Jsc iss creates a groundbased satellite control amos5 and telkom3

JSC «Information Satellite Systems» Academician MF Reshetnev «completes work on the creation of ground-based control (GCC) spacecraft AMOS-5 and TELKOM-3 in Israel and Indonesia.

Work on the creation of ground-based control are conducted by Reshetnev under contracts for the manufacture of telecommunications satellites AMOS-5 (Israel) and TELKOM-3 (Indonesia). NKU designed for spacecraft control.

The specialists of JSC «ISS» is responsible for the construction of the antenna and the command-measuring systems, installation of equipment in the mission control centers, and the development and delivery of custom software and dynamic software simulator.

Currently being installed computers at mission control AMOS-5 satellites. After putting NKU in Israel specialists Reshetnev company will begin installing the equipment command and measuring systems and mission control center in Indonesia.

The final step in creating a ground-based control specialists of JSC «ISS» will be to train customer representatives on the management of satellites software simulators spacecraft AMOS-5 and TELKOM-3.

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