The U.S. Senate has decided to legitimize the army sex with animals

The draft law on the military budget, passed by the U.S. Senate, contains provisions on the abolition of the army of punishment for sodomy. It is reported by Associated Press.

Surround the bill was passed on December 1, but the details of the proposed measures, journalists figured out just now.

Senators intend to repeal Article 125 of the Code of Military Justice defines sodomy, among other things, as sexual intercourse with animals. Meanwhile, senators, apparently only wanted to lift the ban on same-sex relationships.

Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Carl Levin, a Democrat (Carl Levin) on Dec. 8 that the cancellation of this article is actually a formal procedure. The ban on sodomy was repealed by the Supreme Court in 2003 as unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

Earlier in 2011, the U.S. Army stopped the ban on open service of gays and lesbians.

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