Wind turbines can be biodegradable

Wind turbines can be biodegradable Facts

Organization «National Science USA» a group of scientists recently provided a grant in the amount of $ 1.9 million for the development of new technology, which will be produced by wind turbines of the future. Emphasis will be placed on the fact that very soon move to a more eco-friendly raw materials for the collection of turbines for wind farms.

Developers are truly Napoleonic plans as hoping to create a material that allows windmills be biodegradable. This will fulfill the dream of producing a zero ecological footprint, after all, energy production and plant for its production will be almost 100% «green.»

At the moment, wind turbine blades are made from glass fiber composites, which include the greater the number of petroleum-based resins. As is known, such products is difficult to process or make environmentally friendly. Once a blade becomes unusable, it along with other waste thrown into the garbage, sometimes burn in the production of electricity or milled to produce filters.

If we manage to achieve their biodegradability, the issue will be resolved with the processing itself. Presumably, fiber for turbine will make from vegetable oil by special technology.

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