The truth about tibet

For many, this is Tibet — «paradise with generous monks», «religion of light», «wise ruler» and «endlessly loyal hardworking people.» But …


Tibet. Western propaganda hammered into his head a strange cliché «occupation of Tibet.» West gently forgotten that almost a thousand years before 1959, Tibet was part of China, and only a few decades of Japanese occupation and civilian war was outside the jurisdiction of the central Chinese government.

In short, and in 1959 a special need for the «occupation», China has had. The need came about when the United States realized that the medium-range missile that is placed in the highlands of 4-5 thousand meters above sea level, is transformed into a rocket very highest range .. [More]

And this discovery was made, Tibet rebelled against the central government. Surprisingly, by the way — how to raise a rebellion against the person to whom you do not obey? Fuck you then «occupied»?

Yet, the «occupation» has occurred. But the questions remain.

Why mountainous country, in which the inhabitant of the plain pants even without physical effort, could not resist?

Why not put her country of monasteries in the defensive battles for every canyon?

Why centuries constructed strong fortifications offered no resistance to put it mildly, slabovooruzhennoy and not very well-fed Chinese People’s Liberation Army?

Yes as to protect the theocratic regime was certain. A third of the population of Tibet in 1959 were slaves. The third part — castle. In this case, slaves and serfs were not cardboard — and the most that neither is real.

A slave was property. Cattle. Slave could and had to torment, humiliate, starve and torture. One could cripple — Lama in Tibet is very adored idols of human severed arms, hands and feet. Worn on a belt. Some instances of human flesh weight wrong in several layers.

The serf was no different in the legal status of virtually nothing. His duty was one — to pay.

When there was nothing to pay — he was sent to the slave.

Indexed debt fortress monastery — from time to time by 50-80% per annum (our banks loudly swallow saliva and salivate) and transferred to the kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Payback Interest climbed human flesh — the family members were sent to the monastery of slaves.

This — not the Middle Ages. It — 50 years of the 20th century.

Tibetan lamas were theocratic rulers of the mountainous country. In millions of Tibet — 200 thousand of the population were monks. Other — slaves and serfs.

The monks, by the way, is also not the highest caste. Much of it was powerless and was at the same position in fact slaves.

Each monastery had its own fighting force, whose task was to maintain the obedience of subjects on the monastery grounds. As you are aware, the punisher of the fighter can not do — because resist the «occupation» of such an army could not even at the theoretical level.

That is, in fact, here lies the answer — why did not the inhabitants of Tibet stood chest to protect the homeland from the bloody occupation. It was not their land. It was a land of lamas.

Well, propaganda — yes, she drew from Shambhala paradise with generous monks wisest rulers and endlessly loyal hardworking people. They subjugated bloody conquerors. Nobody do not care, as there is in fact, when all zaniya are taken from the movies of Jackie Chan and magazine articles about the «Buddhist» Steven Seagal.

This «beautiful and mysterious» Tibet …

As you were talking about Tibet during the reign of the Dalai Lama, who is taken aback and the story that in the 20 years of the last century, trying to find ways to voynushku with neighbors, the spiritual ruler of Tibet — The Dalai Lama was a tax on the ears.

That is, those who wished that his ears were left with the owner, had to pay a tax, on the other they cut off. I exclaimed, «And this is a Free Tibet, who oppress the Chinese?».

Well, well, let’s look at how Tibet was until 1959, when «the bayonets of the State’s Liberation Army» in Tibet, the last of all the countries on Earth, slavery was abolished. Experiencing for the exiled Dalai Lama, these photos of the Tibetan paradise never publish. See them for yourself:

Top row left to right: Crafts Tibetan lamas of the skulls of executed slaves — Idols of severed hands (they should wear at the waist) — Rab drags on the back of another slave, who cut off his feet for disobedience owner.

Bottom row left to right: Rab and the dog, one litter for two — Rab block — Lady servant with a severed foot

The truth about tibet

Left: the slave who owner for the offense gouged out his eyes. Right: The guns of slaves

The truth about tibet

Residence slaves. Far shows a snow-white palace complex

The truth about tibet

Slave holding his own severed arm

The truth about tibet

So the slaves lived. Left belongings, to the right family itself

The truth about tibet

Old, dying slave

The truth about tibet

Slave wife holding his hand, severed before he was buried alive

The truth about tibet

Now little about what could punish a slave.

