State of emergency in georgia helped out business and investment

Representatives themselves united opposition and parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze dubbed the meeting a courtesy visit.

No questions during a meeting of the opposition and the speaker had not been resolved, but the parties agreed on the agenda and a day or a subsequent meeting in Mon

But as it became clear from the words of the representatives of the united opposition, they claimed that the government «has canceled a state of emergency ended the persecution of political opponents and fabrication of cases against them and so was given the opportunity to resume his media work.»

This was the main demand of the opposition expressed during the meeting. Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Nino Burjanadze did not answer directly and did not comment on the claim of the opposition, but said the government just cancel the state of emergency in the coming days are.

But was very fascinating meeting with Georgian President Saakashvili entrepreneurs, which lasted half an hour. President read on, that Georgia is preparing a municipal coup of threat to the country, and because of what the emergency was declared.

Saakashvili stated that the economic indicators the country out of the crisis. When asked when will be canceled emergency, Saakashvili said that «only when deemed necessary by the government of Georgia, and not those of our colleagues and some ministers Foreign Affairs, who are trying to dictate to us how to act. «

Who are directly meant Saakashvili said he was not, and had to ask some. Journalists under a state of emergency has no right to ask the president questions. And entrepreneurs who were at the meeting, there was no desire to ask such questions — they were that a state of emergency — a very smart move, who helped in Georgia business.

Currently in Georgia came a lot of influential people from the West, and there is enormous pressure on the Georgian government to repeal the state of emergency. This mode if nothing is hardly ever felt, except as limited in the media.

International Society and the opposition demand the abolition of the state of emergency. Georgian President Mikhail Saaakashvili declares that a state of emergency was introduced in order to prevent danger from the actions of Russian special services, which he blames for involvement in the crisis in Georgia. Our homeland rejects accusations.

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