The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

  • The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

In recent years there has been a positive trend in building the capacity of the Russian Air Force. In the next ten years, the total number of contemporary models of aircraft, comprising the Air Force, should be brought up to 80 per cent planned to supply troops multifunctional Su-34, Su-35s, MiG-29 SMT and MiG-35. Is a development of flight crews prospective trainer aircraft Yak-130.

At the stage of development works out to develop a fifth-generation long-range bomber. After 2015, will begin mass production of promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA), which in 2010 made its first flight. In 2012 took place «premiere» of the new modernized Il-76MD-90A, based on which you want the whole family of military transport aircraft (MTC), air tankers and special-purpose aircraft.

Reconstruction of infrastructure

MTC flight Il-76MD-90A established JSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex named Ilyushin» (JSC «Ilyushin») and built at Ulyanovsk aircraft factory «Aviastar-SP», gives every reason to believe that the Russian aircraft industry was able to turn of the second decade of the XXI century to solve the most important strategic task of the national aircraft industry, and particularly transport aircraft.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia in fact left without the industrial base for the production of transport and military transport aircraft, which are the main components of the Ukraine («Antonov») and Uzbekistan (Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named after V. Chkalov — TAPOiCH) . Now in Ulyanovsk created and continues to be formed Russian Centre of Transport and military transport aircraft, whose role in the revival of military transport aircraft (BTA) Russia is a priority.

The first contract for the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the supply of 39 Il-76MD-90A — the basic design of machines in a new family of Russian transport aircraft — has confirmed its full compliance with the modern needs of our military.

  • The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

According to the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan, it is up to 2020 makes adjustments to its operations, shifting the focus from the military to the civil aviation and military transport. Today, the volume of military production UAC is 80-85 per cent, while for civil use has 15-20. By 2020, plans to increase civilian component products KLA to 50 percent, and by 2014 the ratio of military and civilian components is expected to achieve a ratio of 58:42, respectively. By 2025 the volume of military production should be reduced and still be 30 per cent, while for civilian aircraft, including transport, will account for 70 percent of the entire business of the corporation.

KLA leadership optimistic plans to increase the share of air transport in the total volume of the products, as well as the Air Force hopes to re-VTA new aircraft based on the successful implementation of the Il-476. The first Il-76MD-90A, created as part of this project, «IL» and built in Ulyanovsk «Aviastar-SP», in October 2012, was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin and began the flight test program. As head of the «Eli» Viktor Livanov, fully program of these tests will be completed in the third quarter of 2014, while its first phase will end in the third quarter of 2013.

Serious program

«The first phase of flight tests Il-76MD-90A provides for around 50 flights. In the first quarter of 2013 we will have 22 in Zhukovsky flight to test the machine and check its performance characteristics. Then the government will begin joint testing with the customer, which provide for about 28 flights at the airport and in Zhukovsky, Chkalov «, — said Lebanon.

After completion of the initial phase of flight testing will be the preliminary approval of the customer, and technical documentation for the aircraft assigned to the letter «O», which allows him to begin mass production in the factory «Aviastar-SP». Then, the second phase is scheduled special flight test when the plane will be reset of cargo, landing troops. The entire program of tests is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2014, after which the first deliveries will start on a new car.

  • The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

The first contract with the Ministry of Defence worth 140 billion rubles was signed on 4 October 2012 for the supply of 39 machines. «However, this is only the beginning. According to our calculations, taking into account the release of a family of aircraft based on the Il-76MD-90A order book for new transport aircraft in the near future will reach one trillion rubles, «- said Lebanon. The onboard systems and the design of the IL-76MD-90A upgraded from the basic version to 70 percent, and its mass production will be carried out for the first time in Russia using the technology of three-dimensional digital design.

Deadlines of flight testing are associated not only with the urgent need to start mass production of the new aircraft and download «Aviastar-SP», but also to the fact that in 2011 were successfully completed state testing a version of MTC — Il-76MD-90 most of them will go to offset the test Il-76MD-90A. It will also take into account the results of tests of two military transport aircraft Il-76MF with a longer fuselage, which were previously acquired Jordan.

The Indian perspective

Start at the Russian flight testing the latest version with new engines, avionics and wing structure (Il-76MD-90A) can theoretically improve the situation in favor of the KLA in the situation of losing our corporation in the Indian tender for the purchase of multi-role tanker aircraft, as without formal notice Indian side informed the company «Airbus Military» and a number of Western media (number 3 in the «MIC» on the basis of the press release, «Airbus Industrie» published a piece»A330 MRTT has won the Il-78M».-Ed.). As is the case with the competition MRCA, the results of which were announced on 31 January 2012, signing a solid contract could be delayed or even postponed.

«Currently, the park most capable aircraft in the Indian Air Force is formed on the basis of the Su-30MKI of our production. This park should be provided with modern tanker aircraft, and promising Russian tanker aircraft may well meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force «- said one expert. The total cost of the competition MRTT — about two billion dollars.

KLA offered a new car by 70-80 percent compared to the base version of the aircraft. It is made using entirely new methods of digital three-dimensional design. As noted in the press release, the Indian Air Force chose the multi-role transport tanker aircraft A330 MRTT after a long process of evaluation and flight tests in which the European tanker carried out the in-flight refueling of Indian combat aircraft of various types, working with high-altitude air base «Lech» ( Leh).

