A squad of special purpose recce (south africa)

A squad of special purpose recce (south africa)

Any country can be proud of their special units that perform complicated tasks of the military command.

Not quite clear about the force who RECCE (South Africa), which makes complex tasks are not worse recognizable units of other states, such as «Alpha», «Delta», SAS and greenish berets.

All members of the group of special purpose RECCE Spices are high-class, able to work in all field tests in the enemy rear.

Recall the history of South Africa’s period of Anglo-Boer War. At the time, there were mobile units Boers, who with their sudden effective actions are significant damage to the army of England. These units have never come into an open confrontation with the permanent troops — they acted covertly, instantly, and this strategy had the most success.

The experience of these subversive groups Boers was appreciated by the United Kingdom. And the evidence for this is that in the First World War on the side of Britain against the Germans acted Boer troops with experience in sabotage activities.

For a long time the ability of combat units Boers were unclaimed.

This continued right up to the 70s of the last century. The Seventies — while radical configurations of political and economic situations on the African continent.

One of the most significant events was the emergence of independent states of Angola and Mozambique, economic aid and military support which helped Russian Alliance and the Cuban administration. This was counteracted by the South African government and its allies.

Due to the deterioration of the situation of foreign control of South Africa, it was decided to form a military subdivision, whose task was to conduct sabotage and intelligence operations behind enemy lines. In May 1975, on the basis of the existing squad Commando was created by the first special squad. Two years later, formed more one diversionary squad specifically for marine operations. As troops were recruited highly trained warriors of the elite military units in South Africa.

Established at the end of the last century a difficult situation on the African continent from the management of South Africa claimed to increment the number and improve the quality of training of sabotage and reconnaissance units.

A squad of special purpose recce (south africa)

Over time, the practice has developed a multi-level selection fighter units in RECCE: after painstaking medical examination candidates were psychic test, then three days, recruits are involved in forced marches. Those who were able to pass these tests, waiting in front of verification exercise, the ability to possess firearms and cool and very hard test for survival in the desert, where life is at risk bolshennomu fighter suffered an attack of poisonous spiders, snakes and feral animals.

The soldiers were able to retrieve units spetsrazvedki custom solutions in the most languid situations.

All South African special forces soldiers during the war in the mine area of Angola have been trained in mine blasting work. Their professor level was considered the tallest in the world. His skill are successfully used in combat operations. For example, finding hidden objects in the field of Angola, they skillfully laid the explosives, which undermined the right moment. Specifically, this method had been destroyed classified staffs militants in Zambia and Mozambique. Reconnaissance and sabotage groups RECCE made thousands of raids on enemy terrain, performed a great number of successful raids and sabotage of facilities industry. They were doing their tasks well and in the criteria for the jungle and savannah, mountains and deserts, acting autonomously for a long time.

In one such raid, which lasted about 2 months, South African Special Forces soldiers conducted reconnaissance, produced guidance artillery strikes, sabotaging on objects and against the forces of the enemy. The highest level of concealment allow Special Forces to operate not only close to the enemy, and in disguise, to act under the guise of an enemy unit.

A squad of special purpose recce (south africa)

Specifically, as a result of the sabotage operation fighters squad RECCE was undermined two Russian transport to the port of Namibe in 1986. Because of non-gun government forces, which brought the ships were wrecked by the coming of the position of the rebels in Angola.

But not always the South African Special Forces soldiers managed to escape after the incarnation secretly sabotage operation. In one case, in 1985, the Angolan military found a group of saboteurs in the puzzle which included the discovery of militant training bases. Militants began to pursue commandos. Then the commander of the reconnaissance decided to divide the group: the majority of the fighters went to advance discussion on the place of evacuation, and the commander with 2 commandos increases militants away from their own comrades. The core group returned safely to base, but the two fighters from distracting the group were killed and wounded commander was captured.