The case when the owner sent a servant to a distant village to the request. He did not have time to return before dark and spent the night in a field. Field belonging to what was then the local landowner, and he claimed a slave flow for the night. Funds in addition, of course, was not then, and as a punishment he chopped off his hand.

When he returned to the weakened back to the owner, the one furious that healthy, good servant became disabled, gave the order to cut off his arm and second.

Is not it, this delightful fairyland deserves any endorsement of the human rights organizations?

Here are testimonials from people who have been to Tibet, and reigned there orders.

French putnitsa Alexandra David Neel in the book «Old Tibet before the new China», said: «In Tibet, all farmers are perpetual serfs, among which are unlikely, it is possible to find someone who managed to get out of debt.»

And D avid McDonald, who is 20 years of XX century England sales representative working in Tibet, in the book «The True Tibet» wrote the following lines:

«The most serious punishment in Tibet — the death penalty. Sentenced to the death penalty is sewn up in a leather bag and thrown into the river. At first, such a bag floats on the surface of the river, and after 5 minutes submerged under water. If a person does not die in the bag, the bag again thrown into the river. If he had died, it is removed from the bag, dismembered the corpse and thrown into the water. Apart from the death penalty, there are a lot of violent punishments: Breaking the hands and feet, gouging eyes, pouring hot oil or boiling water into the eyes, which deprives of view, etc. After that, even with the life of the fortress becomes disabled. Offenders and suspects are kept in a wet, black and Zapyataev dungeons until the end of his own days. «

But izymatelstvam were not just slaves. Recognizable journalist Vsevolod Ochinnikov in the 50s who visited Tibet says:

«I have been informed that the sect» Reds hats «long develops in young lamas ability to telepathically contacts. To do better «roaming» such communication was used once a fierce custom. Under the cornerstone of every new monastic buildings were put Lama teenager. The young man was introduced to «samadhi», similar to the lethargic sleep, and without his knowledge forever covered with a sleeping stone slab.

It is said that just as the stallion owner feels the grave, buried a couple of years back, the bodies of young lamas were given radiation telepaths facilitates access to the correct object. In 1990, I was debating with the doctor in Lhasa Tibetan Institute of Theology. Send their children to a monastery, Ganden, he was elected to this sad fate. But fled, warned by a mentor, which compassion on his student «

But maybe it’s Chinese propaganda agents and brazenly slander innocent and good llamas? Referring to the documents.

Melvyn Goldstein in his book «The Snow Lion and the Dragon: China, Tibet, and the Dalai Lama (University of California Press, 1995),» writes:

«A few centuries later, the ruler of the Chinese army was sent into Tibet to support the High Lama — principled man 25 years old, who gave himself for then the title Dalai (Ocean) Lama, ruler of all Tibet.

Two of his previous «incarnation» as llamas were retroactively recognized for his predecessors, so Makarov, turning first to the third Dalai Lama Dalai Lama.

This 1st (or 3rd) Dalai Lama seized monasteries that did not belong his sect, also destroyed Buddhist writings that expressed disagreement with his pretensions to holiness.

The Dalai Lama, who came to replace him, sibaritstvoval, had a lot of lovers, arranged pyshnovatye festivities in the company of friends and in general, did not behave properly for their own top-rank way. For this he was murdered by his priests. Within 170 years, despite the avowed sacred status, five Dalai Lamas were killed by religious leaders or their court «

In 1660, when the 5th Dalai Lama rebellion broke out in Tsang — the stronghold of the rival sect Kaga, led by the supreme lama called the Karmapa. 5th Dalai Lama called for decisive action against the rebels, sending Tatar army to kill the guys, ladies and kids «like eggs, smashing against the rocks … In short, wipe from the face of the earth all traces of them, even their names.»

In 1792, Kaga many monasteries were confiscated and their monks were forcibly converted to the Gelug sect (the sect of the Dalai Lama). Gelugpa school, also popular under the name «Yellow Hat» lusted not be tolerant of other Buddhist sects.

