British schoolgirls forbidden to wear skirts in the name of chastity classmates

Since September of this year, the girls in a school in the UK will be strictly forbidden to attend classes in skirts and dresses. According to the school authorities, these items of women's wardrobe lead to premature sexuality students' appreciation of the opposite sex.

The decision was made the administration of the institution Moulton School and Science College in Northamptonshire, in which children learn at the age of 11 to 18 years. Until recently, the girls were allowed to wear skirts and dresses. However, as the guide explains, recently more and more parents allow their daughters to wear skirts and dresses, leaves open the knees, and this has a negative effect on the chastity of their classmates and promotes early sexualization.

Now, to avoid the appearance of the boys thought about sexuality classmates last forced to come to school only in black trousers. If any girl did violate the ban and will appear on the school doorstep depraved clothes that make her wear provided by the administration of a "change of pants" or sent back home.

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