In perm has installed more than 40 000 smart meters

A pilot project to create an integrated metering system based on Smart Metering technology is implemented in the city of Perm, on the initiative of «IDGC Holding» with the support of the Government of the Perm region and the administration of the city of Perm.

In perm has installed more than 40 000 smart meters


The project envisages installation of Motovilikhinsky in the region of Perm in the area of responsibility of the branch of JSC «IDGC of Urals» — «Permenergo» about 50,000 current of electricity meters and their subsequent integration into a single automated information and measuring system.

Installation of new meters began in June 2011. On five floors of the pilot area are subject to different accounting units of electricity. As Russian producers — «Incotex», «Energomera», «The Matrix», and foreign — «Eshelon» (USA), and «SAGEM» (France).

Currently installed 40,522 metering device, accounting for 81% of the planned amount. Nearly 33,000 new meters installed in the apartments residents of apartment buildings, 4,2 thousands — in the homes of the private sector, more than 600 — the legal entities.

As a collective water meter in the residential buildings found nearly 700 meters. More than 2 thousand metering points installed in substations (TS). In parallel, we are working on the development of information and computing complex top-level (CPI), integrated metering system.

Recall that the pilot project is being implemented within the framework of the federal program «Count, Save and Pay», developed by the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia under the Russian President. Its total value is over 360 million. These funds are provided in the investment program of the branch of JSC «IDGC of Urals» — «Permenergo». One of the main goals of the project is to develop incentives energy-efficient consumption of electricity by the consumer. Later Permian experience can be extended to other regions of Russia.

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