The classification of solar flares

The classification of solar flares Facts

In astronomy, the solar flares are divided into five categories: A, B, C, M and X. A flare of class are the weakest class X — this is the most powerful flash that can interfere with the work of radio, GPS-systems and power grids on Earth. In NOAA, each stronger than the last new class of 10 (similar to the classification developed for earthquakes called the Richter scale).

The largest X-flare, 10 times bigger than the size of our Earth appear when an intersection of several magnetic fields on the Sun. Released energy is comparable to the force billion hydrogen bombs. Such outbreaks are dangerous for astronauts and satellites, the output of the last order.

The strongest solar flare of an outbreak of class X15 in 2003, broke his energy sensors, engaged in its study. There is every reason to believe that if the measurements took place, the flash can be safely attributed to the class of X28.

Solar cycle is 11 years, when the periods of calm followed by periods of high activity. At this point in the cycle of the sun is 24, which is marked by the first X-class flare February 15, 2011. This was followed by another powerful flash X5, 4, recorded March 6, 2012. Solar maximum 24 cycles expected in 2013.

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