Eternal life is possible?

Faron Rose was born May 29, 1896. But she has the figure of a girl, and she not only does not get old, but looks younger every day. Doctors are discouraged, they demanded to check whether there deception. But all right. «This woman is amazing. She never used makeup, never did plastic surgery, but looks 80 years younger than her age! — Dr. Graz surprised at a medical conference in Genoa. — Her memory is clear. This is the most mysterious phenomenon with which I have ever met. » He first read about Rosa in the Italian newspaper. In the photo — a beautiful young woman, surrounded by six grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great grandchildren. Mrs. Faron looked younger than his 30-year-old great-granddaughter. Checking the liver, heart and blood pressure showed that analyzes and great-grandmother is not worse than the granddaughters. But what is more surprising — they are better than they were ten years ago! It seems the time flowed backwards for Rosa! Expert gerontologist will observe an amazing woman for half a year, hoping to unravel its secrets. In the meantime, he just threw up his hands. The very same culprit commotion doctors explains everything a blessing from above. «I eat everything, I smoke and drink more than you need. The only thing I’m afraid — to become pregnant. It is ridiculous to give birth, when you’re more than a hundred years. «

EA (Jerusalem, Israel) UFO 33.2002

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