German book for children on sex education

German book for children on sex education

German book for children on sex education

Look, it’s a baby.

You know how it come from?

Here you can see my mom and dad.

Together they made this baby.

U-Turn 2.

This dad and mom naked.

You can see the mother’s breast, and her mother‘s crack.

This gap is called the vagina.

You can see my dad’s tail.

Tail is called a member.

And you can see my dad a bag between his legs.

It is called the scrotum.

Mom and Dad love each other.

They kiss.

Dad’s dick gets bigger.

Now, it is right.

Mom and Dad want to dad’s dick was in my mother’s vagina.

It’s really nice.

U-turn 3.

Mom and Dad lay down on the bed.

They stick penis in the vagina.

Now they can play with each other.

Mom and Dad shake each other up and down.

This is called a sleep with each other.

It can be very cool.

So mom and dad, if they wish, can get the baby.

Mom and Dad love each other.

They very much want to have children.

In my father’s bag has so many sperm cells.

When mom and dad are sleeping with each other, seed cells exit the penis.

Seed cells swam in my mother’s vagina and fall into a cavity in my mother’s belly.

This cavity is called the uterus.

It is at times a tiny egg.

The turn 4.

It takes many days.

Nine months have passed since that moment the egg and seed cell found each other.

Now the child is already quite large and wants out.

My mother’s stomach was so large that it is no longer suitable for almost any one dress.

«I feel like shrinking the uterus — mother says Pope. — Soon I will give birth to our child. «

U-Turn 5.

Pope lucky mom in the hospital.

Mom goes to bed in the blade.

Doctor comes and talks to her mother and father.

The doctor will help her mother at birth.

U-Turn 6.

And my mother begins to give birth.

First, from the mother’s vagina appears the baby’s head.

Then come the handle.

U-Turn 7.

And for all the baby out of the mother.

The doctor cuts the umbilical cord.

The latter, too, went out.

So the baby is born.

Mom and baby a few days rest ..

Then they come home.

When a child wants to eat, he drinks milk from his mother’s breast.

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