Classic cult prayer contained these words:

«Blessed are you, O God of violent teachings yellowish cap, oblivious to the dust majestic creatures, high officials and ordinary people who pollute and spoil the Gelug doctrine.»

Memoirs of a Tibetan general who lived in the XVIII century, contain a description of the struggle between the Buddhist sects — such as bloody and brutal as all other religious conflicts. This gloomy story goes unnoticed by the current followers of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

Michael Parenti wrote the paper «Friendly Feudalism — the myth of Tibet» (excerpt big, but give it a hundred percent, because of its clarity):

«One 22-year-old woman, herself a runaway serf, reported:

«Pretty serf girls were taken mediocre owner as domestic servants and were used by the master whim. They were just slaves without rights. «

To go anywhere, serf needed permission. The landowners had a legitimate right to catch those who tried to escape.

One 24-year-old runaway welcomed the Chinese invasion as a «liberation.» He testified that under serfdom he was subjected to continuous izymatelstvam, freezing and golodoval. After a third failed test run, he was savagely beaten up by the landlord, until that time, until the blood flowed from his nose and mouth. Then they poured the alcohol and soda on his wounds to increase the pain.

The serfs were taxed at a wedding, the birth of each child and for every death of a family member. They paid taxes to plant trees in their yard and for the maintenance of the animals.

There were taxes on religious prazdnichkom, public dancing and drumming is taxable even imprisonment in jail and liberation from it.

Those who could not find work, pay taxes, for the fact that they were unemployed, and if they move off to another village in search of work, pay tax on travel. If people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20-50%. From time to time the debts passed over from father to offspring, from grandfather to grandson. Debtors who were unable to pay its obligations, risked being sold into slavery.

Theocratic religious teachings were based on the class order. The poor and the oppressed inspired that they brought upon themselves their own misfortunes, because sin in past lives. Because they had to come to terms with his bitter the lot in life today and take it as retribution, living hope of improving their own destiny in future incarnations. The rich and powerful see their fate as successful achievements for awards in the past and present life.

Tibetan serfs are not always willing to put up with the role of karmic victims, guilty in his oppressed. As we beheld, some fled, others openly resisted, for it is often subjected to cruel punishments.

In feudal Tibet torture and mutilation — including eye gouging, tearing language, tearing the limbs — were favorite kinds of punishments applied to the thieves and runaway serfs or opposite.

Traveling through Tibet in the 1960s, Stuart and Roma Herder interviewed a former serf, Tserefa Wang Tueya who stole 2-sheep belonging to the monastery. For this offense he pulled out both his eyes and mangled hand so that he could not longer use it.

He talked to him, that was not to be a Buddhist: «When a holy lama ordered them to blind me I thought about it, that religion is not good.» Because the deprivation of life contrary to Buddhist teachings, some criminals were subjected to severe flogging, and then «left to God» freeze the night before his death. «The similarities between Tibet and medieval Europe» — concludes Tom Grunfeld in his book on Tibet.

In 1959, Anna Louise Strong visited an exhibition of torture equipment used by Tibetan rulers.

There were handcuffs of all sizes, including tiny toddler, tools for cutting noses and ears, breaking arms and legs Hamstring.

Were fit for a hot stigma, whips, and special devices for gutting.

The exhibition featured photos and testimonies of victims who have been blinded, maimed or deprived of limbs for theft.

One shepherd owner had to pay a compensation of RMB and wheat but refused to pay. Then the shepherd took the o wner of the cow. For that he cut off his hands. Another herdsman, is nasty, so he took his wife and gave her landlord, broke his hands. There were pictures of Communist activists presented with cut off noses and lips torn, as ladies, which was first raped and then cut off her nose.

It seems that we do not want to believe in recycling, but the feudal theocratic Tibet was infinitely far from the romanticized Shangri-La, who enthusiastically admired western proselytes of Buddhism. «

Impressive evidence for a peaceful and good religion and its head, is not it?

Here, by the way, and another myth (the Dalai Lama, in general, and made-up) — that the Dalai Lama is the head of all Buddhists. In fact he is the head of all Lamaists — the religion of Tibetan lamas, which absorbed its macabre practice of bigotry — classical Tibetan Bon religion and similar.

