Ghost train to the skull gogol appeared in zaporozhye

* The amazing story told colleagues Zaporozhye operator of «Khortytsya» Vyacheslav Fomenko. On Saturday, around 11 pm, returning from a fishing trip … *

…Fomenko was walking to the train station «sliding passenger.» «Meters over fifty, — said Vyacheslav Mikhailovich — in my eyes suddenly, out of nothing, one of the ways to structure emerged. Six or seven vintage cars plunged me in amazement. First thought: where did they come from? At the station, except for me, no was not. Stood absolutely clear weather. Composition was very real. I was scared. derived from shock noise banging wheels approaching the ghost on the same track freight train. impression was that a collision will occur. However, a few hundred meters, ghost train faded into the air. » Colleague Vyacheslav Fomenko started laughing together. However, the operator claimed that he was not drunk and still resides in a sober mind. Earlier Vyacheslav for such jokes are not seen to.

A surprise «Explorer» has doubled, when one of the websites was found complete history of ghost trains, comments of this phenomenon leading Russian scientists, the testimony of eyewitnesses.

Scientist Nikolai Cherkashin, who dedicated his life to the study of this phenomenon, gives the following scientifically proven facts. It is known that in 1931 the remains were transferred to Moscow’s famous Russians from the necropolis of St. Daniel’s monastery to the Novodevichy Cemetery. During the excavation of the tomb of Nikolai Gogol, it was discovered that the skull of the great writer kidnapped. Who and why needed a skull Gogol? Also in 1931, it was suggested that it was stolen at the request of Russian theater fanatic, founder of the Theatre Museum merchant Alexei Bakhrushina. In 1909, he knocked on it blasphemous matter of two watchmen monastery necropolis. It was said that he already has a skull Shchepkina.

Rumours about the incredible relics Bakhrushin crept in Moscow and reached the ears of grand nephew of Nikolai Gogol — Janowski, lieutenant of the Russian Imperial Navy. The officer threatened with a revolver forced Bakhrushina give him the skull of a relative. The lieutenant took rosewood casket in Sevastopol, on the ship, where he served. Soon came to Sevastopol Italian torpedo boats to pick up the ashes of the Sardinian generals for reburial. Janowski handed chest captain of one of them asked me to give the casket Russian consul. In the spring of 191 1, the captain went to sea for a long time. And his younger brother — a student of the University of Rome, went with a group of friends in the entertainment train trip. For fun, the student took the skull with him to train at the time of entry into the tunnel and get the skull to scare your friends. However, before entering the tunnel passengers seized incomprehensible panic. The student decided to jump off the footboard. It was he who told reporters afterwards, and the strange white cloud that swallowed the unfortunate part, and instinctive horror to embrace tourists and rosewood casket, taken at the time of his brother’s office.

Since then, the skull Gogol travels the globe in a ghost train. At least documented cases of its repeated appearance of Poltava, in his homeland, in the little station «Zavalichi», and in 1940, on the eve of the birth of Adolf Hitler’s ghost train appeared on the top-secret one-way street leading to the semi-underground bet Fuhrer. Also ghost was seen in a railway tunnel under the English Channel.

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July 14, 1995 PhD Andreychenko Paul, head of the Kiev Psychiatric Hospital, examined the patient rather strange. The story of a forty-year warrant officer Anton Gnatyuka radar platoon commander of one of the air defense units is exactly the same with the story of the operator «Khortytya» Vyacheslav Fomenko.

The TV was shocked coincidences.

Hnatiuk said that coming back from a business trip, he was able to buy a ticket just for the morning train. Money for the hotel was not. Ensign decided to negotiate with the conductors and spend the night in one of the cars standing in the sludge. There he discovered a strange structure of the pre-war, and perhaps earlier construction. There he decided to spend the night.

However, as soon as the warrant officer touched the door handle of his wagon stunned powerful electric discharge. Composition evaporated. Man miraculously survived.

Scientists call the phenomenon of ghost train clot superdense time. A cause of cruel joke of nature — a temporary density differences.

Experts suggest that the ghost train can appear anywhere at any point of the globe. Others, however, relate the fact that Gogol’s life, his destiny and death are full of hard to explain oddities.

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