Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock 17 pistol

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

At the current time, Glock pistols and the model 17 that is, are among the most reliable and undemanding among all ever produced and is now pending before the self-loading pistols

About the Austrian company Glock pistols today said virtually everything. Anyone who has more or less interested in firearms in general and personal short-barreled gun and knows exactly what Glock — this is probably the most popular and well-known pistol, one of the more reliable, are in constant high demand as the law enforcement agencies and armed forces around the world and for ordinary people buying for themselves tool for target shooting and self-defense. Many professionals in the field of personal weapons and combat the introduction of Glock pistols considered the best in the world because of the perfect combination of properties such as reliability under the most severe operating criteria, more than enough for combat and self-defense shooting accuracy, as the aiming and high-speed «instinctive «accuracy when, the highest safety, convenience, comfort at a constant concealed or open carrying, the greatest simplicity in the appeal, ease of maintenance, high service life, interchangeability of parts, it is the highest sturdiness and stability of coating iron parts to corrosion and wear, and of the end all, is not comparable to the highest price.

This is a really good tool preferred by the master, participating in actual combat and special operations, special forces soldiers of the best in the world. Glock is also very adore the ones who just like gun and shooting, and especially those who prefer to implement the lack of problems. People living in countries where the private short-barreled weapon allowed to sell civilian persons choosing Glock for employment or for carrying fire in self-defense, guided by the same principles as the military and police. It is always better to have a gun that will not let either on the range or on the street. Better to have a gun that is comfortable and easy to use than the complex in the appeal, which is particularly pressing issues for people with no ability to frequent friction with his gun on the application of tools in extreme situations. It’s no secret that the holders of such criteria in which time thinking to do, and all acts performed automatically, simply forgets that included the fuse on their gun or not, and often the place of its location. Of course this is not the problem for cooked specialist, but for the ordinary person who is not accustomed to often deal with extreme situations, important basic simplicity of his gun.

Now on the market instruments around the world, there are many common patterns in the appeal of large and recognizable, deserved good reputation manufacturers. Compliance is achieved by first having only self-cocking the firing mechanism and the lack of a manually operated safety lever or trigger gun is equipped with a double act with benign descent lever hammers and again the same without the thumb safety. Of course a lot of hard choices. But the choice of the police, military and civilian dictated not only ease of appeal, and the presence of other Glock pistols at the above advantages, making it a convenient and suitable tool for all tasks. Arrows participating in competitions in practical shooting in IPSC, in class commercially producing implements, as well often prefer regular, precise, reliable, and more expensive successful Glock pistols. Naturally the design features of its firing mechanism and the need for security in the appeal involve quite a huge effort and trigger travel, which in general is fully applicable, but still bad for the accuracy of aimed fire, say at a distance of 14 meters, compared with pistols, Fully Fitted trigger double or single action. But, not to mention the benefits in combat over such traditional designs, it must be emphasized that the Glock pistols measured entirely a good show for a service pistol accuracy in a variety of ways and racks hand holding the gun. Also, it is completely accurate enough even for fans specifically aimed fire from the series pistols and merit the greatest results. With a new, just purchased Glock pistol can immediately go to a shooting range and he will shoot accurately.

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock 17 with a laser sight Virdinian Laser

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock 17 pistol third generation

But do not subside disputes about these design of favorite Austrian guns. Speak out because, most of which was now in the market of self-loading pistols guns are more pleasing visually, than if the same model Glock with a strictly multi-functional and, if I may say so, austere design. Although many strict forms like more than a luxury model. But it is a matter of taste. Yet, this debate does not abate in the armory press, shooting clubs and forums on the web. What does the arrow and gun enthusiasts in most own are divided into those for which the Glock — the best gun in the world, and those who hold a different opinion, and argues in favor of other manufacturers and their models, superior Glock for whatever qualities. It also happens that prefer to choose the Glock pistol as the main instrument of the other, and the opponents of the Austrian guns are their strong supporters. About the guns of the company at the beginning of their introduction on the market there were a great number of legends that the gun can not recognize the sensors at airports. Obviously, it was pure fiction, bloated ignorant journalists. In the gun more than enough iron parts for its detection. But Gaston Glock had to show himself in public «visibility» sensors pistols own company, in consequence of which the myth was dispelled. In any case, the company Glock have gained great success by supplying its own production arms markets a variety of countries around the world. And those who have tried these guns shooting, even if not very positive things to their design, opting for self Glock for use as the core, the 1st of the main or spare guns.

