Ogas and a free press

I decided to read about OGAS — Nationwide automated system recording and processing of the information offered in the Soviet Union to develop even before the U.S. ARPANET and other Models living.

And etat system should focus not only on the transmission of data, but also for the automated management of the economy.

Interesting shtrishok, illyustiruyuschy role of the American «free press» in the destruction of this breakthrough project in the bud:

Meanwhile, a bacchanal in the Western press. Initially, virtually no one knew anything about our proposals, they were classified. The first paper, which appeared in the press — it was a draft directives of the XXIV Congress, where it was written about OGAS, CSEE, etc.

The first Americans were worried.  They, of course, not to war with us are betting — it’s just a cover, they want an arms race to crush our economy, the already weak. And, of course, any strengthening of our economy — it is for them the most terrible of all that can be. Therefore, they immediately opened fire at me from all possible caliber. There first two articles, one in the «Washington Post» Victor Zorza, and the other — in the British «Guardian». The first was called «punch-card controls the Kremlin» and was intended for our leaders. It read as follows: «King of the Soviet academician Glushkov Cybernetics proposes to replace the Kremlin leaders computing machines. «And so on, Base article.

An article in «The Guardian» was designed for the Soviet intelligentsia. It said that Academician Glushkov proposes to create a network of data centers with the data banks, it sounds very modern, and it is more advanced than it is now in the West, but it is not for the economy, but in fact this is an order KGB that seeks to put away thoughts of Soviet citizens in databases and keep track of each person.

This second article in the «voices» passed fifteen times in different languages of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp.

Then followed by a series of reprints of these dirty libel in other major capitalist newspapers — both American and Western European, and a series of new articles. Then strange things began to happen. In 1970, I flew from Montreal to Moscow IL-62. An experienced pilot felt something was wrong when we were flying over the Atlantic have, and returned back. It turned out that the fuel is spiked with something. Thank God, nothing happened, but it remains a mystery who did it and why. A little later in Yugoslavia on our car almost bumped truck — our driver miraculously managed to dodge.

And all our opposition, in particular economic, took up arms to me. At the beginning of 1972 in «News» published an article «The Lessons of electronic boom» written by Milner, deputy GA Arbatov — Director of the Institute of the United States of America. In it, he attempted to prove that the U.S. demand for computers fell. In a number of memoranda to the Central Committee of the economists who traveled on business trips to the United States, the use of computers for the management of the economy was equal to the trend of an abstract painting. Mol capitalists buy cars just because it is fashionable, so as not to appear unmodern. It’s all disoriented guide.

Nothing new.

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