Shop human flesh in London

Creepy butcher shop recently opened on London's famous meat market Smithfield, where the buyer offer to buy any part of the human carcass: the hands, ears, and even the torso. Such a creative advertising course creators came up with the game Resident Evil Capcom.

All this is reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie: human limbs, packaged and presented to the public. Meat hanging from hooks, individual organs located on the tables, made of stainless steel, like a morgue.

Human hands can buy? 5.99, and the legs are a bit more expensive -? 6.00, but that did not stop fans of Resident Evil and zombie enthusiasts to shell out for these unusual items. That buyers will do with them on — we just have to think out.

One of the selling features of human limbs is that they are all created from the meat of animals, that's just my view fully comply with the human. Unusual shop was open only a few days, for better advertising of the new game, but despite such a short time but, shop managed pretty "much noise."

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