In novosibirsk built an indoor football arena by 3 5 million viewers

  • In novosibirsk built an indoor football arena by 3 5 million viewers

In Novosibirsk, opened a new indoor football arena «Dawn» by 3.5 million viewers. It will be the basis of the regional football center. The construction includes a Full football field, halls for indoor soccer, press conferences, strength and general fitness training, training rooms, showers, locker rooms. Arena built in the framework of the program «Development of football in the Russian Federation for 2008-2015».

  • In novosibirsk built an indoor football arena by 3 5 million viewers

«Today, we summarize a lot of work to create a regional football center — said the mayor. — The new arena was the real proof that Novosibirsk is a reliable partner of the federal government in the implementation of many programs, including sports. » Vladimir Gorodetsky said that now the main task — to make life a new set of rich, long-term program of development, taking into account the fact that it is the main component of vertical training young athletes, which for the last few years, built in Novosibirsk. «Technical Regulations facility allows Russian championship game, so it’s possible that some of the games, especially in the off-season, will be held here,» — said Vladimir Gorodetsky.

The uniqueness of this object, according to the mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky, not only in the fact that it is the only indoor soccer field behind the Urals, but also in the fact that it has demonstrated the possibility of the construction of the city: Novosibirsk project is done by specialists, farm for unsupported spans were designed and constructed at the Novosibirsk plant. According to experts, in Russia, this technology was considered lost, the method used by the Canadian construction of such large objects.

As the present at the opening of the General Director of FSUE «Sport-engineering» Alexander Vasiukov, Novosibirsk indoor riding «Dawn» — the first and only one of the seven facilities planned by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, under the federal target program for the development of sports, other cities late with the construction of 2-3 years. «The complex, which shall now in Novosibirsk — the only one in Russia, — said Alexander. — Combining outdoor soccer fields, a hall for indoor soccer and indoor arena of high standard with full-size field — a rather rare, and for the world of practice. «

Accomplishment of the sports complex «Dawn» will continue in the near future. According to the mayor, to be put in order the swimming pool, which is located within the complex, as well as to build a pedestrian crossing to the new arena, so that children can move safely, as close to the dense traffic movement towards residential community being built.

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