Las vegas life underground

Las vegas life underground

Las Vegas, NV. Sin City and the passions of mankind. Here all in the mind: the colorful masquerade show up closed erotic parties.

However, it is known only to the initiated, which is hidden under the posh hotels to madness:

While the country’s raging financial and economic crisis, millions of Americans continue to spend billions of dollars in this city, literally under the ground in Las Vegas, we found a very different reality.

At the top you can see the most expensive hotels, where the cream of American society burn millions of dollars during the crisis. However, we go down to the bottom of this jewel of the planet ..

After a few miles under the ground in Las Vegas, quietly we get to Ceasar Palace, one of the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas, only to grinding and polishing marble columns from developers who left more than one million dollars. Tourists at the top do not even realize what they live for. There is an awful stench!

«But beautiful!» — Say my companions, looking at a wall with graffiti that appear here as an ancient rock art. «It is beautiful? — I object to answer — because dysentery here is terrible! I can not imagine how you can live for years in the concrete bag under the city.

Moving on to the north. Suddenly, in one of the tunnels, drainage systems Vegas we find an entire parking lot of homeless people, junkies. Here and there are scattered dirty mattresses, Dart small rodents, huge cockroaches, used syringes lying around, and, of course, always got bottles of expensive bourbon. In this group of homeless people like all other people: park is divided into three parts — the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Everywhere we find a lot of pornographic magazines.

Says Matthew O’Brien, an American journalist who spent nine years in the study of the underground city beneath Las Vegas:

«Many of these people have given up on the American dream, addicted to drugs, alcohol, which is widely available. During his fall, many of them have lost all their possessions. It’s not very pleasant public, at different times of the year living here from 300-400 to 1,000. I know of a veteran who lived in the basement, spends his pension and social benefit, which gives him the state of the game. »

Las vegas life underground

«In Arizona, I did not pay for 7 summonses, so run away here, where I stole the documents, so now I can not get a job,» — told us she’s 47 years old, who with her boyfriend hanging out in the doorways of entertainment.  

This couple we met at a gas station at 9:00 am, where they pohmelyalis after yesterday. During the day they beg from passers-by, at night — hiding from the police and the bad weather in the tunnels beneath the city. In the evenings sometimes they arrange joint booze with citizens like myself.

«We had to sleep literally everywhere: in the field, in the bushes, in gutters and tunnels — says Virginia. — It does not release the police, because in this dungeon you can easily run into trouble. For example, just last night we were trying to steal. But we try to keep the groups to make it easier to survive. Now living with us 22 people. » 

Matthew O’Brayon: «Homeless remove fines from the slot machines, turn inside trash cans in search of food and clothing, begging on the streets of Vegas. Naturally, the police and security forces of all the casino keeps them away from the tourist routes, so the silhouette of a homeless person izredko you see on the Strip, more and more they flash on the outskirts of the city. «

The drainage system in Las Vegas has a length of more than two hundred miles. During its history, its concrete walls have seen dozens of debris, floods, overdoses and tragic deaths. The fact is that in the desert storm comes suddenly and just as suddenly filled with rainwater collectors, and if an addict forgotten in the kumara in one of them, then — down the drain.

«Just one look we can arrest the police officers also arrested for trespassing private property on the surface, but they do not care about our underground parking lot» — say the American homeless.

«We are planning to get married, but I still have not bought her an engagement ring. Maybe it will be here in Las Vegas, like all other people: a leather jacket and jeans .. «- a dreamy boyfriend thinks of Virginia, the former wife had bankrupted him in New York in a divorce.

«And then the child .. we are still working on it! You see, we laugh at ourselves, because if you do not laugh, you cry, «- laughing in a drunken stupor Dave with his girlfriend, nervously puffing on a cigarette.

From this bum-couple is heavily multi-day and stale urine. Try to imagine how they have sex somewhere in the doorways Vegas. It is impossible.

These collectors are people who do not got used to the American public, can not and do not want to pay taxes, so they sink to the bottom, where they can not afford to pay for a house or an apartment, pay various bill-morons, etc. completely withdrawing from the system, and in the end they can expect a hell.

«I began to study this underground city after a note in one of the newspapers, which reported that in one of the tunnels under the city found the body of the murdered guy — says Matthew. — It’s not the best place in Las Vegas, live here all those who have no place up there: down and out drug addicts, thieves and notorious ex-prisoners. »

After going seven circles of hell, Las Vegas, is to say one thing: all that on top of us seem brighter, down here, is to check a hundred times darker, and these slums, the filth, mud, stench and inhuman conditions in which they live, these people.

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