Eyewitness accounts of ufo 2009

Resurrection Sergei 30-11-2008V night from 29.11.08 at about 24.00 to 30.11 area Klimovsk (watched from an apartment building in the district of the 50th anniversary of October and leaving on TSNIITOCHMASH and Tube Works windows) observed unusual lights. At first it was barely noticeable points (third piece) then they became much brighter, though apparently were removed tens of kilometers from the place of observation. The lights that were disassembled, then joined horizontally, at the time of connection to a single point strongly reduced brightness and appear on top of the point object like a shadow with the outlines of the cigar. These phenomena have been observed within an hour, and the connection and disconnection of the algorithm by time or by the constructions of lights were observed. with a decrease in the brightness of the lights then became red, then green. an hour later the lights began to move away slowly, continuing to blend it, then separated. At first thought it spotlights, but then saw that it was something more complicated. The phenomenon observed 4th person were all sober and in a clear state of mind. And much to ask to send information on the same observations in our city!Ruslan 24-02-2009YA and my friend saw a UFO — supposedly a flying saucer … at a distance of 40 to 60 m was not more than two blocked and changed every five seconds trajectory preblizitelno 2 degrees and they intersect at approximately vysachennoy speed can be disappeared say the speed of light …. leaving a clear shady smoke! ate conspicuous!! it was in the Chelyabinsk region S.Oktyabrskom those who saw takelku at about 18.32 Moscow time, please inform!! in the comments will get back out there AnonymousAlexander 02-03-2009V 2008th I was walking home in the evening. In front of my house there is a clearing, when I went through it, then looked up at the sky (I love to look at the stars), I drew attention to three points of light that were close to each other they were flying fast and I have not had time to consider, but it was shows that around points was lackluster ball. The ball was flying along with the points he was a little flattened at the bottom. I was terribly frightened. Since I am without it was convinced that we are not alone in the universe. No one believes in my story, and I do not have to. But it really was.Tosha 19-03-2009YA saw the sky is not clear object, glowing in different colors. Flew there syuda.s one place to another kabudto prizemlitsya.No I would not have time to take a picture. What it is please tell me!?))))Yuri 30-03-2009F. Daisies Linen. obl.27.03. 2009. 19.30 time the sun went down. Single star in the sky at Halla in the north-east in the sky was an oval cluster of shimmering white light objects to it flew single glowing the same color of the objects they are joined to the total mass, and continued to glow part did not reach reserving the red light went out. All this occurred within 30 min., 20-00 all at once disappeared from the skyAndrew 29-04-2009

B84-86g serving in the army, near Finlyandii.Za two years of service have been several cases UFO sightings (by vneshnemuvidu), one of which was witnessed sam.Videl not alone, about 500 officers and men, at this point, looked too. It hovered over the park of military equipment, at an altitude of about 25 storey building, the shape resembles a huge drive without any lights on the sides, but it hit the beam from the side zemli.Poviselo for a while and slowly rose into the sky, ischezlo.Povtoryayu, there have been other cases during the exercise regiment when it saw our whole diviziya.Vozmozhno is what some of our technology, but it was a huge plate bezzvuchnaya.Edinstvennoe than she manipulated, so it’s a beam that could light up a very large area (it is a the words of my colleagues, took part in those exercises, I was on guard duty in / h).Boris Grigoriev 12-05-2009YA saw the house brownie. I came home from school and suddenly began to change something made me look back (and in the hall I stand transparent door) and I saw a black shadow that looked at me and disappeared. At first I thought it was my grandmother but she said no that is not passed. At night, I felt he translated brownie hands on the clock, and if sweep, but most of it I have not seen but much fearedVyacheslav Komogorov 18-05-2009C government, everything is clear, a new type of energy-economic disruption. Think you there konkrennoe use of a new type of energy, except: to fly and pick up more and more. A new kind of energy could generate a new «Babel» Tower. The availability of energy is obvious and pyramids, and «korralovy castle», you can touch. But the wanton use may give rise to another «Tunguska meteorite». We are concerned, attempts to create a time machine to infinity. What is the idea ideas? See? Intervene in the course of history, a particular person? The construction of the pyramids, made sense of spiritual unity and development of the people. Development of space than non pyramid: it is no secret, forced labor, and the people’s money, the river. But we were the first is a united spirit of the people, developed the idea of using tehnologii.No nebilo. «On Mars, the apples will blossom!» Modern aircraft and rocket-frenzy ‘Icarus’. If you have an idea and a tool exists. The need time for humanity as a pacifier, use, amuses.Osd 20-05-2009Delo was way back in 1999. We sat with a friend at night under a starry sky with wine each berry on the outskirts of our little town next to Chita (Krasnokamensk) — on the maps do not have — atomic object as in any way ..! Well, here we sit — and then I see little point in the sky from the hills — it increases then as if a little forks and closer! and Silence (and the dead with braids … :))) No, we were sober ESO (bad do not think) .. and how bitter cold so suddenly and how everything stood still — 2 minutes must have passed the glow was extinguished only the frost on the grass and a ringing in my ears .. UTB was still seen people in cottages — even in a local newspaper wrote .. do not believe the sight! and then I had a feeling Mr. ezabudu — like strands of cold drags you! with respect OsdSergei 22-05-2009