Glock, was created in 1980 by a group of designers with the role of Frederick Dehanta running on Gaston Glock founded in 1963 by the Austrian company, had never engaged in the design and construction tools. In the beginning, the company specialized in the manufacture of tools, then launched a military purpose products — gun belts, grenades and knives. By the way, the company has so far makes great knives. And the production of Gaston Glock pistols pushed the Austrian army search new personal weapons in 1980. Designers managed to bring to life the revolutionary at the time the decisions that have been shown to work well in the gun battle. The result was one of the leading positions in the world market tools and the broadest popularity of its products. Glock 17 — the first gun with a plastic frame, has earned great success in the global market instruments. The frame, trigger and store are made of durable polymer.

Gun for the first time joined the inside light weight, huge magazine capacity, compactness and safety in use, when worn with a cartridge in the chamber. Locking barrel Austrians took a loan from a pistol Sig Sauer P220. Designers abandoned a lever, operated by hand, for the benefit of automatic fuse. The trigger mechanism was simple, made on the basis of the same Austrian pistol Roth-Steyr M1907. It should be clarified that the index of 17 is not the number of patrons in the store. This is the number of copyright patent Gaston Glock. In 1982, under the designation P-90 pistol has adopted the Austrian army and the police. Glock 17 was Resettled counterterrorism division of the Austrian Federal Police EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra). A little later, the gun began to be used by armed forces, law enforcement agencies and special forces of Sweden and Finland, and c 1986 he was accepted by the army of Norway. Since the start of production of the first model Glock, had already had three generations of these guns, and the current time is in the production of the fourth generation — Gen 4. The first generation did not have the notch on the front and back surfaces of the hands, which appeared in the second, started producing in 1990. The third generation other than notches and disorderly corrugations on the lateral sides of the handle recess as well received by the fingers on the front surface of the handle recess and the lower flange of the thumb is on the left and on the right of the handle, as well as in front of the guide frames mounting of accessories.

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock pistols in hands of fighters SEK (Saxony-Anhalt Spezialeinsatzkommando — German police special forces)

Glock 17 pistol (austria)

Glock 17 in the hands of a Dutch soldier in Afghanistan

In late 1990 Glock 17 changed the Jericho 941 in the pits — a special unit of the Israeli police. After that, some Special Forces IDF adopted it instead of Sig Sauer P226 and Sig Sauer P228. At the current time Glock pistols are used in various armies and law enforcement agencies of 60 countries around the world. In 1986, the Austrian guns began to be imported into the United States. The first law enforcement agency to adopt a Glock pistols became a police department in the town of Colby, Kansas, and the first large batch was delivered to the Department of the town of St. Paul, Minnesota. Noteworthy tests Austrian guns, police conducted 25 from Miami. The gun was tested for safety in the fall for steel and concrete from a height of 18 meters with a cartridge in the chamber. Shot is not happening. The gun was kept in salt water, and made one hundred percent shooting equipment stores in the highest pace. None of the delay was not. From it for 45 minutes without annoying had shot 1000 rounds with expansive bullets without any problems. After these tests, the police department in Miami took Glock pistols into service. In current times, different versions of personal snub gun Glock offices are in service U.S. FBI (models 22, 23 and 27), the police in New York (with a trigger «New-York Trigger», having a higher trigger pull), police departments of Florida, Miami, Boston police of Kansas and South Carolina (South Carolina militia for the first time adopted a pistol Glock 22), and Mississippi, the Customs Department and the Office of Narcotics, and various special units, such as US Navy Seals and Delta. About 5,000 state and local police departments the U.S. adopted it.

Glock pistols are little more than half of all short-barreled guns purchased by U.S. law enforcement agencies. They are used by police around the world, for example, Glock is in service in Canada, Holland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, India and the Philippines. Glock 17 is used by the police in Hong Kong. Iraqi police also use Glock pistols along with other short-barreled gun, for example, manufacturers such as Beretta and Sig Sauer. In Germany Glock 17 is in service with the famous Spetsnaz units of the Federal Police of Germany GSG9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 — Border Guard Group 9) and SEK — German special forces police (Saxony-Anhalt Spezialeinsatzkommando). In France, the Glock 17, along with the models 19 and 26 are in service with the Group of state intervention Gendarmerie GIGN (Grouped’InterventiondelaGendarmerieNationale), counter-terrorist special forces «search, assistance, interference, dissuasion» RAID Unit and State Police investigations French GIPN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Police Nationale).