Terrorist base was then destroyed by the action of other subversive group, and the commander was changed to 170 captured enemy fighter.

Sabotage squads of South Africa, of course, bore the loss, but never one of the groups was not one hundred percent destroyed.

To disrupt the transport of ore from Zaire to Angola, a group of saboteurs RECCE was conducted operation to undermine the train fabric. To realize the evacuation squad was divided into subgroups, and each unit without the help of others came out to the point of evacuation. One of the sub got ambushed by the Cuban squad, but the team lost the 1st fighter back to base.

Specifically, mutual fighters RECCE assist reconnaissance team, which included a puzzle undermining the bridge and guidance shelling from the territory of Angola. After the successful installation of explosives group clashed with the case on it stumbled Angolan squad. For the salvation of their own colleagues, another group of fighters RECCE to fight its way to assist their comrades, and get out of the environment.

Often the men of intelligence and sabotage unit led South Africa interaction with the combat battalion of mercenaries «Buffalo». In the puzzle saboteurs came collection of data about the object, the security system, refining the layout of buildings and structures on the location of the object. And talking about the military operation to seize an object carried battalion «Buffalo» on the basis of the acquired disk imaging reconnaissance detachment.

A squad of special purpose recce (south africa)

Sabotage operations RECCE soldiers made not only on the ground of Angola. They were gathering intelligence and made raids on militant bases located in Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and Zaire.

South African Special Forces professionalism allowed them to find creative solutions in combat operations, and their works were distinguished ingenuity and resourcefulness. For instance, to lure fighters from the base, one group saboteurs simulated panic attack and retreat into the depths of the jungle, and another group of ambushed on their pursuers.

It will be quite incorrect to think that the soldiers RECCE had only a weak little enemy. In the Angolan army Russian military advisers were working in the permanent forces of Angola were Cuban military units and special forces of North Korea. And in collisions all parties have lost.

And although the main military action took place on the ground, active, but hidden character wore war at sea.

NIGHT MODE July 1984 raid on the Angolan port as a result of the explosion of magnetic mines were damaged by the Angolan ship and two ships belonging to the German Democratic Republic, which delivered to Angola ammunition. The operation was conducted fighters units RECCE, specializing in maritime sabotage. Marine commandos had beautiful equipment and facilities from the best manufacturers in the world.

Specifically, the South African naval commandos have been undermined by the enterprise of the oil industry in the port of Lobito in 1980. On their account and settlement of navigational buoys in the port of Mozambique. Only through the actions of an experienced Russian pilots port operation is not interrupted.

In most cases, marine commandos at the surgical site delivered the submarine, and then South African intelligence officers on board the boats corrected acts of marine soldiers.

Failure ended one of the operations division RECCE fighters sea while trying to undermine the refinery in the province Cab. Saboteurs were ambushed by Angolan troops. Part of the group was destroyed, and the commander of the saboteurs was arranged open tribunal.

In one of the operations of marine special forces soldiers brought South Africa to the port of a Japanese trawler. Before the 3-groups of frogmen task was to undermine Russian and Cuban transports, destruction railway bridge and set fire to the fuel base. Sabotage failed — the explosions occurred almost simultaneously objects. To aid in the protection of ships and disaster sabotage team arrived in Angola Russian combat swimmers.

Since in practice of Russian ships in African ports combat swimmers.

According to the memoirs of the 1st of Russian veterans in the waters of the 1st of the ports there was a magnificent event: underwater Russian frogmen met with a group of marine commandos RECCE. Russian commander of the group manipulating the knife revealed that offers to fight without weapons. Saboteurs accepted his offer, but after a brutal fight aliens swiftly left the battlefield. It’s safe to say that this was a unique case, because in most cases, these meetings do not end so well.

In the late 80’s Russian and Cuban military left the country of Africa. Well, in South Africa there have been severe configuration — pure white minority regime fell. Reconnaissance and commando units RECCE ended their existence.

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