Russia’s new dwdmtransponder for transmitting 100g ethernet in

backbone networks

Product line of «T8» enriched with a new single channel 100 Gb / s transponder carrier-class TR-100. The transponder is built on a platform of «Volga» developed by «T8», which was delivered several world records: Signal 100 Gbit / s to 501.3 km in a single-span transmission line and 100 Gb / s to 4000 km without dispersion compensators.


  • Russia's new dwdmtransponder for transmitting 100g ethernet in
  • TR-100 DWDM

TR-100 produces 3R-regeneration in the OTN client optical signal 100 Gbit / s Gigabit Ethernet and back. The tests took place in the laboratory of the company on the line length of 1600 km, and confirmed full readiness transponder for use in communication networks.

Data is transmitted in the format line in the OTN OTU4 using error correction algorithms Soft-FEC/Super-FEC G.975 I.7. Data is transmitted on a stabilized wavelength, in accordance with the frequency grid DWDM. The wavelength tunable laser allows you to organize the C-band DWDM-up to 88 channels in increments of 50 GHz. Tests have shown great value OSNRt, which amounted to 12.5 dB, which is significantly greater than in the similar equipment from other manufacturers.

The transponder supports the standards 100GBASE-LR4 and 100GBASE-LR10, and a fully 802.5 IEEE, allowing you to use CFP module together with other manufacturers and build scalable converged network.

«The new channel transponder — only 100 Gb / s transponder developed in Russia. Transponder surpasses its foreign competitors in the parameter OSNRt — One of the key DWDM-this type of equipment — the general director of «T8″ Vladimir Treschikov. — We have proved the competitiveness of Russian high-tech developments in the global IT market. The equipment meets all international standards and can be used on already constructed network infrastructure. The transponder will be interesting not only for operators, but also for communication channel data centers. »


About «T8»

The company «T8» ( — A leader in the development and implementation of DWDM-systems. The basis of the company consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the development of equipment DWDM. «T8» is the industry-leading measurement laboratory. By 2013, the company deployed more than 45,000 km of DWDM-networks, which is more than 7% market share in Russia. In 2012, the company developed the platform records were set: the transfer of 100G 4000-km 80-channel DWDM-system without dispersion compensators, to transfer 100G at 501.3 km for single-span lines using ROPA.  

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