Fighting Sweden gender stereotypes

Swedish unit of U.S. manufacturer of toys Toys R Us in the pages of its Christmas catalog replaced all the photos of the girls pictures boys and vice versa. As a result, despite the fact that children and even began to play the game unusual for them: the boys — with dolls and girls — voynushku was established equality of the sexes. At this step the company had to go after it accused of promoting gender stereotypes four years ago, according to Swedish newspaper The Local.

The Swedish company Toy Top Toy decided to rehabilitate after the 2008 Swedish advertising regulator has made her a reprimand for publication on the pages of a Christmas catalog girls in pink princess costumes and boys clothing superheroes.

"Over the past few years, we realized that the issue of gender equality in Sweden is so acute that it is better to adapt to the conditions dictated by" — confessed Sales Manager Jan Nyberg.

In this Top Toy did not particularly excel and only changed in the image editor of girls and boys in some places, as shown by a Danish version of the directory where the children are kept in their places. Now in Swedish catalogs Top Toy is really nothing to complain about: the boys with plastic guns in their hands, were girls, and girls who collect dollhouses, replaced the boys. Even in small things the company secured itself against claims: pink t-shirts girls just in case repainted in blue and background images removed "provocative" images as Hello Kitty for girls and superheroes for boys.

"The new design of the catalog has been no change in any better or for worse. Now this toy is not specifically for girls or boys, but just for the kids "- explained Nyberg.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the news are not surprising in light of other equally strange actions of the authorities to combat diksriminatsiey sexes. For example, in Sweden, hairdressers can not be taken for women's haircut a higher fee than for men, taxi drivers smoking "cheat" price if they bring a lonely girl in a night-time, and women are allowed to swim topless, since there is no law that forbids men go with an open top.

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