Rifle hk msg90a1 308 win heckler & koch

Rifle hk msg90a1 308 win heckler & koch

…During 50 years of its existence Heckler & Koch have acquired fame through his innovatorskim develop reliable and high-precision automatic weapons, including sniper rifles, produced under both the NATO rifle cartridge. Although not in such an extent are popular in the U.S. as in other countries, automatic sniper rifle H & K, such as PSG1 and G3SG1, and even the least massive .223 Rem HK33SG1, have earned respect for their accuracy, rate and other characteristics of the highest . At the moment, H & K is another automatic rifle for police and military sniping — MSG90A1.

Military Precision Rifle MSG90A1 (German Militarisch Scharfschutzen Gewehr) is the latest H & K in self-loading rifles inflated accuracy 7.62 NATO (.308 Win). At the moment, MSG90A1 — one of 3 semi-automatic sniper rifles, produced and offered H & K. Modification A1 differs from the standard MSG90 barrel threaded on the end and a flame arrester, the presence of open sights are also adjustable butt enhancements, reflector sleeve and some internal parts.

A1 and DMR

MSG90 substitution on MSG90A1 began in 1998, while the first standards came to the U.S. in 1997 as models for the role in the competition to supply the U.S. Marine Corps (US Marine Corps) rifles for applets DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) . Anticipated introduction of DMR rifle to clear hit targets at ranges up to 600 meters, «designated by arrows» (designated marksman) from the ranks of the Security Forces Marine Corps (Marine Corps Security Force) troops and special purpose Marine Corps (Marine FAST teams). These arrows do not have to absolutely satisfy the requirements of the sniper scouts (scout snipers), but had to be trained in the special program DMR Marine Corps.

First six prototypes MSG90-DMR were acquired Marine Corps, and after testing in 1997 transferred to the FBI. In the competition participated four rifles (in the order in which they were tested): modification M14/M21 c pistol grip production Thorny Branch Arms (Precision Weapons Facility) Marine Corps, formerly known as RTU-workshop in Quantico, Virginia; H & K MSG90-DMR; SR-25 rifle production Knights Armament Company; and another version of the M14/M21 Center production land weapons the U.S. Navy (US Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center) located in Crane, Indiana.

H & K MSG90 «sniper»

Rifle hk msg90a1 308 win heckler & koch

MSG90 rifle

MSG90 mass production began in 1990. Development rifle performed in accordance with the requirements, submitted to the rifle M24 U.S. Army. MSG90 but was not represented at the competition M24 mismatch requirement probable alteration chambered for .300 WM. System with roller locking and rollback delay used in MSG90, could not be adapted to a heavier cartridge without substantial configurations.

MSG90 system originates from highly specialized rifle PSG1, known in Germany as the Precision Scharfschutzen Gewehr Eins. PSG1 was developed first H & K 70s in accordance with the requirements of serious re-formed West German counterterrorism service, known as GSG9. While H & K has produced rifle G3SG / 1, consisting of the German army service. Delivered to the permanent army units G3SG / 1 was used for selective army arrows hit targets at ranges up to 600 meters, noticeably superior range of effective implementation of G3 assault rifle with iron sights — regular guns German infantryman.

Concept in the database G3SG / 1, involves the development of a sniper rifle based on the standard, also used in the development of the American M21 M14. Project SG / 1 meant improved accuracy G3 sniper rifle and creation on its base. On G3SG / 1 ustanaslivalsya cold-forged barrel among the best 5% of the trees made for G New stock with adjustable cheek and variable optical sight 1/5-6x Schmidt & Bender with compensator slide bullets and rangefinder sighting network were developed specifically for G3SG / 1. More fascinating feature G3SG / 1 is adjustable trigger with the possibility of automatic fire. Sniper rifles with switching modes of fire — the more unique, and does not actually occur in the arsenals of the world’s armies. G3SG / 1 so far is in service with the German Army.

Despite all its advantages as a sniper rifle of the German infantry, G3SG / 1 did not meet the accuracy requirements imposed on South American snipers weapons. Accuracy G3SG / 1 does not exceed 1-2 MOA (group size of 3 shots at 100 meters 1-2 inches) using army sniper rounds. Such precision, fully adequate to destroy live targets at distances up to 600 meters, was apparently insufficient to conduct counterterrorism operations and the release of the hostages, in what is now used rifle G3G9.

Properties of this rifle matched languid lessons acquired during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, where several Israeli athletes were killed by being held hostage by terrorists from the PLO. Requirements included G3G9 accuracy is not worse than 1MOA, with the ability to hit several targets at ranges up to 600 meters inclusive.

Even now PSG1 considered by many professionals more clearly in the midst of serially-produced automatic rifle, although more expensive. Cost PSG1 rifle with a sight set 6×42 Hensoldt c reticle, tripod Logo Systems, duralumin case, shops and other amenities, superior US $ 8000, is beyond the ability of most law enforcement agencies and departments.

In 1987, Heckler & Koch was re-examined the requirements for the U.S. Army Sniper Systems M24 and listed in the configuration design PSG1. Newcomer configuration rifles meant its introduction by army snipers, acting as personally and as part of the infantry units. Brand new rifle received the name MSG90

MSG90 and PSG1 — especially

The main improvement was significant features of the rifle, about 23%, lowering the rifle weight — 6.27 kg vs. 7.95 kg in PSG1. There was also a decrease in the overall height and width of the rifle by eliminating dervyannoy pistol handle special shape and its substitution by a plastic cast. Barrel length was also reduced from 650 mm at the PSG1 to 600 mm in MSG90.