In Belgium, the Glock used assault unit of the State Gendarmerie — ESI (Esquadrond’InterventionSpecial) and a special unit of the BBT Antwerp police department. Glock pistols are used by mobile group of Polish rapid response GROM (Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego). Glock 17 is used in law enforcement agencies and departments of the Russian Federation, along with other Western standards, such as CZ 75 B, and Russian — PCA, IL, GS-18, firing bullets 9? 19. For example, these pistols taken into service in the FSB, GRU, FSO, FPS Russia and the Interior Ministry special forces. The success of the gun in no small measure also promotes broad marketing company manufacturer. But only. When comparative tests Glock always stand the test of the reliability, convenience and security in the appeal, precision shooting. The company is renowned for Glock decent service. All defective parts without problems replace with new ones, and instead of an old coat worn with a black outer layer is applied to the new for a nominal fee. Now the manufacturer has implemented over 2000000 guns of various modifications.

Glocks are very popular in the shooting sports. The photo is one of the steps of the competition IPSC Practical Shooting

Glock 17 pistol with a frame OD Green

Automation is working on the scheme used during the impact with a small trunk. Locking is performed by decreasing the breech entering their rectangular projection located above the cartridge chamber, the window to eject spent cartridges bolt shroud. Decrease occurs with the assistance of the bevel of the lower tide breech with the projection frame. Trigger striker type, with a preliminary, partial cocked at a withdrawal shutter-shell back and dovzvedeniem when you press the trigger. The company calls the Glock trigger such self-cocking design only (DAO). But this system is actually a traditional single-trigger actions with additional dovzvodom drummer. In the Glock pistol is cocked the hammer back by moving the shutter-shell, and compared very long stroke trigger and slightly more than that of ordinary single trigger acts effort needed for dovzvoda drummer substitute for manually operated lock. Length and effort to move in this case, prevent the accidental discharge with no thumb safety.

In addition to this, the trigger does not allow Glock pistols arrow after misfiring repeatedly squeeze the trigger, tasted again initiate the detonator. Need ekstraktirovat defective cartridge systems, thus drummer for the preparatory platoon, and hand in these new cartridge from the magazine into the chamber to be fired. This is also a sign of the traditional single-trigger offense, just in case the course and the trigger pull more. Equip a gun with 3 independently acting automatic fuses. The company Glock Named the system Safe Action. Safety lever, which is equipped with a trigger, covers his move back and releases only when you click the arrow conscious. Automatic firing pin safety pin punch makes unenforceable by Kapsel cartridge with a random failure of a sear cocked. Trigger bar ledge raises its special fuse, representing a cylinder groove, and drummer opens the way forward. Shockproof fuse is a projection trigger pull, which has a cross shape, part of the groove-gate housing. It prevents the disruption to sear cocked at external impact.

In practice, this design was very common and effective. It provides a shot in the shortest possible time and safety in the appeal. Guns are supplied with the latest release of the ejector, also served as a pointer having a loaded chamber. Trigger force of 2.5 kg and may be adjusted from 2 to 4 kg. The polymer frame is armed with 4-iron rails on which moves the gate-guard. Ergonomically shaped handle is tilted 112 degrees. On the left side of the frame is placed a small slide stop lever. Small area of its surface is often a prerequisite for criticism, but simply change the unique lever increased as needed. Locking barrel oboestoronny is above the trigger guard. The magazine release is located at the base of the trigger guard.

Gun Glock 17 with a metal frame from the company Robar

Glock 17 with an attached PBS Evolution 9

Right-hand rifling have a hexagonal profile with rounded side edges, this decreases friction and evenly distribute the load on the trunk of the passage of a bullet through it. Barrel with such a profile is a little longer, but less than the bore is coated with copper or brass casings from bullets and less deformed shell themselves. In other words, the barrel itself is easier and faster to clean and the integrity of the enclosure increases the accuracy of the bullet. Bullet shell fits snugly against the edges of the barrel, creating the best obturation of the powder gases, thereby betraying her some enormous energy and the original speed, but overall, it’s not noticeable enough. Sighting device, made of plastic consist of pillar with lets amendment by its horizontal displacement and a sight which can be replaced with each other up to the vertical correction. Distichous shop holds 17 rounds, but can be used and more than spacious. The gun consists of only 34 parts and can be completely disassembled by a pin or nail in one minute. Glock pistols currently being produced under the bullets .380 ACP, 9mm Parabellum, .357 SIG, .40 S & W, 10mm Auto and .45 ACP.

