Anomaly lake svetloyar


On Lake Svetloyar know anyone who ever heard the story of Kitezh — hail, which went under the water, so as not to give the Mongol-Tatars. The place is famous not only for its beauty but also for a strong energy that is felt far beyond the borders of the lake.

Left on the hill is the Christian Church of the Kazan Mother of God. A little further on are the crosses-backs and two stones. Legend has it that once came down here the Virgin herself, and left their mark on one of the stones. It is also believed that she had saved Kitezh from invaders. And if you need a professional wedding photographer in Kiev, the site you can easily find such a photographer and you can see his portfolio.

So where is the anomaly? According to legend, if three times around the lake on his knees in prayer, and then make a his heart’s desire, it will come true. They say that the desire to do exactly the lake, and not something else. Take this the hard way can help wooden bridges that seem to frame the mirror-like surface of the lake.

Near the bridge is yet another cross. According to eyewitnesses, there are often seen kitezhskih sages to help pilgrims. According to legend, the one who has ever seen the holy hail, will never be able to live in a world of people and will always be under the surface of the lake.

Svetloyar lake was named after the old Slavic god Yarily. During the Kievan Rus’ here come to know, the princes, and even foreign kings, to feel the energy of an unusual place. And even in the 21st century, people come to the lake to recover from illness and get the healing energy. There are even a few Orthodox churches.

Only the elect can hear the bell Kitezh. But ask for help any person, if his heart is freed from evil thoughts. No matter whether the sun god helps Yarylo, or kitezhskie elders, yet none have left the lake with fatigue or frustration.

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