Tech chmzap to fight fires

JSC «Uralavtopritsep» won the tender from the Ministry of Forestry Republic of Tatarstan for the supply of trailers for the formation of fire-chemical stations. In semi-trailer ChMZAP 037UVS 93853-11 (prototype ChMZAP 93853-037 UUB2) modify the height of SSA, which sostavlyaet1490 mmpri total weight of the semitrailer.

  • Tech chmzap to fight fires

This model is representative of a family of semi-trailers with a reduced height of the loading platform. Two-axle semi-trailer ChMZAP 93853-11 037UVS with reinforced frame and side shields, carrying capacity 24 tons, is equipped with a single-stage mechanical ramps with additional support rigidly fixed for arrival of special equipment. (Angle of arrival, 12?). Platformy11400 mm length. Wideners flooring is made of beech wood board with antifungal impregnation. Semi-trailers are equipped with anti-skid strips, binding devices rings and loops on the side spar. Pneumatic brake company WABCO.

Low position of the loading platform provided by small diameter tires (235/75 R17, 5), allows you to carry equipment and large loads up to 3100 mm without exceeding the standards. Balance-spring or compressed air (optional) suspension provides the necessary smoothness and stability of semi-trailers.

Semi-fitted widened the loading platform (do3000 mm) for the transportation of oversized cargo. According to the width of the trailer fits into the normative dimensions. Having flatbed platform in front of the models makes them more convenient to use. It is used for the storage of spare wheels, deck wideners frames and other accessories tractor and semi-trailer.

In 2011, the semi ChMZAP included in the list of fire-fighting equipment, recommended to the acquisition by a grant from the federal budget of the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation. Tech ChMZAP was approved and recommended for use in the Ural and Kamaz trucks


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