Now the market is unlimited gun parts for «customizing» the different extras and accessories from increased safety lever or slide stop to adjustable sights, and even the iron frames, producing a large and well-known, and personal malehankih firms. Most are popular items for Glock pistols are enlarged magazine catch, revertible different elastic force of the spring, the iron front sight and adjustable sight with tritium inserts. Practice has shown that the substitution of the standard magazine catch on to larger more frisky substitution may result in a risk of its loss in the holster and the extraction tool. Revertible spring advisable to substitute only if shooting will be conducted by the same, usually reinforced, cartridges, because when you use the least massive ordnance will appear delayed shooting because of the missing gate-opening the housing.

The best possible solution to improve and enhance the effectiveness of the gun would be the substitution of the standard front and rear sights to such sights as the TFO (Tritium Fiber Optic) of Truglo, equipped with a greenish light-collecting fiber inserts containing tritium. The greenish color is different is better than pure white and reddish, with decent lighting. Plastic optical fiber with qualities sends a huge part of the flow of light along the axis of the cylinder inserts, with the result that the attention is focused on hand at one time, and their aim is much faster. With all of this in the evening or indoors aim is black with bright glowing tritium. These sights are for obvious reasons of course are more expensive than ordinary, but excellent work and days of NIGHT MODE and, significantly increasing the speed of sight.

Sights TFO with fiber optic rods containing tritium

Glock 17 pistol holster with rubber handle of Hogue. At the current time, Glock pistols and the model 17 that is, are among the most reliable and undemanding among all ever produced and is now pending before the self-loading pistols.

The model range is a series of Glock pistols with inserted compensators. These guns are designated by letter C (Compensated) in addition to the index of the initial reference — Glock 17C. Such models are provided in the main competition for practical shooting, also for novice shooters. The main function of the compensator — reducing the toss gun when fired. Jetstream powder gases, aimed upward, counteracts tossed the gun. As a result, increased rate of fire and accuracy of high-speed shooting. Drawback is a powerful flash. When the feeble light image of this outbreak on kutsee time is stored in memory, which makes it difficult to work frisky further sighting shots. Such a dirty gun faster, and when shooting from a foot powder gas stream in the face of unpleasant pounding arrow. There may also be delayed if taken feeble bullets.

The frame, made of polymer, making tool easier and at the same time has the highest strength. Guns of early release had a pen with flat side and grooved front and rear surfaces. Handle with a great tilt angle while keeping a very comfortable and has protrusions for the fingers on the front surface of the thumb rests on both sides, also provided with a front and rear notch. This makes the gun handle perfectly controlled and ensures accuracy, as in painstaking aiming and shooting at high speed. When firing a doublet for all full-size and small-size models of the corresponding feature is the highest accuracy and strictly vertical placement results. Handles Glock pistols are not «cold» arm at low temperatures. On the front of the frame has slots for mounting tactical lights and laser sights. Gate-way enclosure is made of high-precision casting. The special treatment of iron parts under the title Tenifer, which is a carbonitriding, increases the strength of the surface up to 64 units at Rockwell also greatly increases the resistance to corrosion.

Udarnikovy USM was elected to the designers not only because of the simplicity in manufacturing. It allows to reduce to the minimum distance from the fore-end frame to the axis of the bore. In turn, decreases the impact and shoulder respectively toss the gun when fired. This design does not require as hardening iron frame inserts that increase weight. In the Glock 17 for the first time in the pistol was used revertible helical spring coils with rectangular cross section. In current models, this spring is fixed at its guide, which facilitates and simplifies assembly and disassembly tool. The shop has a plastic body — the result of a lack in the production of equipment for the production of sheet metal shops in the period of the first production gun. Produce a metal shop in the coming did not because deunifikatsii.

