The truth about the development of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44

About the AK-47 as a whole

The Kalashnikov assault rifle, or as its often referred to as the AK — 47, is known in the world. Since its creation in 1947, before joining the Soviet army in 1949, this machine was of mandatory participant in all armed conflicts on our planet. For many African tribes, this machine has become something great than just a tool, it is quite often the image can meet at the municipal flags of countries of the continent. Such popularity AK fully explained, this machine is recognized as the most resilient and killer tool in its class. Despite its power, it is so unpretentious, that perfectly sovladevaet not only with the sand and dust of Africa and the Eastern States, and with the swamps and jungles of Vietnam. Thanks to its own simplicity, the price of production of this machine is low, which causes such production. The extensive spread of the AK-47 also happened due to the fact that a modern army, in its majority, already long since rearmed on a modified AK-74, but with all this decommissioned AK-47 still in excellent condition and continue to work. And of course, there will always be people who will relish earn on disposals, but still fully applicable to the use of weapons. At the moment, Russian Federation adopted the army, and of the majority of the CIS countries, use different versions of the AK-47, from malehankih, police CSSA and finishing machine guns PKK.

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
RPK machine gun (Kalashnikov machine gun)
The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
CSSA (Kalashnikov Folding Short)

Whether a copy

Around the creation of this beautiful instrument soars many mysteries and questions, but the main of them is that Kalashnikov did not invent your own machine, but simply copied the weapon with the German assault rifle Stg-44. This rifle invented recognizable, German, gun-maker Hugo Schmeisser in 1942. Rumors about plagiarism heated to the same fact that after the war in Izhevsk, where in fact created the AK-47, was removed for technical showdown more than 50 samples Stg-44 rifle. Not counting themselves rifles, were sent to the plant, more than 10,000 pages of technical documentation on Stg-44. Naturally, after which evil tongues say a steel that has changed just a little Kalashnikov Stg-44, and released his own automatic AK-47. For certain it is clear that after the occupation by the Allies town Suhl creation tools in Germany was not allowed, but few later, in 1946, Hugo Schmeisser shared with family offered to go to the Ural factory that produced an instrument, as a consultant. It is also understood that the Teuton had lived for a time in Izhevsk and specifically after which it was completed to create a legend — AK-47.

If you make such a conclusion, all the weapon of peace copied from each other. Essentially, an AK-47 assault rifle and the German Stg-44 similarity is only in the outer form and in the trigger mechanism. And in this matter can not Kalashnikov incriminate that he stole the idea of the mechanism at the Hugo Schmeiser, because he Teuton, borrowed it from the office, "Holec," which is still in the 20s developed the first self-loading rifles ZH -29.

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
Rifle ZH-29 semi-automatic

If you look at the middle part of the rifle, it is possible to behold a similar design in any modern machine, but for some reason no one in the head does not come to say that all modern weapon copied from this self-charging rifle.

Kalashnikov and in truth could take as a base the creation of its own German machine gun, but the AK-47 — an original invention, which is quite different from the German standard not only for its tactical and technical characteristics, and by his own internal device. Virtually all of the details and the principal components in the AK-47 is quite different from the STG-44. Moreover, even the principle of handling these rifles completely different. The difference is visible everywhere, from the locking mechanism, re-latch the AK-47 and skew in STG-44; interpreters fire mode in STG and AK completely different, the principle of trigger actions, despite their similarity, also has a different implementation in practice. If we consider every detail of the machine alone, there is nothing common with you will not find.

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
STG-44 and AK

If we talk about ammunition for these machines, the external similarity among them there are, in general, like many other ammunition in the world. It's not surprisingly, since this form of bullets is recognized as the most successful of all the ballistic features. Further if we talk about it in the caliber AK-47, as is known, is used cartridge of caliber 7,62 × 39 mm. In the STG-44 was used cartridge 7.92×33. Similar caliber can also be quite simple to explain, since before the creation of such type of weapon, the main instrument is a different rifle with a 7.62.

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
Ammunition for AK and STG-44

If talk about the "plagiarism", the faster Kalashnikov could be likened to own automatic weapons other Russian-made machine Tula Bulkina or TKB-415, which, unfortunately, has not been finalized before the end, and did not go into mass production, in spite of good design and technical properties. Unfortunately for fans of M. Kalashnikov incriminate of plagiarism, the AK-47 and TKB-415 also does not have nothing in common, except for appearance.

The truth about the creation of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and the German Stg-44
Automatic Bulkin TKB-415


In conclusion, it must be said that the AK-47 is really a lot of parts copied from the guns of different samples, but it was not made to specifically copy tool, and in order to gather all the best that has been created in the field of automatic weapons since . Specifically, due to its own ability to evaluate and choose the best, Kalashnikov managed to make such a great tool, which is already used for more than 50 years the countries all over the world and for all that is not obsolete. Also note that if the Kalashnikov rifle and copied the STG-44 in Germany, why release later this gun was not continued, because the STG-44 can meet only in private collections or museums, and a Kalashnikov rifle not only continued to exist, and continues to constantly modified, whenever it becomes an increasingly severe gun.

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