Emergency evacuation after floods in japan

Emergency evacuation after floods in Japan Natural Disasters

Approximately 25,000 residents of Japan. Kyushu were forced to evacuate their homes because of the threat of flooding and landslides after prolonged rains, never ceased to pour more days. The number of evacuees in Heath, Oita Prefecture, was 16 800.

The city is in danger due to sharply raise the water level in the rivers surrounding the town. Perhaps, the evacuation will proceed in the coming days, as the rain continued to pour and hold for a few more days. At this point rainfall of 50-70 mm per hour.

In the city of Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, 7,600 people recommended to leave their homes, as there were several landslides that compromises the integrity of some houses. In Saga Prefecture flow of rain water carried into the sough a car parked on the road. Fortunately, the driver sitting behind the wheel could save time, however, he did not avoid injuries and is in critical condition.

Rainfall in San Juan, Philippines.

Not only Japan, but other countries of South Asia are fighting violent seasonal rains and floods. Livni haunt the Philippine capital and the city of San Juan, turning streets into rivers.

Suffering from monsoon and southwest China. In the city of Nanchong were several landslides in low-lying areas the water is no longer absorbed and accumulates. Rescuers had to pull the drowning residents from dangerous areas. Just saved 46 people. On June 30 in Dazhou of rains and floods killed three people, destroyed 2,419 homes, 5,529 have all sorts of damage.

Lishu crumbling bridge, city of Dazhou, Sichuan Province.

Dazhou flooded streets.

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