Sf diamond laid the first serial selfpropelled floating crane

JSC «Shipbuilding Company» Diamond «in the day of his 80th birthday and the 65th anniversary of the General Director of SF» Diamond «Leonid Gerasimovitch Grabovtsa laid the first series of sea-propelled floating crane project 02690 (serial number 901).

  • Sf diamond laid the first serial selfpropelled floating crane


At the celebrations attended by the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko and representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry.

The contract for the construction of a series of nine cranes project of 02,690 SF «Diamond» concluded with the Ministry of Defence in the spring of 2013. Head crane (head number 900) was laid down at the boathouse Enterprise May 17, 2013. According to the schedule the entire series of floating cranes will be transferred to the auxiliary fleet of the Navy until 2017.

According to the General Director of JSC «Shipbuilding Company» Diamond «Leonid Grabovtsa, after the completion of this contract, the SF» Diamond «is counting on a new contract for another 6 cranes.

Head of Classification Sergey Shishkin noted that the PC and shipbuilding firm «Almaz» have strong partnerships, «register now successfully cooperated in carrying out military orders. In the coming years, Russia will replenish the fleet auxiliary self-propelled floating cranes, one of which we have laid today. Under the technical supervision of the PC to the «Diamond» is also construct a series of ice-class vessels for the Border Service of Russia. «

  • Sf diamond laid the first serial selfpropelled floating crane

02690 Crane project designed ZAO «Spetssudoproekt» (St. Petersburg) and is designed for all types of lifting operations, the production of goods based on the handling of surface ships, submarines and ships, general cargo, works on skin-tight attachment circuits floating piers, installation raid and shooting equipment, freight on the upper deck.

Main features — the complete displacement of the crane — about 2,000 tons, length — 50 m, width — about 22 m, range — 3,500 miles, autonomy — 10 days, load capacity — 35-150 tons, crew — 22 people.

JSC «Shipbuilding Company» Diamond «is located in the central part of St. Petersburg on Petrovsky Island, in close proximity to the Gulf of Finland. Modern slipways company can produce a full cycle of building ships in the workshop prior to running the ship on the water. The company also has the resources to repair and modernization of ships.


Serial number 900 — laid May 17, 2013

Serial number 901 — founded September 2, 2013

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