24 Sperm whales stranded on the coast of the island of tasmania video


12.11.11. 24 great sperm whale washed up on a shore of the island of Tasmania, south of the mainland. As to the mass suicide of the toothed whales arrived rescuers, 16 animals have been killed, but eight still continued to show signs of life, reports «Interfax».

Now the survivors are trying to save the sperm whale, there is a danger that the land they may suffocate under its own weight. While the nearly

40-ton mammals (adult weight) in the water, they do not feel its weight. There is another problem, which usually face rescuers sperm suicide: once mammal realizes that his wish to return to the ocean, the whale often violently resists tears easily strong network with one sweep of the tail and thrown to the shore again.

Now, according to local experts, 4 of 8 surviving individuals remain a little longer — the chances of saving them is greatly reduced. Scientists have in store a few days.

So far not determined why the whales, dolphins and other inhabitants of the oceans and seas are going to certain death, throwing no shore. In the case of sperm whales have a theory that these intelligent and ancient mammals do not make noise motor vessels.

Source: NTV

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