In the hands of girls Glock 17 with a silencer and tactical flashlight

Customized Glock pistol kitted sights Advantage Tactical Sights

As at least some guns at gun company Glock has its flaws. Often becomes a prerequisite misfires pollution channel drummer, usually because there has got sand. When feeble Enough time to time there are cases nedosylaniya patron. Plastic flies were not strong, and stagger with shutter-shell rear impact, but simply eliminate this defect substitute for iron sights. Another disadvantage of the number of small size slide stop and magazine catch, but this again is eliminated by substitution of their larger. 17C pistols and other versions with inserted compensators using massive enough ammo or equipped with light bullets often do not ekstraktiruyut cartridge cases and bullets shall be sent because of the energy required for the automation measured spent compensator. There have to be difficulties with the guides, breaks from side impacts caused due to an error in production, but quite rapidly eliminated. Glock pistols just shoot, but in order to shoot with pinpoint accuracy, you need a fairly long workout. A prerequisite for breakage of parts and destruction frames are very massive, usually equips hand, cartridges, but it is not a direct drawback specifically design. By shortcomings can also be indirectly attributed bumpy detail on each other, for example, the gate to the frame and store in the neck of the handle.

A fascinating feature of Glock pistols is the ability to fire under water. With all of this happens not only break, and blow up the barrel. But for a measured response requires a special capsule drummer with transverse bores or a set of Spring cups amfibia — action spring hammer with a plastic tray with holes. Only available for pistols chambered for 9mm Parabellum. But for firing under water without the risk of blowing up the trunk recommended the introduction of cartridges with bullets tselnoobolochechnymi type FMJ. Glock pistols allow shooting under water to a depth of 3 meters. The bullet retains enormous energy from up to 2-meters when firing at a depth of 1 meter. Also effective shooting at close range out of the water, with all this, there is no sound of the shot. This method of firing uchyat in almost all the special units.

It is necessary to mention the series of tests, which successfully passed the serial Glock 17. Ice — a pistol equipped with a store was frozen in ice cube for 60 days. After which it is removed from the ice and fired 100 shots with 10 rounds of ammunition. Gryazyuka — the gun was oiled, closed and immersed in a mixture of different gryazyuka: dry sand, clay, wet river sand. After each such procedure, repeated 5 times, was made on 100 shots. In the mud — the gun was completely wetted with water and immersed in the river mud. After a single shake of the gun with the remnants of the sludge was produced 10 episodes of 10 shots. Water — it is equipped with a gun was immersed for 1 hour in water to a depth of 1 meter, then pulled a gun out of the water and immediately produced a series of 10 to 10 shots. Strength of: a loaded gun was placed on a large gravel, then rode him hard on the truck. Then the truck was left parked on the hour wheel on the gun. After that was made 100 shots. All tests were performed in the indicated sequence with one and the same gun and a magazine. In no delay was not blocked.

Pistol Glock 17 Gen 4 — Glock 4th generation

Pistol Glock 17 Gen 4

Every Glock pistol shooting test verified the highest capacity cartridges, creating tremendous pressure in the barrel. Practice has proved that the Glock stands almost two-fold excess pressure. The gun has a huge resource of strength. Some guns Survive after hundreds of thousands of shots. The practice of continuous shooting owners of these guns for a long time, and shooting under water and firing long without cleaning and oiling guns, confirms its superior resistance to corrosion of all the details — Glock not zarzhavevaet. As for the vitality and life, then there is the Austrian company products are put simply astounding records. Resource gun under warranty is 40,000 shots, but the factory tests have shown that the Glock 17 can withstand more than 360,000 rounds without major mechanical failure of parts guns. Chuck Taylor — a specialist in arms and recognizable journalist nastrelyal from your own Glock has more than 1 million bullets! In general, pistols Glock are very comfortable, good around the gun, and are the best choice for police, military and special forces, and ordinary people using gun for self-defense, or get involved in sports shooting. In late 2009, the company began producing pistols Glock 4th generation, designated Gen 4, which were presented at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The first models were Gen 4 Glock 22 pistols and Glock 17 4th generation, designated Gen 4 Glock 22 Gen 4 and 17, respectively. The main innovation Gen 4 are: removable panel back of the handle, brand new texture of the handle, two revertible spring, more narrow grip, magazine release increased with greater surface area that can be rearranged on the right side of the pistol frame, on the left side of the slide-cover, for a stylized symbol of the company and the model number designation is Gen 4.

The main properties

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum

Length of gun: 186 mm

Barrel length: 114 mm

Height of gun: 138 mm

Beam weapons: 30 mm

Weight unloaded: 625

Capacity: 17 (optional 19 or 33) rounds

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