Zzgt supplies all terrain vehicles tracked russian ministry of emergency situations

Zavolzhsky crawler tractors (a subsidiary of the company, «the PM-Terex») supplies the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations 28 fire-fighting facilities on the basis of articulated tracked off-road vehicles GAZ 3351. Technique for rescuers arrive in regional centers by the end of 2012. The total contract value exceeds 160 million rubles.

  • Zzgt supplies all terrain vehicles tracked russian ministry of emergency situations

All terrain vehicles are designed to deliver personnel, rescue gear and equipment in off-road conditions, snow, swamp and other difficult terrain. Technique is fully consistent with the operational requirements for conducting reconnaissance in the area of emergency (disaster), disaster management, fire fighting, evacuation of the emergency area, patrolling in remote areas in a potentially dangerous time periods.

All terrain vehicle GAZ 3351 is articulated vehicle on the basis of two crawler tracks with the active drive on all tracks. On the quick-terrain vehicle mounted module that is designed for the transportation of personnel, equipment and facilities, as well as to evacuate the victims. The construction of the second link crawler chassis terrain vehicle provides the ability to install interchangeable plug-in modules to the multi-purpose fire and rescue tools such as: medical module, the module fire, rescue unit. In addition to the standard means of communication, terrain vehicles equipped with air radio and telematics module of vehicle monitoring system using GLONASS (GNSS / GPS).

Acceptance of the machines was carried out in accordance with the methodology of audit products through the eyes of the consumer (CSA) directly to the representatives of the MOE. Conducted by an external and internal examination of the first and second level terrain vehicle, major components and assemblies, couplings and transmission. All machines have successfully passed acceptance tests and were accepted by the customer from the first presentation.

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