22.05.09.v 2.00 Moscow region westbound watched an interesting companion, or anything else out there, it glowed and left a large plume feeling as if something was spraying then he turned north and disappeared from view say that I was watching too much interestinglyJeanne 04-06-2009

Hello I want to ask you if I withdraw UFOs and aliens, as well as the dream of a woman with red hair and says that she is my mother, and we’ll meet you there, and that I was waiting for a brother and sestra.Chto means or is it just a dream?Ivan 11-06-2009

The village Salairka Tyumen district, I observed a strange phenomenon with friends. The fireball rose from the houses for quite a distance from us and hung at the same height, then suddenly started to rise and go to the side until you retired at such a distance that it was not seen.Alexander Polishchuk 12-06-2009

June 12, 2009, somewhere in the morning went to take a walk with a friend, we live in a village Novonezhino, Shkotovsky District, Primorsky Krai, and suddenly I see as something that rises up as if it were a burning core, and it was very bright! It rose from the airport, we have the airfield in the village, I do not think anyone could pick up and run as a ball, balloon rose very high, where it rose about 5 minutes, and then began to fade as he was very much appreciated. And after a while we did not see him. It’s a pity there was no camera on hand, though wanted to take!

Eugene 12-10-2009

I was wondering all this more recently, not later than 08.10.2009 at 22:45 23:00 I observed anomaly. Being at his dacha. With Correction, no one was watching — invited his wife to take a look at what is happening. All occurred in the H-Tagil, outside the town of Cheremshanka over the artificial generation of which is filled with water. We saw no clear glow in the sky, which consisted of a set of glowing circles, too, was at the epicenter of many glowing circles, they then stretched out on the shape of an egg, then concentrated, and so it went on for about fifteen minutes. My wife is in shock, I do, and that was it?? I do not know who else has seen or not but an interesting spectacle. Yes I am on them loomed a flashlight with halogen lamp, fool around so to speak. The more I did not see them …

Paul 06-11-2009

It was early morning winter months of 2000. I’m going to school earlier than usual around 7:40 am, and headed by a usual route around the site on football muzhdu 2 houses — 9 storeys. But before reaching the first house I saw a strange flying object hovering over a 3 house (there are 3 houses on odinkovye distance from each other), plantar closer to one house and stopped at daroga was watching him. It was hovering at a low altitude of about 500 Mestre on the roof of a 9-storey house. After a few about 5-7 minutes it started to move in the direction of where I was standing, it sank almost to the roofs of buildings and severely slowed down very slowly flying outwork (UFO was about 300-500m in diamtre may be more), was slowly but surely removed from me, after 2-3 minutes it disappeared from sight having departed in the direction of the forest.

Leningrad Region, Mr. Pine Forest

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