrounds.

If you value your money, your time and image, love the comfort, quality and safety, love beautiful things, and reliable, accustomed proud of things — that the yacht, from a segment of «premium class» just for you!

This is your first «family cruiser», which will be always with you!

Drawing a dream, we create for you the reality …

Russian-French company Yachting Center «Admiral Ushakov»

+7 903 7275872

+7 495 3225910 st. Sevanskaja, 5/1, office 94.

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