We give again the words M. Parenti:

«For the rich lamas and landowners Communist intervention was a terrible disaster. The most of them emigrated abroad, including the Dalai Lama, who fled, assist the CIA.

Some to own majestic nightmare found that they would have to earn a living for themselves.

Many, though, managed to avoid this sad fate. During the 1960s, the Tibetan exile community has received $ 1.7 million in year from the CIA, according to documents posted to the State Department in 1998. Following the publication of this fact, the Dalai Lama’s organization itself has admitted that received millions of dollars from the CIA in 1960, at The sending of armed groups in the Tibet to undermine the Maoist revolution.

The Dalai Lama once a year received $ 186,000. Indian intelligence also financed him and other Tibetan exiles. The Dalai Lama has declined to say whether the work he and his brothers for the CIA or not. The CIA also did not comment on the facts’

Such is quite hard-hitting, for Tibetan lamas picture emerges if you make judgments about lamaistkoy theocracy, not by Western television reportages, Hollywood films and writings of Madame Blavatsky, Roerich and other Theosophists.

We can make the objection that, well, positively mysterious and sacred image of Tibet has developed over a long period of time before China’s accession to the Tibetan people and there is nothing like the former did not mention.

To do this quite easily see what Europeans knew about Tibet in the XIX century, when the legend began to emerge. Nothing, in practice, did not know.

There was some mysterious country, high in the mountains, which, as stated, the sages lived. In principle, this matrix is quite enough, so her form a series of pseudo-religious speculation (as it is clear what the mysterious information and the less it is served, the harder addictive).

Most of the numbers who forms the legends of Tibet, or have never been there, or were there already once formed its all about him a certain worldview, and such people are not persuaded, even in this case, if I have them on a llama eyes began to cook food the kids. They would find their own in this sacred meaning.

It is a pity that the issue of Tibet on the long years has been farmed out to different kinds of swindlers and scoundrels okoloreligioznogo sense, which is why it was formed around a sort of veil of mystery and inaccessibility.

We will be impartial — Tibetan Buddhism, is no better and no «sacral» Indian or Chinese, and Tibetan civilization in the 50-ies of XX century, it is not «distinctive and unique education», and a relic of the Middle Ages to the modern world, so all claims lamas and their followers to some exclusive and unique civilization destroyed by the barbarians are about the same right to exist as neo-Nazis claim that hordes of Bolsheviks killed unique civilization Third Reich. Between them, by the way, a lot in common. No wonder the Nazi bosses so kind to Tibet. Felt similar souls.

That moment, surrounded by the Dalai Lama so far require the return of China «that was», and that was, we all already know very well. I do not think that the descendants of those four thousand slaves, personally owned by the Dalai Lama, creepy be happy to go back to the future state of their own Protz. At the same time they themselves they say about it. Yes, the Dalai Lama is there to this day revered as a spiritual favorite, it certainly, but less so. Noteworthy that the Chinese authorities did not once offered the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet as a spiritual ruler, is now available for the administration of which he strongly denies. It needs to, so that «all was because then», and this, of course, impossible.

Because let’s recap. Tibet in 1959, this is not the heavenly Shangri-La, and the backward feudal theocracy whose religious component was nothing «sacral» other streams of Buddhism, and the numerous facts of the role of Tibetan lamas in the torture and executions of people obviously runs counter to the Buddhist canon. All this splendor is driven by a handful of high-handed its permissiveness and impunity lamas and landowners.

Bound by two slaves

The truth about tibet

The dying child-slave

The truth about tibet

A slave owner with a severed hand

The truth about tibet

Tibetan slaves at work

The truth about tibet

Slaves for food (they eat once a day)

The truth about tibet

This slave girl is only 35 years old

The truth about tibet

Slaves beg for food

The truth about tibet

Slave boy and a dog, one bowl of food at all

The truth about tibet

Blinded by his own slave

The truth about tibet

The owner cut off the leg, as a punishment for transgression

The truth about tibet

Gifts of the Dalai Lama on the day of birth: Dried human stomach, 2 heads, human blood, tanned human skin

The truth about tibet

Dried human skin

The truth about tibet

Dried baby’s skin

The truth about tibet

…Here’s to you and Tibet!

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