Tanker aircraft required the Indian Air Force due to their intention to buy in the next 20 years, more than 200 combat aircraft and the need to extend the range of the combat aircraft for the possibility of its involvement in regional conflicts, both within and outside the region. Indian Air Force plans to buy 12 new tankers, including the first six, which was held on the specified tender. The victory of the A330 MRTT also told news media — U.S. «Difens News» and the Indian «Indian Express».

As the CEO said, «Airbus Military» Domingo Ureno Raso, India will be delivered today to the most perfect flying and certified transport tanker. In the near future will begin detailed negotiations the Indian Air Force and the «Airbus Military» as a result of which in 2013-2014 is planned to finalize a contract for the supply of equipment for the Indian Air Force six air tankers. At the same time, a source close to the Russian defense industry, said that our country has no official notification of the results of the contest did not get, and uncertain outcome of the tender can be only after the official announcement of the winner.

It should be noted that in its flight characteristics Il-78MK-90, originally designed as a military plane, meets all the requirements of a project application (Request for Proposal, RFP) — technical specifications the Indian Air Force. Moreover, the Russian machine, according to military experts, has a number of advantages over the A330 MRTT, created on the basis of civil-haul wide-body A330-200. In particular, the RFP requirement is the ability to parachute landing of personnel of military equipment and supplies to provide the Russian tanker and does not allow European aircraft. Il-78MK-90 Force technicians can quickly be converted into a full-fledged military-technical cooperation and implement the transfer of operational and landing of goods, heavy equipment and paratroopers. In this multi-functionality of the Russian platform provides the possibility to use the plane as a firefighting plane and flying hospital, while at the A330 MRTT can not. To solve transportation problems for the European aircraft required special airfield loading and unloading equipment and ladders.

  • The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

Il-78MK-90 has the ability to refueling the two fuels in the same flight, which is not the case the A330 MRTT. Our tanker also produces a distribution of fuel on the ground at a rate of up to 1500 liters per minute for filling in the field up to four aircraft, vehicles and armored vehicles. Il-78MK-90 can take off from a runway (runway) with paved and unpaved, which expands the capabilities of its combat use. In particular, the plane potentially use up to 84 percent of all Indian runway, which eliminates the problem of dispersal of tankers on the country’s airport network as needed. As experts note, A330 MRTT is only operated with paved runways of at least 2,800 meters. For the dispersal of the EU machine can not use more than 19.4 percent of all runway in India.

Powerplant Il-78MK-90 has four engines, which leads to a high level of survivability in the event of damage to the car of one of the engines. A330 MRTT equipped with two engines, which reduces the likelihood of the combat mission in case of failure or combat damage to one of them.

For delivery of materials transported in the cargo compartment of the Russian aircraft did not require a special airfield handling equipment. And all the airports, where it is assumed operation of A330 MRTT, must be equipped with such equipment, which increases the direct costs of the acquisition and life cycle cost of the platform as a whole.

Il-78MK-90 has the same configuration and aerodynamics, as consisting in service with the Indian Air Force tanker aircraft IL-78, and tested for compatibility with all the heavy refueling aircraft Indian Air Force. To carry out refueling AWACS from the A330 MRTT will require additional flight tests. This is due to the fact that the European aircraft engines are located significantly lower than IL-78, and satellite air jets may adversely affect the controllability refueled in the air AWACS aircraft with the dorsal antenna.

In addition, the system of refueling two aircraft must be tested for compatibility by contacting the dynamics and pace of the transfer of fuel.

  • The russian aircraft industry is betting on the military transport aviation

Tanker Il-78MK-90 has a new fuel-efficient engines PS-90A-76, a modified wing, new enhanced chassis, providing take-off of aircraft at maximum takeoff weight of 210 tons, a modern complex digital avionics, including a «glass cockpit» with multifunctional color liquid crystal display (LCD) and intelligent control panels.

Compliance Il-78MK-90 international standards ICAO noise and emission allows this aircraft to intercontinental commercial traffic.

The base for the export of machinery and VTA

For the new Russian fuel tanker China started to show interest. PLA Air Force are in need of a significant expansion of fast growing fleet of combat aircraft. Although at present in China is implementing a program of creating a heavy PTS Y-20, conducted in the framework of military modernization, which aims to ensure that the opportunities transporting troops, weapons and equipment by air to previously announced plans to create on its basis a new Chinese tanker aircraft will be enough long.

The new Chinese MTC has a takeoff weight of about 200 tons, a payload mass of 50 tons, and its configuration has certain similarities with the American C-17 and the Russian IL-76. The aircraft is equipped with Russian engines as Chinese engine in this thrust class is in the development stage.

Assuming that the final results of the tender for the Indian tanker aircraft for the Russian side will be negative, they are unlikely to have any negative impact on the implementation of the program Il-476. In general, as noted by Lebanon with this project for the near term, the creation of a whole family of new-generation transport aircraft, the revival of the military transport aviation in Russia. In addition, our aviation industry is a new export product that meets all the requirements of the global aviation market. A first contract of the Ministry of Defense of Russia for the supply of 39 Il-76MD-90A — the basic design of machines in a new family of Russian transport aircraft — has confirmed its full compliance with the modern needs of our military. As the head of «IL», the new aircraft has a high export potential and will be offered through Rosoboronexport not only to countries that already have operating in the IL-76 and IL-78 the previous generation, but also the new consumers of Russian aircraft.

Nicholas Beginners,

editor in chief of ARMS-TASS

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