Motor sich engines for unmanned aerial vehicles

It is now one of the most promising areas of military aircraft is recognized the creation of unmanned aircraft systems for various purposes with multiple UAVs and a single application, including cruise missiles. Active use of such complexes in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Middle East and the Balkans clearly demonstrated their effectiveness. In making engines for Soviet UAV participated Zaporozhye company «Motor Sich». Today, thanks to 50 years of experience manufacturing and providing service, JSC «Motor Sich» is able to create and produce engines for UAVs for various purposes.

  • Motor sich engines for unmanned aerial vehicles

Since 1956, in Kiev began production of RD 500K for «Cold War Veterans’ aircraft shells COP 1, front-line FCR 1 cruise missiles, ship missiles and cruise missiles CIL target ASO 1. Then the engines produced TP3 117 unmanned spy plane reusable Tu 143 and its modernized version — TU 243, and based on them the target M 143. 

In the first half of the 1980s, this plant started production of small engines of R95 300 for air-launched cruise missiles — the strategic and tactical X 55 X 65 and X 59M; sea-based — antiship X 35, and the target on the basis of its IC 35.

R95 300 family of engines to date are in production and in the various missile systems operated in a number of countries around the world.

In the early 1990s, the family of the AI 25TL engine was mounted on a reconnaissance drone strike reusable Tu 300.

This is history, and now JSC «Motor Sich» can offer a wide range of UAV creators of new engines — piston, turboprop, turboshaft and double-circuit.

Created in conjunction with the GP «Design Office» Progress «to them. Academician AG Ivchenko» turboshaft engine AI 450 may be a power plant UAV helicopter type, similar to Eagle Eye, Fire Scout, etc.

Currently under development versions of this engine turboprop with tractor and a pusher propeller on the basis of which can be created for UAV engines for various purposes, including for intelligence, with long-endurance class MALE.

JSC «Motor Sich» is working on the creation of a turboprop engine family with MS 14 hp takeoff power 1500-1850 On the basis of this engine can be created modifications for the UAV strategic or operational use with the high altitude long-endurance class HALE.

Past experience creating and refining turboprop TV3 117VMA SBM1 allows to develop a modification of the engine with a longer shaft line to the external propeller gearbox, which allows to simplify the task of obtaining the necessary alignment for single-engine UAV classical design with a pusher propeller.

On the basis manufactured by JSC «Motor Sich» TV3 117VMA SBM1 in the short term can be developed turbojet MS 750. Compared to its predecessor — 117 TR3 engine it will have almost 25% more thrust and lower specific fuel consumption.

Engine MS 750 will be effective for high-speed combat and reconnaissance UAV and can be used to upgrade the UAV TU 143 and TU 243.

The experience gained by designers «Motor Sich» for creating and fine-tuning together with experts AESTC «Union» of various engine modifications R95 300, allowed to develop a small-sized bypass engines family of MS 400. These motors have a maximum thrust of 400 to 450 kg and can be mounted on the UAV as a single and repeated use.

Depending on the layout of engines manufactured UAV or vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh plant or for external installation on the pylon, the incoming case to the engine.

Work is underway to build a turbojet engine thrust MS 100 and 100 kg MS 450 turbofan engine thrust of 390 kgf at reduced with respect to the MS 400 engine size and weight.

Previously created engines for CF / SS families 25TL AI and AI 222 provide an opportunity to develop not only reconnaissance-strike UAV Tu 300, but also combat drones similar Nortrop Grumman X 47 Pegasus and the Boeing X 45. It should be noted that the presented OKB. AS Yakovlev (developer of combat training aircraft Yak-130 with engine AI222 25) development program envisages the establishment of the Yak 130 unmanned aircraft with a combat load of up to 3 tons

For strategic reconnaissance Global Hawk UAV type may be offered the AI 22. The high efficiency of this engine achieves a long time finding the UAV over an area of patrol.

All the above shows clearly that the Ukrainian aviamotorostroiteli not only have extensive experience creating, producing and ensuring the operation of engines for UAVs, but also ready to supply its partners engines for virtually any project these types of aircraft.

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