Implementation has proven quick release telescopic sight designed for family guns HK21/23, was very useful configuration. User PSG1 was deprived of the ability to use at least some other optics, not counting the sight Hensoldt. It is worth noting its positive properties such as adjustable reticle illumination, a unique system of vertical amendments allowing adjustment for a direct shot at distances of 10 meters. But, despite all the positive properties Hensoldt sight had a number of severe defects, low reliability, and higher price, poor repair time. In addition, special battery needs to be charged from an unusual power supply.

One and the most relevant features MSG90 — a unique mounting system run. Easy one-piece sight mounting platform is mounted on two supports, welded to the top receiver rifle. Locking by conventional rotating the lever that allows you to record and attach a sight in seconds. Wholly preservation zeroing in such operation was successfully demonstrated for all ranges of fire. Creator personally watched as instructor snipers Marine Corps made a double defeat the head of the target by 600 meters less than 2 seconds after several operations weaning-sight attachment.

This mounting system is also very sight increases likely use rifle range, allowing the installation of various sighting devices (laser, night optics, etc.) for the previously sighted with this rifle. Arrow can only elect apparatus, respectively liking for the assignment, and zeroing in the installation process is the same. Namely, the optics can be separated during transport rifles and install only immediately before the shooting.

Unlike PSG1, MSG90 installed on symmetrical oboestoronnie levers fuse department store and to facilitate the introduction of rifles for left-handed shooter. In this embodiment, when firing the rifle on the left can be alerted to the shooting position without changing the needle.

MSG90 as before retains many features PSG1, such as strengthening the receiver extra frame, rammer and hard cold-forged barrel is free-posted with a unique polygonal notch. Standard version of the rifle is also equipped with a device Anschuetz T-way for mounting accessories tsevyu — bipods, tripods, small belt, etc.

It should be noted and a unique trigger mechanism PSG1, ensuring reliable operation with a force of 1.5 kgf with a warning. The same mechanism is used in the rifle MSG90. Even though it does not provide for adjustment, it allows to achieve good results shooting at the same time providing the highest reliability — shot does not happen even when the rifle with a height of 2 meters in a combat situation. This level of security is very principled rifle to ensure proper operation when strong shock impact is likely to field criteria.

Even with reduced weight and all other design configurations MSG90, especially versions A1, rifle maintains the highest precision and ergonomic layout own PSG1, with all this price drop more than twice makes it accessible even wider range of consumers than special military units with financing from the deepest purse Uncle Sam. All the characteristics MSG90 — more wiry and angry («leaner, meaner &148;) younger brother PSG1.

Improved MSG90A1

Rifle hk msg90a1 308 win heckler & koch

Rifle MSG90A1

Option MSG90A1 MSG90 rifle was developed for the Department of Defense (Department of Defense) U.S.. MSG90A1 and functionally different from MSG90 normal production. Yet, a number of differences includes open sights, adjustable horizontally and vertically for distances up to 1200 m, the thread on the barrel for the likely use of the flame arrester or muffler sleeves and reflector mounted on the receiver specifically on the other side of the ejector box.

In addition, MSG90A1 has modified the design of the stock with adjustable rubber butt pad and cheek equipped divisions for frisky restore the desired configuration.

Besides these differences, for MSG90A1 used the same supplies, stores and spare parts, as for MSG90.


One of the main objectives in the development of effective MSG90 had the opportunity to defeat the purposes of living in daylight with the introduction of the optical sight at distances up to 1000 meters, inclusive. This goal was achieved by using different osebenno design allows shooting with an accuracy of 1.5 MOA with the introduction of various types of ammunition inflated accuracy (match-grade).

It was determined that the rifle must possess accuracy not worse than 1.5 MOA to engage manpower at ranges up to 1000 meters with a probability of 10 9. This requirement takes into account the size of the target knee silhouette standart (US E-type kneeling target) — 20 inches wide and 40 inches tall. 1.5 MOA accuracy in turn, provides a flawless criteria hit the circle with a diameter of 15 inches by 1000, 7.5 500 and 1.5 per 100 meters.

If the required accuracy is not worse than 1.5 MOA using European rounds MEN, Lapua and RWS, MSG90 showed about 1 MOA accuracy when firing bullets APPLICABLE properties. MSG90A1 measured shows compliance with the shooting South American army patron inflated accuracy M852 (US military match cartridge), as well as its commercial counterparts companies Federal, Hornady and Winchester bullet Sierra Matchking 168gr and 180gr.

This accuracy is achieved through the use of aggressive MSG90A1 lockable gate system, freely hung out cold-forged barrel with 4 polygonal rifling pitch 1:12 inches, secure mounting sight. Trunks for the model A1 made of trunks PSG1 peeled to a suitable profile and length.

Brand new rifle MSG90A1 not inferior to more expensive precision PSG1 and surpasses the earlier standard MSG90. Ordinary groups of 5 shots of patron MSG90A1 Federal Match .308 168gr do not exceed 1/2 inch at 100 yards. All manufactured rifles MSG90A1 probationary shooting at 300 meters. At this distance, the rifle must show the accuracy of no worse than 4 inches in a series of 10 shots. Typically, the dimensions of the group are of the order of 1.5 inches. Just like so many arrows and experienced gunsmiths, H & K found that although some rifles and are able to show the accuracy of no worse than 1 MOA at 100 meters, with an increase in distance accuracy drops.

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