Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap


Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap

First Chechen War

PTP D-48 85 mm developed in the second half of the 40’s team of designers under the control of Petrova. The design of the newest guns were used some elements of the division’s 85-mm gun D-44, a 100-millimeter cannon standard 1944 BS-3. CA was adopted in 1953. Gun can affect not only the tanks, and armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery and other bronesredstva opponent. The gun can be used for shooting bronekolpakam, embrasures derevozemlyanyh and long-term points to defeat firepower and manpower, which are located behind the light shelters or out of shelters.

The structural assembly of TAP D-48 has a traditional scheme: carriage imposed on the trunk with the shutter.

Barrel D-48 — a pipe-piece curb dual chamber muzzle brake, clutch and breech clips. The design of the gun carriage include: recoil device, cradle, balancing mechanisms, the guidance, the upper machine, lower the machine, which has cushioning, wheels, frame, sights and shield cover.

Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap
Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap

Active muzzle brake is screwed on trunk and represents a powerful hollow cylinder having openings (windows) on the generator. Holes muzzle brake — rounded. Brake efficiency of about 68%. V vertical automatic shutter, having a spring semi-automatic, suitable for locking the barrel and firing. Before the first shot to open the gate manually, then it automatically opens after each shot. It allows for automatic job firing up to 15 rounds. / Min. Cradle made cylindrical casting oboymennogo type directs the trunk during the rollback and roll forward. The recoil mechanism — rollback brakes (hydraulic) and recuperator (gidropnevmatika). Recoil device mounted above the barrel in the cage and during the shot, along with the barrel rolled back. By the cradle welded cage with the slots. Trunnions serving for connection to the upper machine located in a cradle. Frame (top machine) — the basis for a swinging of the PTP D-48. It is located on the left of the lift and swivel mechanisms targeting the helical type, shield cover and balancing mechanism. Pneumatic push-type counterweight mechanism is installed to the right of the stem. The cylindrical cradle is made by casting. The lifting mechanism is one sector that has left. Helical rotary mechanism was left of the barrel, its design is similar to D-44. The shield cover — the main shield attached to the upper machine and two reclining flap up and down. On the carrier board, which aggressively secured to the rear and front bronelistami, lower frame and soft armor plates, housed spinning part of the gun. Machine attached to the lower frame having two plowshares and rotary screw mechanism. In the lower two-wheeled chassis mounted machine guns with the torsion part poressirovaniem. Chassis in a divorce yokes off automatically. The wheels of the car ZIS-5 tires have «SC». Sliding hollow frame gun D-48 have a box section and constant ploughshare on the ends.

Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap
Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap
Postwar antitank artillery 85mm d48 tap

If need be and if the terrain allows, the calculation on the battlefield can manually roll the gun. To do this, a part of the con Khobotova little iron roller, usually mounted on the left frame stop. Staffing means traction — ZIS-151 or AT-T tractor.


C71-77 — mechanical sight for direct fire or from the closed position, is set constantly;

OP2-77/OP4-77 — the telescope is set constantly, used in direct fire,;

SG-1 — cannon panorama, is removed during transport.

In addition, at the D-48n installed night sights APN2 and APNZ-77-77.

Gun ammunition consists of 100 shots: armor-piercing shells — 44 high-explosive with a full charge — 8 and high-explosive having a reduced charge — 48.


For firing of 85mm PTP D-48 shots from the use of prohibited gun D-44, CS-1, 85-mm self-propelled guns and tank guns.

In service with separate artillery or anti-tank battalion infantry regiment (consisting of 2-anti-tank artillery batteries each with two firing squad) in the battery to 6 guns (in the division 12).

Technical properties of anti-tank gun D-48:

Caliber — 85 mm;

Weight guns in firing position — 2350 kg

Weight of gun in the stowed position — 2400 kg

The vertical guidance — from -6 ° to +35 °;

The angle of the horizontal guidance — 54 °;

The height of the fire lane — 830 mm;

Barrel Length — 6290 mm (74 gauge);

Number of grooves — 32

System length — 9195 mm;

Width — 1780 mm;

Height — 1475 mm;

Track width — 1475 mm;

Ground clearance — 360 mm;

Transfer to the stowed position of fighting — 1.5-2 Minutka;

Most towing speed — 60 km / h;

Rate — 8-9 shots per minute.

Calculation — 5 people.

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