Philips and optogan making available innovative light

From May to September, SP «Phillips and OptoGaN» reduces the price of LED lights City ORK310 LED137 45%. Special event «efficient LED solutions for street lighting. Try to quality «is aimed at making more consumers appreciate the advantages of the new generation of modern fixtures.

The action is designed to accelerate the modernization of the network of artificial lighting and make the transition from traditional sodium lamps (HPS 250W) for high-tech LED lighting. Their widespread use will help to improve the situation on the roads and reduce the likelihood of an accident, because it is high-quality LED lighting provides a comfortable environment and visibility.

Campaign by the «Philips and OptoGaN» also aims to perform other important tasks: reducing energy costs. Power lamp of 150 W, which is a savings of over 40% compared to the 250W HPS lamps. High-tech components ORK310 LED137 can not only save energy, but also guarantee the durability of more than 50,000 hours. Important from an economic point of view is still that the payback period for the modernization and construction of a new lighting system is small — from 3 years.

«We hope that a solid discount will be a key argument for those who still have doubts whether to make a bet on LED lighting or not. We want to see as much as possible, in practice, consumers feel the benefits of using quality fixtures and once and forever in the club of fans of LED lighting technology, «- says commercial director share» Philips and OptoGaN «Dmitry Chezhin.

The action of the «Philips and OptoGaN» will be held from May 15 to September 30, 2013 is valid throughout the territory of Russia.

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